Shopping Bridesmaid Dresses for Big Busts: What You Need to Know

When the girls are happy, we’re happy! As a bridesmaid, the last thing you want to be worried about is making sure every asset is perfectly in place and having no slip-ups. Finding bridesmaid dresses for big busts is a lot easier than most brides think. As a bride, you want to make sure your girls feel confident and comfortable in the dress you choose. There are multiple ways to highlight, cover, and support a big bust. It’s best to have open communication with your bridesmaids and find out what they are most comfortable in. Here at Kennedy Blue, we have a wide array of options of bridesmaid dresses for big busts. We’re going to give you some helpful tips and styling your bridesmaid with bigger busts and great dress options. Whether you are looking for more coverage, support, or to highlight the girls, we have got something for you!

How to Find Your Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses for Big Busts

Finding your perfect bridesmaid dress, in general, can be frustrating especially when every bridesmaid is looking for something a little different. Everyone knows what kind of style and shape looks best on them. Some bridesmaids want a modest dress with a comfortable amount of coverage. Others are looking to accentuate their busts and go for something a little sexier. Finding a happy medium between the two is not easy, but we have more than enough options to find the perfect dress for every member of your bridal squad. With other 40+ color options, it’s easy to mix and match styles for your different bridesmaid needs. We will find you exactly what you’re looking for!

The Key to Finding the Perfect Dress: Nail Down What You Want

An important first step to selecting your perfect bridesmaid dress is what you want out of your dress. This piece of advice is especially useful when selecting a dress for a bridesmaid with a bigger bust. It’s important to be clear about your expectations, as well as understand what your bridesmaid is comfortable with showing on your big day. Once you decide what you and your bridesmaid want out of the dress, it will make shopping that much easier. Having trouble deciding what look to go with? We're here to help! We are going to give you some great examples of bridesmaid dresses here at Kennedy Blue broken down by style so it is easy to select the best dress for your bridal squad.


Necklines that have a little more coverage can be a great style option for your bridesmaids with bigger busts. Some bridesmaids feel most beautiful when they let the dress do the talking. This requires less effort and stress on their end knowing that the girls are in place and there is no chance of them stealing the show. These are some of our favorite picks of bridesmaid dresses that are perfect for a bridesmaid looking for a little more coverage.


Kennedy Blue Athena | Best Bridesmaid Dresses for Big Busts

Our Athena dress is the best style bridesmaid dresses for big busts. It has a one-shoulder detail that goes up high enough to keep the girls covered and in place. The bust has a ruched detail which is a great way to minimize a bigger chest and make your bridesmaid feel completely confident.


Kennedy Blue Nora | Best Bridesmaid Dresses for Big Busts

The Nora dress has amazing detail in the bodice that offers comfortable coverage. There is a large ruffle overlay at the bodice that compliments the traditional scoop neck. This offers a fun element while still minimizing a larger chest making it a knockout choice for a bridesmaid dress for big busts.


Kennedy Blue Rae | Best Bridesmaid Dresses for Big Busts

Our Rae dress has a classy high V neckline that will make every bridesmaid feel comfortable. The waistband on the bodice is gathered giving everyone a beautiful waistline and keeping the girls in. That makes Rae a classic choice for a bridesmaid dress for big busts.


Kennedy Blue Fatima | Best Bridesmaid Dresses for Big Busts

The Fatima dress features a secure square neckline which is a flawless choice for any bridesmaid with a bigger bust. The thin spaghetti straps form a T back which makes the dress feminine while still being modest. This dress is an easy choice and will look stunning on bridesmaids with any body shape and style.


Kennedy Blue Amanda | Best Bridesmaid Dresses for Big Busts

Our Amanda dress is a modest bridesmaid dream. It features a beautiful high scoop neckline that is perfect for keeping all the girls in place. The gathered bodice highlights the waistline making your bridesmaids feel beautiful. This dress is the best option for a modest bridesmaid with a big bust.


Another considerable style option of bridesmaid dresses for big busts is a bodice that offers support. It is important for bridesmaids who have a larger bust to feel comfortable in their dress and that comes from the dress having good support of the girls. When your priority is support, it is important to look for dresses that have these features built in. That can include built in-cups, boning, or thick fabric to help keep the girls in place and add great structure and shape. These dresses are gorgeous options of bridesmaid dresses for big busts.


Kennedy Blue Samantha | Best Bridesmaid Dresses for Big Busts

The Samantha dress is a perfect option for bridesmaids looking for a dress that offers good support. This dress features structured boning in the bodice making sure the girls are supported and comfortable all day long.


Kennedy Blue Poppy | Best Bridesmaid Dresses for Big Busts

Our Poppy dress is the ultimate option for the bridesmaid looking for great support. The wrap style bodice includes built-in structured cups making the girls feel comfortable and in the perfect place, all day long. This is an exceptional choice of a bridesmaid dress for bigger busts.


Kennedy Blue June | Best Bridesmaid Dresses for Big Busts

The June dress is similar to our Poppy with a little more flare. This dress includes a pretty lace detail with comfortable built-in cups keeping the girls in place and minimizing a larger chest with a bold texture. This is a great option for bridesmaids who want support with a feminine element.


Kennedy Blue Elena | Best Bridesmaid Dresses for Big Busts

Our Elena dress is a classic style that will look flattering on every bridesmaid including those with a larger bust. There is a crisscross neckline that includes built-in cups that add structure and will make every bridesmaid feel stunning.


Another important style option to consider is whether your squad would like to wear a bra on the big day. This is important for some bridesmaids because they will feel uncomfortable without one. Consider looking for dresses with thick straps or a high neckline that are always going to be bra-friendly. Here are some of our favorite options for bridesmaids who can’t quite go bra-free!


Kennedy Blue Gabby | Best Bridesmaid Dresses for Big Busts

The Gabby dress features thick straps with thick pleating on the bodice that will make it easy to wear a bra underneath without it being noticeable. This is an easy choice for a bridesmaid that wants something more bra-friendly.


Kennedy Blue Pearl | Best Bridesmaid Dresses for Big Busts

Our Pearl dress has a lightly ruched bodice that is flattering on all body types and bridesmaids with bigger busts. This dress also features thicker straps and a modest back making it easy to wear a bra with this dress.


Kennedy Blue Faith | Best Bridesmaid Dresses for Big Busts

The Faith dress features a low v-neckline and a v-back with thick straps. This dress is a classic flattering style that will make any bridesmaid feel comfortable wearing a bra underneath it. 


Kennedy Blue Maria | Best Bridesmaid Dresses for Big Busts

Our Maria dress has a beautiful high neckline and a sweet keyhole back detail. This is a super feminine dress that is still seamless to pair with a strapless bra. Maria is a modest, classy dress that any bridesmaid would look fabulous in.


Kennedy Blue Molly | Best Bridesmaid Dresses for Big Busts

Our Molly dress is a comfortable bridesmaid’s paradise! It has a feminine V neckline that features a keyhole detail in the back. This is an easy choice to fit a bra underneath and still look stunning.


The last style option to consider when choosing bridesmaid dresses for bigger busts is showing the girls off! Not every bridesmaid wants to cover everything up and is looking for something to highlight their assets. If your bridesmaid wants to show off her bust line, do it! These are some of our favorite recommendations of dresses that can accentuate a big bust in the best way possible.


Kennedy Blue Riley | Best Bridesmaid Dresses for Big Busts

The Riley dress features a sassy V neckline that transforms into V straps. This dress is a perfect option for bridesmaids who want to show the girls and accommodate different body types. Complete with a fun slit along the side, Riley is a sassy, fun dress that will have your bridesmaids feeling flirty and gorgeous.


Kennedy Blue Thea | Best Bridesmaid Dresses for Big Busts

Our Thea dress is bound to look beautiful on every bridesmaid. This dress features a ruched bodice with a delicate V neck completely highlighting your bridesmaid chest. This boho dress looks great on every body shape, not just those with bigger busts!


Kennedy Blue Betsy | Best Bridesmaid Dresses for Big Busts

The Betsy dress is perfect for bridesmaids looking for a little something extra. The beaded bodice and sweet V neckline is a perfect option for bridesmaids looking to accentuate a bigger chest. The sheer straps add another dimension at the bust, bringing the focus to your bridesmaid's face.


Kennedy Blue Ryan | Best Bridesmaid Dresses for Big Busts

The Ryan dress is the sexiest of our dresses to accentuate a larger chest. This dress features a deeper V neck with a pleated bodice offering a stunning accentuation of your bridesmaid’s girls. The spaghetti straps and the high slit add a little sassiness to this dress.


Kennedy Blue Lydia | Best Bridesmaid Dresses for Big Busts

Our Lydia dress has a sassy pleated V neckline. This is a great way to highlight a bigger chest and the sheer V detail on the side is an extra element to make your bridesmaid feel flawless.


Shopping for bridesmaid dresses, in general, can be overwhelming. We hope our options help make your dress search a breeze. There are so many different options when it comes to bridesmaid dresses, but Kennedy Blue is by far the best. Our dresses are offered in 40+ colors giving you unlimited options for your big day. Comfort is always a plus when spending all day in a dress so all our dresses have pockets. Best of all, all dresses here at Kennedy Blue are $150 or less making it budget friendly for every bridesmaid! Tell us in the comments down below what dress you’d pick out for your bigger busted bridesmaids. Are you looking for more coverage and accentuation? Are you more of a Rae or a Riley? Let us know!

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Great advice, thank you!

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I love that there are so many styles that will flatter my girls with bigger chests! This is also why I’m thinking about just going with a set color and letting my girls pick the style that they feel most comfortable in!

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