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Obsession Alert: Mint Bridesmaid Dresses

A chic color with a modern vibe, mint bridesmaid dresses have been trending for quite some time now. Is it here to stay? I definitely hope so, because this vibrant hue proves time and time again to be a serious show-stopper!

If you’re looking for the perfect bright shade to off-set your big day, consider Kennedy Blue’s mint – a perfect combination of fun and sophistication. Not quite convinced? Keep reading.

Not only do I have some serious mint bridal party inspiration below, but I'm offering 6 reasons why mint bridesmaid dresses are the perfect choice for your ‘maids as well as 12 of our fave mint blue styles!

6 BIG Reasons to Love Mint Bridesmaid Dresses

1. It's just like, really pretty! Fresh, feminine and timeless. This beautiful color has become a trend lately in wedding ceremonies. It provides a touch of peace and nostalgia to the ceremony, making the guests feel calm and comfortable.

2. It's super flattering on every skin tone. The pretty pastel shade looks soft and romantic against fairer tones and really pops against darker features, so it doesn’t wash out any skin tone and will surely amaze every one of your girls. And good news: it’s available in all of the fabrics from Kennedy Blue!

3. It’s absolutely perfect for spring and summer weddings. This beautiful color shows amazing versatility. It represents the awakening of a beautiful season like spring as it resemble the sprouts of the flowers and leaves. Also, it offers a fresh balance on a sunny summer day. Mint blue bridesmaid dresses have that mellow touch that looks stunning even in a winter wedding.

4. It’s available in all Kennedy Blue fabrics and dresses. You can find this beautiful color in every style that Kennedy Blue has for you! Want to see it in person? You can order fabric swatches now online!

Mint Fabric Swatches

5. You can accent it with a variety of different colors. The mint color has a passive personality because it can be combined with many other hues. Just to give you an example, it pairs well with earthier tones such as deep greens, navy blues, and whites or even vibrant hues such as corals, reds, and pinks.

It looks magical when combined with other colors in the blue or green gamut, because they create a cold yet sweet atmosphere in your wedding ceremony. 

6. From barnyard to banquet hall, it suits any venue. Mint color bridesmaid dresses will fit your wildest wedding dreams. Whether you’re having a country-style ceremony or saying ‘I do’ in a fancy ballroom, no matter the venue, this color will shine.

Mint Bridal Parties Who Totally Nailed It

Short chiffon mint blue bridesmaid dresses with bright, summer wedding bouquets! | Photo by Kayla Barker Photography | Kennedy BlueFeatured Dresses: Spencer, Chloe, and Quinn | Kayla Barker Photography

Long chiffon mint blue bridesmaid dresses | Ray + Kelly Photography | Kennedy BlueFeatured Dresses: Hannah & Olivia | Ray + Kelly Photographers

Strapless Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses in Mint | Purrington Photography | Kennedy BlueFeatured Dress: Addison | Purrington Photography

Mix-n-match chiffon bridesmaid dresses in mint | Amanda Dumouchelle Photography | Kennedy BlueFeatured Dresses: Hannah, Anna, Violet, and Olivia | Amanda Dumouchelle Photography

Chiffon mint bridesmaid dresses with vibrant orange bridal bouquets | Melissa Oholendt Photography | Kennedy BlueFeatured Dress: Anna | Melissa Oholendt Photography

Long chiffon mint bridesmaid dresses with red wedding bouquets! | Nina Marie Studios | Kennedy BlueFeatured Dress: Olivia | Nina Marie Studios

Long chiffon mint bridesmaid dresses for a summer wedding | Brian Bossany Photography | Kennedy BlueFeatured Dresses: Anna & Olivia | Brian Bossany Photography

12 Mint Bridesmaid Dresses You’ll Love

Kennedy Blue Mackenzie Bridesmaid Dress in Mint

This gorgeous chiffon bridesmaid dress has a v-neckline with spaghetti straps that flow into a fun, unique back that hooks together in the center.


Kennedy Blue Chiffon Chloe Bridesmaid Dress in Mint

Kennedy Blue Chloe is the perfect style that your girls will look great in on your special day. 


Kennedy Blue Lace and Chiffon Londyn Bridesmaid Dress in Mint

Kennedy Blue Londyn is an exquisite lace top bridesmaid dress available in a beautiful array of color choices you will love for your big day!


Kennedy Blue Chiffon Stella Bridesmaid Dress in Mint

The Stella is a gorgeous floor length crinkle chiffon halter bridesmaid dress that features a criss-cross halter neckline and fitted bodice.


Kennedy Blue Chiffon Riley Bridesmaid Dress in Mint

This gorgeous v-neck bridesmaid dress will look great on each of your girls and complement your bridal gown beautifully!


Kennedy Blue Short Chiffon Luella Bridesmaid Dress in Mint

Unique backs are all the rage right now! Kennedy Blue Luella is an affordable short bridesmaid dress made of a beautiful luxe chiffon fabric.


Kennedy Blue Chiffon Violet Bridesmaid Dress in Mint

Halter bridesmaid dresses your girls will look great in; Kennedy Blue Violet is the perfect choice for your big day!


Kennedy Blue Chiffon Anna Bridesmaid Dress in Mint

The Anna is a flattering chiffon floor length option that suits every figure.


Kennedy Blue Chiffon Sienna Bridesmaid Dress in Mint

Knee length bridesmaid dresses with style that you and your girls will love; Kennedy Blue Sienna is the perfect choice for your big day!


Kennedy Blue Chiffon Parker Bridesmaid Dress in Mint

Simple and affordable, Kennedy Blue Parker is the perfect strapless chiffon dress that will look great on each of your girls.


Kennedy Blue Short Lace Hazel Bridesmaid Dress in Mint

Mix and match our lace styles with Kennedy Blue Hazel; a beautiful dress with a figure flattering pencil skirt that your girls will adore!



Kennedy Blue Chiffon Quinn Bridesmaid Dress in Mint

A short bridal party dress with a lot of elegance and flair, Kennedy Blue Quinn is a dress your girls will look great in and love wearing.

Mint Fabric Swatch

Let’s chat!

Let us know what you have in mind. How would you style mint blue bridesmaid dresses for you big day? Let us know in the comments below – we’d love to hear your thoughts! 

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I am lovvving the blue trend right now and in love <3 with the Riley dress!!

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