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The Best Bridesmaid Colors for a Dusty Rose Wedding Palette

Wedding color trends are always changing. Right now we, along with the rest of the wedding world, are fawning over dusty tones. Dusty rose weddings are making headlines and Pinterest inspiration boards everywhere. It’s easy to see why this is a cutting-edge trend. This gorgeous pink hue coordinates well with other traditional wedding colors while also breaking free of the mold. It’s darker than the classic blush hues, but it also pairs well with it and plenty of other colors like darker mauve, which is a dusty version of purple. If you’ve been curious about doing mix and match bridesmaid dresses or are looking for a classy vintage-inspired wedding color, dusty rose and mauve are great colors to add to the mix. 

Having a dusty rose wedding palette doesn’t box you in to any one style. There are plenty of ways to creatively use this or the vintage mauve wedding trend and make it your own. We’ll talk about dusty rose wedding palettes, show you how to mix and match pink bridesmaid dresses with some of our favorite styles in this color, and leave you with some inspiration for incorporating your dusty rose wedding theme into the rest of the décor.

Dusty pink wedding

Teresa Marie Photography

How to Create a Dusty Rose Wedding Palette

There are plenty of ways to create a dusty rose wedding color palette. We recommend you choose three wedding colors: one to be the primary color in your wedding décor, one to be a secondary shade, and another to be the accent color. The days of two wedding colors are long gone—the 50/50 color split in décor was too static, anyway. Follow the 60-30-10 rule of thumb across all your decorating to balance these three shades. 

Our dusty rose color, called Desert Rose, coordinates well with Blush, Dew Drop, Peony, and Latte, all delicate shades of pink and brown. Using Desert Rose along with one or more of these other colors creates an ethereal, romantic feel for your wedding. You can also branch out to include bolder or contrasting shades like Bordeaux, sea glass, cornflower, or dove. These colors would be a great accent choice for a dusty rose wedding.

Mix and match bridesmaid dresses are also an ongoing wedding trend. It’s an easy way to display your amazing color palette. Another great way to mix and match bridesmaid dresses is to change up the style of the individual dresses. Let each of your bridesmaids find a dress that suits their body shape and sense of style. This creates visually interesting wedding pictures and ensures all your ‘maids feel stunning as they stand by your side.

3 Pink Palettes to Inspire Your Big Day

If you're looking for palette inspiration for your dream dusty rose wedding, I've curated 3 pink palettes just for you! These palettes use a variety of colors but all have one common color: pink! I chose a variety of pink shades so you can choose whatever shade suits you best. Don't let these palettes limit you; there are so many different colors that pair well with pink! These palettes were created using real Kennedy Blue wedding pictures! 

dusty rose wedding pink bridesmaid dresses

Saje Photography

Cassie and her bridal party chose to debut blush on Cassie's big day--I think it's safe to say that these ladies looked oh-so pretty in pink! A great accent color for the color blush is pastel green. Cassie did a great job incorporating this accent color without overpowering the blush. Look at how those bouquets complement those dresses! If you're looking to hop on this dusty rose trend but don't want the color to be too deep, blush is the color for you! 

pink bridesmaid dresses for dusty rose wedding

Kristy and Vic Photography

This bridal party looks absolutely stunning in their Kennedy Blue dresses! These dresses are in the color Desert Rose (hence why they are desert flowers). This dusty, rustic color has deep undertones that complement deeper reds well. Jessica chose beautiful and unique bouquets featuring deep red, light pinks, and light greens! This color is deep enough that it won't be washed out in outdoor lighting but it is also light enough to still be eye-catching indoors as well. This shade perfectly suits any type of wedding ceremony! 

dusty rose wedding palette

Jordan Obinger Photography

Francesca and Alex had a picturesque wedding outdoors and perfectly chose coral to be one of their wedding colors. This pop of color looked fantastic with the greenery in the background. Francesca's bridesmaids wore the fun and flirty Faith dress that was perfect for the outdoor setting.  

5 Pink Bridesmaid Dresses Your Girls Will Love

We’ve got some dress inspiration for you. Take a look and see if you want to mix and match colors, styles, or both for your dusty rose or mauve wedding. Here are some Kennedy Blue bridesmaid dresses we LOVE in desert rose.


Kennedy Blue Faith

Faith in Desert Rose

Faith is a classic yet breezy style that’s the right mix of boho and elegant. The flowing chiffon fabric creates a soft, feminine feel that looks amazing in desert rose. With a V-neck, natural waist, and flowing A-line skirt, it’s also a flattering and comfortable choice for bridesmaids of all body types. (Try our Gabby dress if you want this style long!)


Kennedy Blue Jade

Jade in Desert Rose

Jade is a classic, sophisticated bridesmaid dress. The beautifully embroidered bodice creates a romantic illusion sweetheart neckline, while the thick straps provide plenty of support. While it has more coverage at the top, it still has a fun and flirty slit above the knee.


Kennedy Blue iris

Iris in Desert Rose

The embroidery in the Iris style means it coordinates well with Jade, but it’s a bit more daring. We love the V-neck bodice, but the sheer embroidered racerback is our favorite part. This unique style will stun your guests as your bridesmaids stroll past.


Kennedy Blue Betsy

Betsy in Desert Rose

We love the subtle beaded sparkle on the Betsy dress. The embroidered V-neck bodice with sequins and beads is flirty yet elegant. The style features thicker straps and opens up to create a unique V-back for the dress. Like the Iris, it’s memorable and will look great in pictures, but features thicker straps and a more open back.


Kennedy Blue Milly high neck

Milly in Desert Rose

Milly is a beautiful, modest dress with a high neckline and spaghetti straps. The keyhole slit in the back gives it an added touch of elegance. Bridesmaids love the pockets, too!

Using Dusty Rose or Mauve in Your Wedding Décor

Your wedding colors will come across in so much more than your bridesmaid dresses. If you’re planning on having a dusty rose wedding, here are other ways to bring this color into your décor. 

  • Flowers. The name of the color makes this point pretty obvious, but yes, you can get dusty-rose-colored roses and other flowers. This gets the color into your bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres, along with any other décor that will use flowers.
  • Centerpieces. Even if you branch out from flowers for your centerpieces, you can use other things to incorporate the color into the table design. For example, you can use dusty rose candles, vases, or beads. You can also incorporate it into the color of the table cloth, table runner, or napkins.
  • Stationary. From the first save-the-dates to the last thank you cards, plan to use dusty rose for all your stationary. 
  • The altar. Depending on where you plan to say “I do,” you’ll probably be decorating the altar. Consider draping swathes of dusty rose or mauve fabric in some way. This helps bring the color into your ceremony in a way that goes beyond gowns. 
  • Vests and ties. Get the groomsmen involved with the color theme. A dusty rose vest or tie will help bring the bridal party together in pictures. 
  • Details. The guest book. The ribbons on your wedding favors. The cake. There are so many places to incorporate your wedding colors into all the décor. Desert rose, mauve, and other dusty tones are versatile and subtle color, so they can be used for almost anything.

Mauve wedding

Teresa Marie Photography

Not sure if Desert Rose is the perfect color for you? You can order desert rose fabric swatches from Kennedy Blue to see the color in person. Check out French Lilac, Latte, Peony, and Blush as well if you're considering mix and match bridesmaid colors!

Dusty Rose Wedding Inspiration from a Real Wedding

desert rose wedding

These 'maids look fun yet sophisticated in their Kennedy Blue bridesmaid dresses (pictured in the color desert rose)! 

desert rose wedding

desert rose wedding

The color desert rose looks beautiful in this outdoor wedding! We are OBSESSED with how the green background complements their bridesmaid dresses! 

desert rose wedding

Jessica and Kyle created these beautiful wedding programs & invitations with their wedding colors in mind. They did a great job following the 60-30-10 rule by using their main and secondary colors, navy blue and desert rose, in these invitations and programs. We hope you're fawning over this wedding inspiration as much as we are! 

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This is very similar to my color palette too! I am doing dusty rose, blush, and dusty blue as an accent color.

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These are the colors I’m going to be in a friend’s wedding for so these are very lovely dresses

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Yes! I am so in love with this trend right now. I have always been a lover of vintage. I feel these colors portray the vintage feeling I am wanting for my wedding. These are soooo my colors!

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I loved this blog post! Great for the colors for my March wedding.

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