Planning a Fall Wedding? Check Out Some of Our Fall Wedding Colors!

While each season adds a different charm to a wedding and elevates the aesthetics with a beautiful palette of colors, fall remains one of the brightest and most beautiful seasons to hold a wedding in.

Every other season has almost a set palette; for example, summer has a range of soft pastels and winter calls for rich darker colors. However, fall is one season that allows you to have a combination of different shades. The warmth of hues in this season give a palette of fall wedding that lifts the spirit of the celebrations, making fall one of the favorite times in the year to hold a wedding.

This article will discuss some amazing palettes that can be used in a lovely and stunning fall wedding.

We Love Fall Wedding Colors

pile of yellow leaves | Fall Wedding Colors

Fall is a season with clear blue skies, burnt orange and gold leaves, crackling yellow fires on hearths and all these warm and vibrant shades can be incorporated in a full palette. Fall wedding colors are not restricted to a one-dimensional palette, but will rather allow you to explore a range of shades, starting from oranges and reds, to blue, and violet. All the palettes include a touch of some metallic hues and some neutral tones.

Given below are some great palettes that have been put together to inspire a very creative look and create a very fitting mood.

Fall Wedding Color Palettes

Theme colors for a wedding are reflected in not only the décor of the venue but also in the bridesmaids’ dresses that complement the overall palette, bringing forth the vibrancy of all the colors that have been used.

The palettes that are shown below have been created to provide a perfect combination of fall wedding colors and each of them features a bridesmaid’s dress by Kennedy Blue. You can also check out some of the bridal outfits designed by Kennedy Blue that are very beautiful and elegant.


Hope Kennedy Blue bridesmaid dresses | Fall Wedding Colors

Hope in Mulberry

This palette features some of the cooler shades and mostly bluish and pinkish tones. From navy, sapphire, slate, mint to the soft peach, and the bright berry, the colors also include neutral tones like ivory, dove, champagne, and charcoal. These shades can be used to create a rich look that is contrasted by neutrals and pastels.

 The dress featured is chiffon, floor-length, A-line gown with a plunging V neck and a ruched bodice.


Allison Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses | Fall Wedding Colors

Allison in Dove

Allison is a palette which while having some muted, shadowy neutrals also has some flamboyant shades of bolder colors. The neutrals include dove, sage, ivory, latte, and black which create the base to incorporate shades like rosewood, claret, mulberry, sapphire, and marine and even some metallic shades of emerald and silver.

The chiffon dress that is shown along with this palette is bohemian with off shoulder, with double layer ruffle top adding a fun element.


Athena Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses | Fall Wedding Colors

Athena in Desert Rose

Athena combines some beautiful jewel, yet floral tones with the earthy shades and some brighter fall colors. The palette has shades like teal, slate blue, cornflower, along with some jewel tones of claret, sapphire and emerald, pastels like mint, blush, cantaloupe, and finally the neutrals that include black, white, ivory, champagne, and charcoal.

The Athena dress is a flowing A-line gown with one shoulder, ruched bodice and it is made of flat chiffon fabric.


Cameron Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses | Fall Wedding Colors

Cameron in Bourdeaux

Cameron includes shades of sapphire, eggplant, violet, primrose, Bordeaux, and claret with the basic shades of ivory, black, dove and fawn that make a compact palette of fall wedding colors.

The dress has a flared skirt with an elegant floral embroidered lace over the bust and the spaghetti straps create a keyhole illusion down the back.


Thea Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses | Fall Wedding Colors

Thea in French Lilac

Another extremely contemporary palette, Thea has colors like French lilac, peach, mulberry, eggplant, and primrose to complement shades like marine, navy, sky blue and slate blue. The neutral shades include earthy tones like fawn, charcoal, ivory, and champagne with a hint of metallic in the silver.

The bodice of the dress featured has off the shoulder straps and is V neck with a floor-length flowy, A-line skirt.


Lauren Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses | Fall Wedding Colors

Lauren in Buttercup

This palette contains shades like the soft buttercup and peony, in contrast to the bolder mulberry and rosewood. There are also cool temperate hues of marine and storm blue and a range of obvious neutrals that include ivory, charcoal, and dove.

Lauren as a palette is classic fall, and the dress too is quite timeless with its sweetheart neckline and a wrap slit that fits every body type and has some really cool pockets!


Riley Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses | Fall Wedding Colors

Riley in Sky

From the jewel tones of sapphire, navy, eggplant, rosewood, mulberry, and claret to pastel shades like sage, peony, buttercup, and dove, this palette represents the coziness of fall and the warmth that it brings even on chilly days.

The dress featured is an elegant gown with a lightly pleated floor length skirt and a fitted chiffon bodice.


Samantha Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses | Fall Wedding Colors

Samantha in Emerald

There being no set palette of hues, the fun lies in experimenting with different colors at a fall wedding and Samantha as a palette gives an opportunity to do exactly that. It has a range of bluish hues, starting from the darker shades like navy, sapphire, to the paler shades of mint, and sea glass. Then come the warmer tones of mulberry, claret, primrose, and eggplant, which are contrasted by the gentler peony, lilac, and dove.

The dress is made of flat chiffon and has off the shoulder spaghetti straps.


Rose Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses | Fall Wedding Colors

Hope in Eggplant

This palette has shades like deep sea blue, slate blue, mint and lilac in combination with claret, wisteria, berry, peach, and Bordeaux. The neutrals include ivory, champagne, dove, charcoal and black. Rose as a palette can inspire a soft, muted them for a fall wedding.

The dress featured is A-line but has a deep V neck with a similar back and the bodice is pleated.


Logan Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses | Fall Wedding Colors

Logan in Silver

Fall wedding colors are not simply a combination of bold warm shades that are contrasted by some cooler colors, but as this palette shows, they are delicate shades that bring an amazing effect. The palette while having dark colors like navy, storm grey, and mulberry and eggplant, also features softer shades of buttercup, peony, mint, and sage.

The Logan dress is a flowy, chiffon gown with a double layer ruffle top, held up by spaghetti straps.


Iris Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses | Fall Wedding Colors

Iris in Latte

This palette has shades like marine, teal, mint, sage, dove, black, ivory, and charcoal, which are all contrasted by the bright shades of rosewood, claret, berry, and the metallic silver. These shades are perfect for a romantic fall wedding.

The dress featured is a floor-length gown with an embroidered bodice.


Milly Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses | Fall Wedding Colors

Milly in Wisteria

Milly is a palette that creates a very welcoming vibe and it contains fall wedding colors that will look amazing at any time of the day. The colors are mulberry, marine, sage, latte, dove, storm, slate blue, claret, and peony, to name a few. And they are all contrasted with a range of jewel tones and neutral shades.

The dress has a sophisticated high halter neckline with a ruched bodice.


Jade Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses | Fall Wedding Colors

Jade in Navy

This palette features several fall wedding colors like navy, claret, mulberry, cornflower, teal, and ivory which can create a vivid combination that is really welcoming.

The dress featured has a sheer high neck over a sweetheart neckline and a fully lined A-lined skirt.


Clara Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses | Fall Wedding Colors

Clara in Peach

Unique and pleasantly interesting, this palette has a range of colors, from the rich tones of navy, teal, emerald, claret and rosewood to the muted shades of dove, latte, sage, sky, and fog which can create a very dreamy fall wedding theme.

The chiffon dress featured has a slit skirt and the lace bodice has an intricate pattern embroidered.


James Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses | Fall Wedding Colors

James in Dew Drop

Reflecting how vivid the season is, this palette has a range of colors like starting form slate blue, mint, teal to mulberry, peony, lilac, violet, charcoal, and champagne.

The dress featured is a flat chiffon gown with ruched detailing on the back and the front.


Fall wedding colors accentuate the beauty of the season and the above palettes have captures the essence just that. The palettes and the dresses provide some great inspiration for a creative and gorgeous fall wedding. The Kennedy Blue dresses featured in this article range from elegant and chic to bohemian and fun and they are all for $150 or less! Check them out today!

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