Picture Perfect Chiffon Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

If you're looking to have a junior bridesmaid in your wedding but you aren't sure what kind of junior bridesmaid dresses you're looking for, allow us to help you! We know how difficult it can be to find bridesmaid dresses, let alone dresses that will fit a youngster too! 

Lucky for you, Kennedy Blue just launched their collection of chiffon junior bridesmaid dresses! Not only are these dresses affordable, they're also adorable! Keep reading for some more info on the new collection! 

Cute Chiffon Junior Bridesmaid Dresses You'll Love

We're so excited to show you our new collection of junior bridesmaid dresses! Each style is available in 40 colors and with pockets! This blog is all about our favorite new styles as well as their matching styles for adults! Did I mention that ALL of our junior bridesmaid dresses have pockets? Keep reading to check out our new junior bridesmaid dress styles! 


chiffon junior bridesmaid dresses

Lanie in Bourdeaux

We are loving this long junior bridesmaid dress in chiffon! Lanie features a high-neckline with flattering ruching in the bodice and a high waistline, making this style an easy yes for anyone! We are loving the cute keyhole cutout that is featured in both the bodice and back. This dress is perfect for both indoor and outdoor weddings, and we are loving how classically elegant this style is!


Lonnie in Cornflower | chiffon junior bridesmaid dresses

Lonnie in Cornflower

Okay, can we just take a moment and appreciate how adorable our model is? She has the sweetest smile around! Anywho! This classic, staple style is an easy yes for any bridal party. V-neckline and ruching combos are always so beautiful. Although this style features a v-neckline, this chiffon junior bridesmaid dress is nothing but perfectly modest for your junior bridesmaid! This simply elegant dress can easily be dressed up or down for your wedding day! Pair this dress with an adorable updo, and your junior bridesmaid will be grinning from ear to ear on the big day! 


Nica in Claret | Chiffon Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

Nica in Claret

This stunning style is one the cutest off-the-shoulder junior bridesmaid dresses around! This dress features a ruffle that forms off-the-shoulder sleeves as well as thick straps to help your junior bridesmaid keep her dress up without any problems! This dress is easy to dress up or down, depending on the event you're having. Available in 40 colors and featuring pockets, how could you not love this dress? 


Presley in Canteloupe | Chiffon Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

Presley in Canteloupe

This elegant, blouse-top dress features a chiffon overlay and a cute belted waistline! Modest junior bridesmaid dresses are a must have in any collection, and we are more than happy to feature our favorites! This dress looks fantastic on anyone and is sure complement your junior bridesmaid beautifully. 


Saylor in Sage | Chiffon Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

Saylor in Sage Green

This fun and adorable v-neckline chiffon junior bridesmaid dress features a unique ruching pattern in the bodice and thick straps, making this an easy fit for any junior bridesmaid. Although cute junior bridesmaid dresses aren't in short supply, this dress is especially cute, let's be serious! 


Ensley in Champagne | Chiffon Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

Ensley in Champagne

We are ADORING our lace jr bridesmaid dresses selection, and this is one of our favorites! Ensley features a lace, embroidered bodice with a high-neck sheer overlay. The straight neckline adds a simple, modest touch to this adorable, flirty junior bridesmaid dress! 


Gretta in Violet | Chiffon Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

Gretta in Violet

We are LOVING this adorable junior bridesmaid dress! Complete with a spaghetti strap halter top, a lace overlay, and a flowy chiffon skirt, this dress is as comfortable as it is beautiful. And don't worry about having to get alterations done on the straps--they're adjustable! Plus this dress has pockets! Little features like these make this dress convenient and special! 


Ireland in Marine | Chiffon Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

Ireland in Marine

Another lace junior bridesmaid dress for you except this one is a one shoulder junior bridesmaid dress! We are loving the sheer lace overlay on top of the chiffon, and we promise that our lace is very soft so your youthful maid won't have to worry about the dress being itchy at all! 


Keaton in Mint | Chiffon Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

Keaton in Mint

Keaton is a simply elegant and adorable chiffon junior bridesmaid dress that we honestly cannot get enough of. This dress features a lace bodice and a chiffon skirt to give your junior bridesmaid a little of the best of both worlds with this dress. Thick straps and a gentle scoop neckline make this dress an easy yes! 

Matching Bridesmaid and Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

Now that you've seen some of the cute chiffon junior bridesmaid dresses that we have to offer, let's talk about matching those dresses with dresses for adult bridesmaids! 

It's not as hard as you think it would be, we promise! We purposefully created these dresses with matching dresses so you would have the option to match all of your maids if you are interested in doing so. 

Keep reading for some of our favorite bridesmaid + junior bridesmaid dress combinations! 

Chiffon Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

Dresses: (left) Nica in Claret, (right) Nora in Rosewood

Nica is an adorable boho junior bridesmaid dress that can only be matched with an equally beautiful boho bridesmaid dress! Here at Kennedy Blue, we have lots of options for boho bridesmaid dresses, so don't worry about options! These flowy, care-free styles are elegant and flirtatious--easy to dress up or down for any type of event! 

Chiffon Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

Dresses: (left) Ensley in Sea Glass, (right) Jade in Sea Glass

Who doesn't love matching lace bridesmaid and junior bridesmaid dresses? Jade is a staple bridesmaid dress style; it's a fan favorite for a reason! Both styles feature an embroidered bodice and a high, sheer neckline--a style that looks fantastic on everyone! 

Chiffon Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

Dresses: (left) Gretta in Eggplant, (right) Clara in Mulberry

We love these two matching gowns! Both lace bridesmaid dresses features an embroidered bodice and a halter top. These gowns are beautiful and versatile, and they both come with pockets! Functional and beautiful?? Sign me up! 

Chiffon Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

Dresses: (left) Ireland in Bordeaux, (right) Athena in Bordeaux

We love this one shoulder junior bridesmaid dress and its matching bridesmaid dress! This particular junior bridesmaid dress also features a strap for extra support for your lil' maid on the day of! This is a classic style that we never grow tired of! 

Chiffon Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

Dresses: (left) Lanie in Slate Blue, (right) Bailey in Slate Blue

Bailey is a fan favorite for a reason, so we simply had to make a junior version of it! Both styles feature a keyhole opening and a halter top, making these styles very modest but unique at the same time! We love the unique waistband pattern of the jr bridesmaid dress and the ruching featured on the bodice of both! Available in 40+ colors and with pockets, you can't go wrong with these styles! 


Looking for chiffon junior bridesmaid dresses and matching bridesmaid dresses? Lucky for you, Kennedy Blue offers some of the best junior bridesmaid dresses out there! We have lots of styles that match or complement each other, so check out our collection of junior and regular bridesmaid dresses here


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These dresses and styles are perfect to complement the bride.

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Ohhh so cute! Love the options to match the juniors with the adults , I know the flower girl will love to match us!

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Love the junior bridesmaid dresses!

January 12, 2020 14:20

I am so excited about Kennedy Blue dresses for my wedding this summer! The color Rosewood is so difficult to find and here it’s gorgeous and perfect!

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Love this! I have a junior bridesmaid so this will be perfect for her. Can’t wait to see it.

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