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Trend Alert: Dusty Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

There is one trend that is sweeping the country: the dusty purple wedding. What does that even mean? It means having a wedding with different tones of purple, and even a little gray, to create a color palette that is beautiful and right-on trend. Including these colors in your palette can help coordinate many details in your dusty purple wedding such as your bouquet of flowers, centerpieces, decorations, and even bridesmaid dresses. 

Not sure if this color would suit the aesthetic you're going for? Fear not--there are many different unique and trendy ways to showcase this color on your big day! Here's a few tips that we have on how to implement this color in your wedding.

How to Style Dusty Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

One simple way to incorporate this color into your wedding is having all of your 'maids wear it! Dress them up in dusty purple for a flirty yet soft pop of color that all weddings need. This color is not overpowering and will look flattering on every skin tone. Dusty purple also complements white wedding dresses quite well! 

Violet Bridesmaids

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5 Purple Dress Shades We're Obsessed With

As Pantene’s Color of the Year, dusty purple is definitely the move. The best way to show off this range of colors at your wedding is to incorporate it into your bridesmaid dresses. But you don't have to incorporate just dusty purple to fit in with this trend; you can choose from a large variety of purple and gray tones. At Kennedy Blue, we offer hundreds of affordable dresses in 10 different shades of purple and gray. Take a look at some of our favorite styles and even some décor ideas to help pull off your dusty purple wedding


dove dusty purple bridesmaid dress

Although the name of a bird, the color dove is a beautiful lighter tone that mixes gray with a slight tint of purple. Although it does have more gray than purple, it still works well with the color palette of a dusty purple wedding – remember, the point is to have a range of colors that works well together in the grand scheme of things. 

Take our Isabella dress to show off Kennedy Blue’s Dove color. It’s simple elegant nature works well with the gray tone and brings together your dusty purple bridesmaid dresses. The Isabella works well with any body type due to its A-Line shape and its crisscross spaghetti strap back is simply stunning.

Groomsmen: An easy way to thread the color dove in your dusty purple wedding is to design some elegant boutonnieres for your groom and groomsmen to wear. A simple boutonniere in the right colors will look stunning on your spouse-to-be and all of his closest friends. Try creating boutonnieres with just one or two flowers in a tone of purple, and surround it with gray-toned greenery. 

boutonniere ideas dusty purple wedding

Decor: Dove is a light color and can be easily complemented in wedding decor. As shown above, lighter tones of purple complement the color dove well to create the trendy dusty purple wedding you're looking for. Dove can be used in many elements of your wedding decor: grey-toned greenery on the dining tables, table runners, wedding programs, candles, and more. Be creative with this soft yet sophisticated color! 


Coming from the most magical flowers on earth, the Wisteria color is a light medium violet, almost lavender, that is beautiful on any dress. Having this color as one of your dusty purple bridesmaid dresses, it can add a lighter hint of purple to your mix that is flattering for both your bridesmaid and your color scheme. 

wisteria for dusty purple wedding

Our Morgan dress is a perfect addition to your dusty purple wedding. It’s lighter purple color accentuates the embroidered bodice so you can see every detail. The dress also features a tasteful slit and a lower back that will look flattering on all dusty purple bridesmaid dresses. Bring dress into your color palette to include a whisk of purple that will tie your wedding together. 

Groomsmen: Wisteria is a neutral yet flirty color that is the perfect complement to cream-colored flowers (I think cream-colored roses pair beautifully with this color). One way to implement wisteria into your spouse-to-be's wedding day look is to put together a simple boutonniere with your favorite cream-colored flower and a wisteria-colored tie, bowtie, pocket square, or whatever you and your groom decided on. If you want to add a little more flare, you can add a light pink- or purple-toned flower to the boutonniere to polish it all off.

Decor: Wisteria has both pink and purple undertones, so you get to have some fun choosing which undertone you wish to emphasize in your wedding. Because one of the biggest wedding trends right now is a dusty purple palette, emphasizing those purple undertones in this color will make your wedding look all the more Pinterest-y! Bring those purple tones out in your bridal bouquet, centerpieces, table runners, wedding favors, and more. Need more inspiration? Check out our blog on ideas for wedding centerpieces


As one of the more classic purple colors, a dusty purple wedding cannot come together without including the color Violet. This darker purple offers an attractive contrast amongst the other lighter purple colors. Violet is one of the most elegant colors on the color wheel and it will add a timeless look to your dusty purple wedding

violet dress for dusty purple wedding

For a way to include violet into your dusty purple bridesmaid dresses, look no further than Kennedy Blue’s Everly. The A-line dress features ruffles to give your dress a unique look. It’s playful, yet elegant! Its V-neck gives it a feminine touch and it even has hidden pockets, what else could you want?!

Groomsmen: With a color as dark as violet, you can play with those deeper tones. As suggested in the palette above, you can include deep red hues in your dusty purple wedding palette. A classic way to include deep red hues in your future hubby's wedding look is to include a red rose in his boutonniere. Including darker gray greenery in his boutonniere will complement both the red and purple hues.

boutonniere ideas for dusty purple wedding

Decor: This classic color palette is both well-known and timeless. Use crisp white linens and baby's breath to add elegance to your reception decor. To tailor this classic look to your dusty purple wedding, consider adding purple-toned leaves and greenery to your centerpieces. You could also consider adding lavender to your centerpieces or placing them throughout your table runners. 


Despite being named after a fruit, the Eggplant color is a flattering one that adds the darkest tone to your dusty purple wedding. It is a rich dark purple that looks incredible on any skin tone. You can’t have a color palette of purples without including Eggplant! 

eggplant dress for dusty purple wedding

Kennedy Blue’s Iris dress is a great style choice to show off the Eggplant color amongst your dusty purple bridesmaid dresses. The floral lace on the back is further accentuated by the richness of the color, and makes the details stand out even more. The embroidered bodice and its V-neckline add a touch of romance to any dress amongst your dusty purple wedding. 

Groomsmen: With these deeper purple hues comes allowance for deeper greens. The groom and groomsmen can easily sport a mostly-green boutonniere to complement their eggplant-colored ties, bowties, or pocket square. If you want a pop of color in their boutonnieres, consider adding delicate light purple flowers. 

Decor: A fun way to incorporate this color in your dusty purple wedding is to scatter purple-colored petals down the aisle and on the dining tables to complement your centerpieces. Talk with your wedding florist and see which flowers are in-bloom that would complement your eggplant-colored bridesmaid dresses and consider using those blooms for your bridesmaid bouquets. You could even use this color in your wedding programs--perhaps an eggplant border along with some white lace detail? 

French Lilac

Finish off the color palette of your dusty purple bridesmaid dresses with the color, French Lilac. As a pale violet that takes after the flower of the same name, the French Lilac can also be described as light purple. It is feminine and timeless, making it a must for your dusty purple wedding

French lilac dress for dusty purple wedding

To highlight your dusty purple bridesmaid dresses with the color French Lilac, try out Kennedy Blue’s Poppy dress. The strapless ensemble features a leg slit that, with such a light color, still looks sleek, modern, and tasteful. Its deep sweetheart will accentuate any bridesmaid’s figure. Better yet, because it is a classic strapless dress, your bridesmaids can wear it long after your wedding is over! 

Groomsmen: Light-colored greenery in your groom's boutonniere would perfectly complement your bridesmaids' French lilac dresses. Lavender or wisteria flowers can also seamlessly be incorporated in their boutonnieres as well. Light gray ties, bowties, or pocket squares would be the perfect way to off-set the purple tones to avoid using too much purple. 

Decor:  A very trendy way to complement the color French lilac is to add green succulents to your wedding reception decor or to include them in your wedding favors. Grays and light greens both complement French lilac, so you can have fun using both or choosing one of the two to use in your wedding. In the palette I curated above, I suggested light greens, but don't let that shy you away from using grays as well! 

Let's Chat

With so many ways to create a dusty purple wedding, from dusty purple bridesmaid dresses to dusty purple decors, you will have a great time getting creative with how to use the colors to your advantage. Which shade is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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