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Why You Should Go to a Bridal Fair at Least Once

You've probably heard about bridal fairs before and weren't quite sure if they were something you'd be interested in going to. I'm going to be honest: I used to think the same thing. They sounded pretty lame to me, and even though I loved going to my state's fair every summer, I wasn't sure bridal fairs would be nearly as fun as a state fair. But one day, one of my good friends came home with four tickets to a bridal fair that was coming up in a month, so I couldn't refuse. And I ACTUALLY enjoyed myself and attending the fair really helped speed along the wedding planning process for me! 

Still skeptical? Let me really explain what a bridal fair is and all of the details associated with it because I'm telling you, I truly believe that every bride/bridesmaid should attend one at least once! 

Bridal Fairs are Awesome--Here's Why

Okay, yeah, just simply stating that something is awesome does not mean that it is actually awesome. That's why I want to write out this whole blog on bridal fairs so you can actually form an opinion on them! I'm going to put down all of the most commonly asked questions about bridal fairs here in this blog and answer them for you so there won't be any confusion! Feel free to reach out and ask more detailed questions if you have any! We're always here to help. 

First off, what even is a bridal fair?

This is a basic question that everyone should know the answer to! Just because the word "fair" is thrown in the name doesn't mean that a bridal fair's purpose is abundantly clear. The word "fair" can include so many things! 

women at bridal fair

Here's what to expect from your basic bridal fair: a HUGE room full of wedding-related vendors and third-parties with some of their best stuff on display and greatest discounts to take advantage of! Each vendor has their own stand that they decorate and design on their own. They choose what promotions, giveaways, and deals they want to give bridal fair brides exclusively!

Almost every stand is interactive and gives out cute freebies or free food samples, so you know you won't leave empty-handed! Some of the larger bridal shows have wedding-related runways where you get to see some of the hottest looks in the wedding industry! The bridal show that I went to have a "makeup bar" where real wedding makeup artists did a trial look on your for free! At any bridal fair that you go to, there's always tons to see and do, so you definitely won't be bored. 

What do you do at a bridal fair?

The point of every bridal fair is to encourage you to have fun, learn more about vendors you're interested in, and get free stuff and great discounts! Bridal fairs are made to help speed along your wedding planning process in a fun way that also allows you to save money (something all of us brides need to do)! 

After you buy your ticket, all you have to do is show up the event and then walk around. You don't have to go to certain booths or do certain activities. You choose what kind of experience you have at a bridal fair.

Does this all sound very overwhelming to you? I completely understand. There's a lot to take in at bridal fairs. If you also live in Minnesota like I do or you live close to Minnesota (we're talking to you Wisconians and Iowans!), I would highly recommend that you check out the Forever Bride Market! The Forever Bride Market is a farmer's market style bridal fair that is a lot more relaxed than other bridal fairs and is simply GORGEOUS. We highly recommend that you check that fair out! 

forever bride market bridal fair

How do you prepare for a bridal fair?

 The best way to get the most out of the bridal fair that you go to is to come prepared. One of my biggest words of advice when preparing to come to a bridal fair to eat before! There's a lot going during bridal fairs, and all of this hubbub can really be tiring. Eat breakfast or lunch before heading over to the bridal fair to ensure that you'll have enough energy to carry you through the fair! 

I highly recommend that you bring a wedding planner to the bridal fair! It's a good idea to note vendors that you really like in your wedding planner before heading to the fair. Your wedding planner will also help you set up appointments that you'll making during the fair easier as well as keep all of those business cards and discounts in order! 

Every bride wants to have a few people that helps wedding plan with them, so I think it's a great idea to bring those people along with you to a bridal fair! Most brides bring their maid-of-honor and mother along with them but some brides bring their whole bridal party! Bring whoever you'd like (your fiancé might want to join along, too!) and be prepared to discover new vendors and take advantage of great deals! 

group of friends bridal fair

What kind of vendors are at bridal fairs?

Small bridal fairs have at least 60 vendors at a show while larger bridal fairs will have as many as 150+ vendors! With so many vendors in one place, how do you know what type of vendors will even be there?

It is safe to assume that almost every type of wedding vendor out there will be at the shows. From bridal shops to rental stores to DJs, there's a little something for everyone at bridal fairs. Take your time exploring the fair, and if you don't want to talk to everyone, feel free to just grab their business card! 

bridal fair booth

What stage in the wedding planning process should you attend a bridal fair?

Bridal fairs are for every bride at every stage in the game! A good portion of brides that attend bridal fairs haven't even begun wedding planning, but there are also lots of brides that are halfway through the wedding planning process! Because there are so many different types of vendors, there's someone for everyone! Whether you're just looking for little decorations for your reception or a venue, bridal fairs have the vendors to fulfill your needs! 

What if you're feeling nervous to go to a bridal fair?

If you haven't been to a bridal fair before and you're feeling a little nervous, I would recommend going to the Forever Bride Market! As I said earlier, the Forever Bride Market is a farmer's market style bridal fair, making it more relaxed. This fair does not have a runway show, so it isn't as "chaotic" as other fairs around the runway show times. The Forever Bride Market hosts around 60+ vendors at their shows, and they feature preferred vendors that Forever Bride regularly work with and trust! 

forever bride market bridal fair

Let's Chat

Have you ever been to a bridal fair before? Any advice for brides who haven't been to a fair before? 

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June 19, 2020 22:11

So sad I missed my chance to go to a bridal fair. Not sure how much this applies to virtual.

June 14, 2020 08:44

Definitely agree!!

April 21, 2020 22:39

I was lucky enough to attend a wedding fair before the safe at home order was called. I got so many good ideas, samples and contest possibilities. I was supposed to attend 2 others but they have been cancelled. Fingers crossed that they reschedule once this is all over!

Alisha Dan
April 03, 2020 13:59

I can’t wait for all this social distancing to be over so the bridal shows can stop being cancelled! This sounds so helpful and fun.

Clare Wollschlager
July 01, 2019 10:36

Yes yes yes!! Even though my fiancee and I didn’t necessarily find all the things at the fair, it was such a special experience where we got to dream & be all cute & engaged!! Def recommend!!

Jaclyn Beulen
April 28, 2019 22:47

Wedding expos/fairs/events are amazing! A little overwhelming at first, but 100% worth it! We found our photographer and our florist at a wedding fair! Can’t reommend them enough!

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