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Unique Wedding Guest Favors That Are Actually Worth It

Wedding Favor Koozies

Affordable (& Creative) Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Want

Wedding favors are a small way to tell your guests “thank you” for their time and effort in making it to your wedding. As you check out some of our fun ideas for favors, consider whether the item will be useful and appreciated by your guests. Also, don't forget you’ll need to buy one for each guest so budget for a few more than your guest list just in case.

1) Adorable Custom Wedding Matchbooks

Matchbook Wedding Favors

Personalized Doodle Cocktail Wedding Favor Matchboxes

Matches will always be useful and they last forever. These adorable custom matchbox wedding favors will be a reminder of your wedding every time your guests reach for them to light a candle. 

2) ‘Olive You’ Olive Oil Guest Favors for an Italian Inspired Wedding

Olive Oil Wedding Favors

“Olive You” Mini Olive Oil Bottle Wedding Favors

Your foodie friends will be especially excited about a bottle of olive oil as their wedding favor. These little 60ml bottles are filled with high quality first pressed olive oil, perfect for drizzling on a fresh bruschetta or antipasto salad.

3) Custom Candles for Wedding Guest Favors

Candle Wedding Favors

Elegant Personalized Candle Wedding Favor

A custom candle will sit on your friends' countertops for months after the wedding, reminding them of your big day. The ones we’ve featured are made with 100% soy wax, non-toxic wicks, and scented with high-quality fragrance oil.

4) Personalized Wedding Fans (Perfect for Warm Summer Weddings!)

Fan Wedding Favor

Custom White Fabric Fan Wedding Favors

A hand fan is the perfect favor for summer weddings! It’s hot out and a fan will give your guests an easy way to cool down, especially during an outdoor ceremony or reception. Customize the fans with your initials and wedding date to create a thoughtful and useful memento!

5) Adorable Coffee Pouch Favor for Caffeine Lovers

Coffee Bean Packet Wedding Favor

“The Perfect Blend” Coffee Pouch Wedding Favors

You and your spouse are “The Perfect Blend” and so are your favorite coffee beans. Fill personalized packets with coffee for your guests to enjoy a fresh cup, courtesy of the bride and groom.

6) Personalized Drink Charms for Your Guests

Name Drink Marker Wedding Favor

Custom Name Wine Glass Charm Wedding Favors

Drink charms help guests identify their glass and keep from mixing up their drinks. These charms are useful during the wedding but also great to reuse at future parties, making them the ideal wedding favor.

7) Personalized Notes for Each Guest (Doubles as Place Cards) 

Personalized Notes Wedding Favor

Elegant Letterpress Wedding Thank You Cards

Write a note to each guest to greet them at their seat. This idea is not only heartwarming but also affordable. It’s easy for guests to feel like one of many at a crowded wedding, help make them feel special with a personalized note just for them.

8) Order of Events Tissue Packet for Guests

Tissue Packet Wedding Favor

Personalized Order of Service Wedding Tissue Packets

Buy tissue packets that double as an itinerary. That way, you’ll give your guests something useful while also letting them know the timeline for the day. This idea is much more sensible than buying order of events cards that will immediately be thrown away.

9) Adorable Floral Bookmark Favors for Couples Who Love to Read

Flower Bookmark Wedding Favors

Pressed Flower Bookmark Wedding Favors

If you love to read and so do your guests, consider buying them bookmarks! Even guests who don’t read much will still appreciate these bookmarks for their planner, journal, or cookbook.

10) Scratch Offs / Lottery Ticket Favors for Wedding Guests

Lottery Ticket Wedding Favors

“For Richer or Poorer” Scratch Off Wedding Favor Bags

Who doesn’t love the simple thrill of a scratch off card or a lottery ticket? They cost as little as a dollar but are a super fun wedding favor idea for guests of all ages (at least those who are old enough to play legally, of course). You can get pouches made that say “For Richer or Poorer” for a playful gift-wrap.

11) Name Place Card Keepsakes

Wedding Place Card Keepsakes

Metallic Oyster Shell Wedding Place Cards

Name cards that are creative and durable will double as a wedding favor because most guests will keep them as a memento. You’ll love the way they look on your table settings and guests will love getting an extra little personalized gift.

12) Cute Candy Bags with Your Favorite Treats!

Candy Wedding Favors

DIY Wedding Candy Favor Bags and Stickers

Candy is a common wedding favor for a reason: everyone loves an edible gift. You don’t have to worry about if your gift will go to waste when it’s something that nearly everyone loves! Simply order some cute baggies and fill them with your favorite treats.

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Favors

The perfect wedding favor is different for every wedding. The goal is to get your guests something small to say thank you. We jotted down some of the most important things for you to consider as you shop around for the best wedding favors for your guests.

1) Budget Based on How Many Wedding Guests Are Invited

The biggest factor in what kind of favors you can afford is how many guests you have. Your wedding favors can be more elaborate and personalized if you are having a smaller wedding. If you need gifts for hundreds of wedding guests, you may need to think smaller and more simplistic. Come up with a budget for your wedding favors and then divide that number by the number of guests you have to see how much you can spend per person. Don’t forget to order a few extra just in case!

Limoncello Wedding Favors

2) Pick Something Useful to Your Wedding Guests

The best wedding gifts for guests are the ones that they can actually use. We don’t even want to think about how many wedding favors end up in landfills each year. Try to come up with an idea that can be used (or eaten) by most of your guests.

3) Buy Wedding Favors That Will Last

The cheapest option may not always be the best option. Consider longevity when you look at wedding favors. A wedding favor that is only single-use is not ideal for plenty of reasons: it’s wasteful, bad for the planet, and your guests won’t be able to enjoy it more than once.

Plated Wedding Favors

4) Consider What Your Guests Will Appreciate

Most of your wedding is all about you, but when it comes to favors it’s all about the guests. Wedding favors are meant to be a special gift to thank your guests so make sure it’s something they will appreciate. Think about the ages of your guests, what type of hobbies you share, and what most of them enjoy. For example: if the guests don’t drink alcohol, they probably don’t need personalized bottle openers.

5) Get Creative With Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

Check out some of the trendy wedding favors on Pinterest and Instagram for ideas but feel free to get creative with a new idea. You can find just about anything you could dream of in bulk on Amazon or Etsy. A unique wedding favor will wow your guests and let you express yourself through a creative gift.

6) Find Favors That Match Your Wedding Theme

Staying on theme with your favors is easy since there are so many options available. Considering the favor as an extension of the wedding experience is just another way you can be thoughtful as you choose a gift for your guests.

Disposable Camera Wedding Favors

Other Wedding Gifts For Guests & Favor Alternatives

You don’t have to give out traditional wedding favors if you’d rather take a more creative route. There are several gifts and kind gestures you can give your guests in lieu of a favor. Think outside the box with some of these wedding favor alternatives!

  1. Flowers & Centerpieces: What to do with your wedding centerpieces and decor after the wedding? All those small candles, vases, jars, runners, and floral arrangements need to go somewhere. Let your guests know if they’re welcome to take some of the table decor home with them.
  2. An Exit Station: Have a snack bar, hot dog cart, or sweets table ready for guests at the end of the night so they can grab an extra bite to eat on their way out. This will assure no one goes home hungry and everyone gets one final “thank you for being here” gesture.
  3. Welcome Gifts: Instead of giving guests a favor at the end of the night, give them something they can use during the wedding. A fan, tissues, comfy slippers to dance in, and more can all be nice wedding welcome gifts.

Wedding Exit Station Favor

Choose The Best Wedding Favors For Your Big Day

Favors that fit your wedding theme and will make your guests happy are what you should be looking for as you shop around. Check out Etsy for personalized and handmade options, Amazon for affordable bulk items, and craft fairs if you want to support a local artist.

What else do you need to cross off your wedding to-do list? Read through our wedding planning timeline and checklist to make sure you have everything covered!

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