Need Some Bachelorette Party Location Ideas?

Are you really excited for the bachelorette party as the days are gushing over?

No worries, we hear you, and we've put together the ultimate list of bachelorette party locations! 

The Best Bachelorette Party Locations

group of women laughing | The Best Bachelorette Party Locations

With tons of places to have a super fun bachelorette party, it is quite obvious to get overwhelmed. We want to be your helping hand in making your party a perfect one and thus, we have compiled a list of the best bachelorette party locations for you and the fun things you can do out there with your lovelies. Here we go!

Puerto Rico

roads in puerto rico | Best Bachelorette Party Locations

Spectacular beaches to sunbathe, a grooving nightlife, tropical weather, and state of the art luxurious resorts, Puerto Rico has in abundance for you. If you are a nature lover, head to the forests like El Yunque, and Toro Verde for adventure and sports. Don’t miss out a stay at San Juan especially if you are a foodie and want to relinquish the local flavor. Pamper the bride at The Bach spa and others, and have fun!

New York City, New York

New York City | Best Bachelorette Party Ideas

A loud shriek is what you will be answered with if you inform your girls of having a bachelorette in New York City. This is one of the best bachelorette party locations! Then why not make it a big one? Go shopping at Broadway, spend your mornings in the Central Park, have pizza at Grimaldi, spend time in the hustle bustle of Times Square, spend your night in the Big Apple and enjoy taking picturesque pictures to take a record of a lot of blissful memories. Let the bride fall in love all over again!

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas | Best Bachelorette Party Locations

Welcome to the entertainment capital of the world, and with this, you can be so sure that your bachelorette is going to be a rocking one. If you want to have a dedicated place to enjoy your days in seclusion, just head to cheap resorts in Summerlin and you won’t regret your stay.

You can easily throw a party and dance all night at such destinations. In the morning, head out to explore the romantic atmosphere of Las Vegas, try your luck in the casinos, be a part of volcano at the Mirage, splash in the waters of Colorado River and your day will go by splendidly.

Vail, Colorado

mountains in colorado | Best Bachelorette Party Locations

Out here is a call for all the brides who love adventure, and are definitely looking for one-spur-of-the moment kinda fun with their soul mates. You can go skiing, rafting, zip lining, ride horses and everything that you have in your bucket list on your bachelorette in Vail. Ditch the stereotypes and enjoy it your way.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans | Best Bachelorette Party Locations

One of my favorite bachelorette party locations, here’s for the bold and outgoing bride who does not fear hangovers, being in a stupor and absolutely wants to enjoy her days of bachelorette-hood. Be a night owl in New Orleans, spend time singing karaoke, be a part of Jazz fest, walk down the lanes and eat to your fullest at Chiba, Luke restaurant, Mother’s restaurant, Dominique’s and such.

Miami, Florida

miami florida | Best Bachelorette Party Locations

Looking for the best bachelorette party locations? Miami has got you covered.

If you are planning to spend a night with male strippers, head to Hunk-o-mania in Miami? What’s more, have fun at LIV nightclub, stay at the Surf Club, wander around in the beaches of Miami and soak yourself in the sunshine and enrich your body with vitamin D until the sun sets down.

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston | Best Bachelorette Party Locations

If you and your friends are gluttony, Charleston is a place for you. You can choose to rent a beach house in Charleston if you feel like. Now, doesn’t that sound exciting? You can find one on Sullivan’s Island. You can shop your heart out when you are bored at Upper King Street. Walk around aimlessly with your group in the downtown and that would be the best moments as everything is fun with friends.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo | Best Bachelorette Party Locations

This is one of the best bachelorette party locations simply because it's gorgeous and relaxing! Want to spend time fangirling your favorite celebs, well, this is one place you can get your dream fulfilled. You can rent a yacht at Cabo to spend luxurious and heavenly days in between waters.

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville | Best Bachelorette Party Locations

Don’t forget to travel in Nashville Pedal Tavern with your girls. It’s total fun! Spend your night in the General Jackson showboat to enjoy live country music. Not only this, Nashville has much more to offer.


grindavik iceland | Best Bachelorette Party Locations

Looking for a destination bachelorette party location? Are you fond of spas? Well, then without any doubt a spa destination is all you need for your bachelorette party. The blue lagoon in Iceland will be heaven for you, spend a whole day pampering your skin in it and it still won’t be enough. Check it out, it’s definitely what you need.


arizona | Best Bachelorette Party Locations

How about spending a night in a camp instead of boozing around? Well, if that’s your plan, pack your bags for Arizona straight away. Be ready to be wild and follow the most difficult trail of the Great Canyon National park.


hawaii | Best Bachelorette Party Locations

Looking for a beach party? The most beautiful beaches in Hawaii call you. Stay in one of the best resorts of Hawaii and experience the blue waters at their best with your bridesmaids.

Napa Valley, California

napa valley | Best Bachelorette Party Locations

How about a road trip to the best wineries of Napa Valley? Like a fine wine, our friendship will only be getting stronger and stronger with time! Wake up early and take the California state route 29 to experience the best of Napa Valley.

Disney World, Florida

Disney World | Best Bachelorette Party Locations

We are never too old to visit Disney world or Disney land! Isn’t it? You can’t get a better chance to reminisce your childhood days. Have fun at Disney world with your tribe. So go ahead!

Palm Springs, California

palm springs | Best Bachelorette Party Locations

Let your final fling with your besties be the best! Head on to Palm Springs because and experience the finest weather, binge eat at the restaurants that will turn you into a foodie, have a lot of shopping and be prepared for other outdoor adventure that awaits.

Chicago, Illinois

chicago | Best Bachelorette Party Locations

Have brunch at summer house Santa Monica, shop at Magnificent Mile, have fun at a boat ride, pamper yourself at spas, museums, and spend a night in cruises and bars. All in all, Chicago has everything set for your perfect Bach party.

Austin, Texas

austin | Best Bachelorette Party Locations

Stay in the Sixth Street for getting cheap and luxurious accommodation. Visit trailer park, Guadalupe River, Container Bar, Graffiti Park at Castle Hill with your feisty group of girls. A bachelorette in Austin can never go wrong.

Reykjavik, Iceland

iceland | Best Bachelorette Party Locations

Delve in the iconic icy beauty in the capital of Iceland with your bridesmaids. You can book a tour to completely enjoy the day at leisure. The natural beauty of Iceland is enough to soothe your nerves if you are nervous about your wedding day. Have a nice time!

Los Angeles, California

los angeles | Best Bachelorette Party Locations

The best bachelorette party locations? Without much ado, just book yourself and your tribe in The Viceroy Santa Monica and half of your task is done. With Santa Monica pier nearby, there is nothing to worry about. Have a nice time at the beach, sip a glass of wine in Malibu wines with bridesmaids and you can call it a day.

Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara | Best Bachelorette Party Locations

Start your day with a cool wine to relax your nerves, book a tour with Silk tours or other wine tours when you get there. Next head to East Beach, cruise in Cabrillo Boulevard, sail a boat and what not. Relish at Finch and Fork and relinquish pizza at Lucky Penny.

San Francisco, California

san francisco | Best Bachelorette Party Locations

If you and your girl tribe are history fan, take a tour to Rock. Enjoy at the Golden Gate Bridge and travel in cable cars for sure. You all can grab a bite at Mission, Roma Antica, and plenty of others according to your choice of meal.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

minneapolis | Best Bachelorette Party Locations

Let’s start in Minneapolis with a great place to party all night and let it be at The Living Room. In the day, visit the lakes, national parks, and bike trails. There are endless options for you to have a gala time with your besties.

Bimini, Bahamas

bahamas | Best Bachelorette Party Locations

This Caribbean island is the perfect bachelorette party location that you need to spend some quality time. Rent a resort and bask yourself in the Caribbean waters with no worries.

Jersey Shore, New Jersey

new jersey | Best Bachelorette Party Locations

Want to make it easy for your girls, bachelorette at Bogota hotel casino and spa will be perfect. Nightclub, gaming space, spa, dining are all in one place. Else enjoy your way with a road trip to garden state parkway south, hit some bars, and visit the Parker house and much more.

Manhattan, New York City

manhattan | Best Bachelorette Party Locations

Pod 39 is a space for you to have an ultimate Bach party. It’s a complete package of entertainment.

Gritti Palace, Italy

gritta palace italy | Best Bachelorette Party Locations

Really confused with so many places, here’s an easy way out for you that you will absolutely love. Totally customized for girls’ taste, this is a place you need to look at once. It is made in royal European style and provides a great view of the Grand Canal.

The Wrap Up

Every place you visit is bliss with friends, so just don’t think much and go ahead to plan the Bach party. Thank us later!

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December 17, 2020 15:50

So many great ideas! I’m planning a Savannah bachelorette party for my sister and finding tips and ideas online is soo helpful I’m so glad I came across your blog post. This other guide I was just looking at is great too Savannah is such a beautiful, historic, and magical city and I can’t wait spend my sister’s bachelorette weekend there! Too excited!

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Such fun ideas to keep in mind!

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Such fun ideas!! Can’t go wrong on a location when you’re having a party!!

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We are planning on Nashville!!

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I can vouch that Nashville is super fun no matter if you’re looking for a fun girls getaway or to have a full on party weekend.

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December 22, 2019 22:20

Lots of fun ideas to keep in mind, currently my bestfriend and I are planning for Nashville and I can’t wait!!!

June 26, 2019 09:52

How many Bachlorette parties are allowed? Can we do one a month?!

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June 20, 2019 11:01

I love all of these ideas. I am panning on having mine in Savannah, Georgia!

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