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Looking for the Best Destination Wedding Locations?

Destination weddings are a new fad. Undoubtedly, choosing an exotic destination for your wedding makes it all the more memorable and exciting. If you are reading this article, then chances are high that you are probably tired of unceasingly searching the internet for some best destination wedding locations. Undoubtedly, there are tons of exotic destination wedding locations in the United States and all around the world, and choosing one among them is a daunting task.

The Best Destination Wedding Locations on Earth

Far away from home but close to the heart, destination wedding allows the couple to cheer and celebrate. When it comes to destination weddings there are a lot of options out there, like beach weddings, pool weddings, desert weddings, mountain wedding, and a lot more, which will make your destination wedding all the more unique. Confused as to which location would be the best for you?

To ease up your burden amidst the wedding chaos, we have outlined some of the beautiful and the best destination wedding locations with every minute detail.

The Best Destination Wedding Locations for Beach Weddings

You can never go wrong with the classic and beach weddings. The beach view makes for a great visual experience and the photography comes out stunning with bright shades of white and blue. Listed below are some of the best destination weddings locations for beach weddings!

Dominican Republic

Punta Cana Dominican Republic | The Best Destination Wedding Locations

The Dominican Republic is the most-visited nation of the Caribbean Island and always makes to the list of affordable beach destinations. It is very easy to get to this place and the beautiful beaches are the central attraction.

Punta Cana

Punta Cana is the most popular destination of the Dominican Republic when it a destination wedding, as it is the home to some of the amazing beaches in the world.

beach in Dominican Republic | The Best Destination Wedding Locations

It is famous for sailing, zip-lining, and windsurfing, so your guests can enjoy their vacation while celebrating your nuptials.


hut on the water in Belize | The Best Destination Wedding Locations

Belize is a nation with Caribbean Sea shorelines to the east and dense jungle to the west. It offers its visitors diverse spots for a beach wedding.

Ambergris Caye

Ambergris Caye is the largest land of Belize, and it is the best destination wedding location.

The clear water and scenic beauty will make you and your guests fall in love with this place. The island is best known for its water sports and scuba diving, so amidst your wedding celebrations, try out the amazing water sports with your guests and add a fun element to your wedding celebrations.

sailboat in the ocean | The Best Destination Wedding Locations

The best time to get hitched in Belize is from December to April, during the country’s dry season.    


beach in Florida | The Best Destination Wedding Locations

Known for its friendly people and exotic beaches, Florida is the ideal destination wedding location for couples seeking exotic culture and clean beaches for their wedding ceremonies.


Destin is a great option for having a budget-friendly wedding as it is less expensive than Miami and Panama City Beach, the hot spots of Florida.

April and May are the ideal months for having your wedding in Destin when the water is warm, the sun is shining and the temperatures are comfortable. Gifting your bridesmaid with Kennedy Blue’s Summer bridesmaid dresses with its deep plunge will make them look and feel beautiful!

Kennedy Blue Summer | The Best Destination Wedding Locations

Kennedy Blue's Summer in Marine


Jamaica beach | The Best Destination Wedding Locations

Apart from beautiful beaches and palm trees, Jamaica is also known for its steeped culture, indigenous spices, reggae, and a fun-loving atmosphere.


Negril has various all-inclusive resorts and private villas that come with their own security and housekeeping staff.

blue water in Jamaica | The Best Destination Wedding Locations

Being on of the best destination wedding locations, avoid getting married in the month of March and June through November, as the weather is not at its best.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica shoreline | The Best Destination Wedding Locations

Costa Rica is a country with two wonderful coastlines one on the Pacific and other on the Caribbean Sea. An ideal place for the couples who are seeking an incomparable background for their wedding reception. La Fortuna, Manuel Antonio, and Playa Langosta are some of the most exquisite places which you cannot miss on while visiting Costa Rica.

In fact, Playa Langosta is the best place in Costa Rica to say “I do.” If you plan on getting married in Costa Rica, schedule it during the dry season from December through April.     

A note to all the bridesmaids: get yourself Kennedy Blue’s Jasmine to slay the hot guys with your looks. Kennedy Blue has a huge collection of bridesmaid dresses that are cute and super affordable.  

Kennedy Blue Jasmine in Mint | The Best Destination Wedding Locations

Kennedy Blue's Jasmine in Mint


beach in Mexico | The Best Destination Wedding Locations

The wedding destinations in Mexico excel in the beauty and romance which no other place can beat.

Los Cabos

los cabos playa in Mexico | The Best Destination Wedding Locations

Add a spark of fun in your wedding ceremonies in Los Cabos, Mexico. The place draws plenty of celebrities. The place is pretty much developed and has exclusive clubs and resorts, so finding a venue and accommodation for your guest won’t be a task.

To have a special wedding, you can also go to a private beach. April and May are traditionally slower months and the weather is also pleasant, so planning your wedding around these two months would be ideal.  

Riviera Maya

boardwalk in Mexico | The Best Destination Wedding Locations

To have a real tropical feel, Riviera Maya is the place to have your wedding. It is a stretch of Caribbean coastline on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. It is famous for its numerous all-inclusive resorts, which will serve your guests with love and make their time in Riviera Maya all the more memorable.

Winter months have the best weather but are a bit crowded. So planning your wedding during the month of April and May would be ideal as the weather is also pleasant at that time.     


coastline in Mexico | The Best Destination Wedding Locations

If you want your wedding to be a low-key and intimate affair, then Cozumel is the best destination wedding location for you. You can get married in the main town of this island San Miguel de Cozumel. The place is famous for scuba diving and snorkeling. December is the ideal month to get married on this beautiful island. It is a paradise for the couples who are looking for a quiet spot to tie the knot. 


We all know Hawaii is one of the most gorgeous places on the planet! Complete with tropical forests, sandy beaches, stunning mountainous views, and deserts, there's a little bit of everything for everyone in Hawaii! 

The Big Island

coastline of the big island | The Best Destination Wedding Locations

The big island offers a diverse range of topography. As you travel along the island, the landscape changes dramatically, so you can have your choice of backdrop. The north and east coasts are wet and are surrounded with lush greenery which will make you fall in love with nature. Avoid planning your wedding during winters through early spring as the tourist season is in full swing and everything will be expensive.


waterfall in Maui | The Best Destination Wedding Locations

It is one of the most romantic Hawaiian Islands as it is filled with waterfalls and rainbows. Its beaches are amongst the best in the world because of the crystal clean water. You can plan your wedding year round as the weather is pleasant all-round the year.   


lighthouse in Maine | The Best Destination Wedding Locations

While talking about the best destination wedding locations for a beach wedding, how can one miss on Maine? Maine is surrounded by golden-sand beaches, and dark blue waters, indeed the quixotic background for your wedding.

Bar Harbor

bar harbor in Maine | The Destination Wedding Locations

Bar Harbor is the essence of seaside and having your wedding there is like a dream come true. Bar Harbor serves as a gateway to the cliffs and mountains of Acadia National Park and your guests will have fun exploring this National Park. September is the ideal month for getting married in Maine.   

The Best Destination Wedding Locations for a Desert Wedding


Arizona | The Best Destination Wedding Locations

Looking to have a desert wedding? Arizona is one of the best places to have one! With red rock canyons, loads of gorgeous deserts to choose from, and the Grand Canyon, Arizona has everything you'd want for your boho desert wedding! 


waterfall in Arizona | The Best Destination Wedding Locations

Tucson is a city in Arizona, United States. For a unique way of saying your “I do”, Tucson flaunts a natural and rocky version of the Southwest landscape. The place is usually warm year-round, so you can plan your wedding around any time of the year. As the weather is warm year-round in Arizona, Kennedy Blue’s Rachel will be just perfect for all the bridesmaids.


red rocks in Sedona | The Best Destination Wedding Locations

Sedona is the best place to romance in Arizona and that is the reason it has played host to many weddings in Arizona. L’Auberge is one of the best destination wedding locations if you plan to have desert wedding as it offers a spectacular Red Rock view and a private reception area for your wedding.


Scottsdale Arizona | The Best Destination Wedding Locations

It is a desert city in Arizona and is known for its spa resorts and golf courses. Saguaro in Scottsdale is a newly-remodeled venue which will offer you with colorful accommodations, lush green lawns, massive pool, andother amenities.  

Best Destination Wedding Locations For A Mountain Wedding


california | The Best Destination Wedding Locations

California needs no formal introduction. Equipped with the best scenic views and climate, it is surely the best destination wedding location.

San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco | The Best Destination Wedding Locations

Looking for a perfect setting that consists more of scenery than a concrete jungle? Head to San Francisco, Northern California’s big city and an ideal place to tie the knot. It is a beautiful place with hills rising and dropping, cable cars rattling over the streets and a stunning view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

This hilly urban city of California is the perfect place to wear Kennedy Blue’s Hope. The dress lets the bridesmaids show off a little skin and makes them look heavenly in the wedding.

Kennedy Blue hope in Bourdeaux | The Best Destination Wedding Locations

Kennedy Blue's Hope in Bourdeaux

Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley

Napa valley california | The Best Destination Wedding Locations

The USA is blessed with spectacular landscapes- lush valleys, rolling hills and acre and acres of vineyards which make an ideal romantic backdrop for your wedding ceremonies. The wines produced here are amazing and when served with delicious dishes, they will certainly be a treat for your guests. Summer and October are the best times to plan your wedding here.   


snow-covered mountain in Utah | The Best Destination Wedding Locations

Catch the European classic simplicity by hosting your wedding in Utah where mountains and lush valleys coincide in one place!

Park City

mountains in park city Utah | The Best Destination Wedding Locations

European sophistication and the majestic peaks are what Park City offers to its guests. Plan your wedding around December as the ski season starts in December.


beach in Hawaii | The Best Destination Wedding Locations

Hawaii is a perfect place if you want to enjoy both the beach and desert altogether.


desert in kauai Hawaii | The Best Destination Wedding Locations

Apart from being famous for its beach wedding locations, Kauai is also the best destination wedding location for a desert wedding. Kauai is known for its incredible lush tropical landscape and is just perfect for those who want a secluded spot to tie the knot. The southern coast of the island is perpetually sunny, making it an ideal location for weddings.


mountains in Wyoming | The Best Destination Wedding Locations

The majestic Tetons Range offers an awestruck background for your wedding reception. The sunset here will make your wedding pictures look all the more romantic.

Jackson Hole

Jackson hole Wyoming | The Best Destination Wedding Locations

Jackson Hole is the best place to have your western theme wedding as it offers rustic farms and Wild West feel. The place also offers your guests a range of outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, andothers. The summer and early falls are beautiful times in Jackson Hole and an ideal time to plan your wedding.


colorado | The Best Destination Wedding Locations

Colorado, the rocky mountain state, retains the perfect match of natural beauty and luxurious amenities.


aspen colorado | The Best Destination Wedding Locations

Apart from mountain lodges, one can find elegant ballrooms and restaurant to host their wedding ceremonies, Aspen’s magnificent mountains and valleys will cheer up any outdoor enthusiast. To create a winter-wonderland wedding in late November and early March are the best months. While summers and fall are equally gorgeous times of the year.


We hope this comprehensive list of best destination wedding locations would have helped you out. If you are looking for the best and mind-blowing dresses for you and your lovely bridesmaids, don’t forget to explore the magical collection of Kennedy Blue.

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Dominican Republic looks absolutely beautiful!

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I am fortunate enough and very excited to be having a destination wedding in Bonnie Scotland!!!

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