DIY Floral Wedding Decorations

Gorgeous floral wedding decorations seal the deal when it comes to styling your venue on the big day. Will you go for a romantic, drama-laden feel with roses and cascading greenery? Or a sweet, delicate vibe with yellow daisies and pastels? Depending on which bridesmaid dresses you chose, wedding florals are the key component to bringing it all together. Here’s the big question: Done by a florist, or done by yourself? If the last part of that question scares you, don’t be alarmed! DIY floral decorations are an easy, inexpensive way to brighten up your wedding day. Floral crafts are a fun activity to do with bridesmaids, friends or family. Believe us, it’s not as hard at it looks. Here are some points to consider if you still need a little convincing.

DIY wedding flowers

Tandem Tree

DIY or Buy?

Hiring a florist to take care of all of the little details is tempting. An experienced florist has probably done the dance before. Purchasing floral wedding decorations from a floral vendor can be the more convenient route. You’re paying more so you can check something off your LONG list of wedding to-dos. There’s nothing wrong with that! But consider the perks and benefits of DIY floral wedding decorations before you assign everything to a florist. While you should absolutely hire an experienced florist to take care of bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages, consider tackling some smaller items on your own to save some serious cash!

Here are some reasons to consider DIY floral wedding decorations.

It’s cheaper

  • Hit up your local farmers market for fresh veggies and fresh blooms.
  • Buy wholesale online.
  • Purchase some fake blooms from a craft store. Michaels offers a large variety of floral arrangements and floral supplies, as well as vases and containers to customize your wedding look. BONUS: They almost always have coupons, so you’ll get a great deal.

It’s fun!

DIY can be a blast. Get your bridesmaids together, open a bottle of wine, and have a crafting day. Learning something new never hurt anyone. And your ladies are sure to use these DIY floral decoration ideas in the future.

Skip the risk

You know your vision. And you’ll know what you’re getting if you do it yourself. Less risk is involved when you see your finished floral wedding decorations beforehand, rather than waiting to see what the florist has in store on the big day. Even if you’ve met earlier and gone over the ideas expectations, things can change fast.

DIY Wedding Flowers

Jumping on the DIY floral wedding decoration/ bouquet bandwagon? Great! Now it’s prep time.

Some basic supples you’ll need…

  • Scissors
  • Fake flowers
  • Real flowers (depending on day of craft and preference)
  • Ribbon
  • Glue
  • Vases
  • Twinkle lights
  • Tissue paper
  • Glue gun
  • Soil, rocks, other earthy additions

You can find most of these supplies in your home, local craft store, at a garage sale, or a thrift store. See? You’re already saving money. Get inspired by these DIY floral wedding projects!

DIY wedding crafts

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Floral Ceremony Arch

Having an amazing floral wedding arch is nothing short of magical. The most memorable, touching moment of your big day will happen under this gorgeous canopy.  The flowers you pick to decorate the ceremony arch should incorporate all aspects you want to represent in your wedding!

Building your own wedding arch may feel like a daunting task. But even if you’re not a carpenter or woodworking genus, it’s totally doable to construct (or buy) and decorate the frame of your dreams.

Floral Frame

Time and money are of the essence when wedding planning. If building your own wedding arch with wood or bamboo doesn’t fit the timeline, don’t be afraid to rent. You can still keep the floral decor and additions without having to take a bulky frame back home with you. Some wedding rental businesses will even deliver, set up, and take down your arch for you. Be sure to do your research!


Choose flowers that hold their shape well, like carnations or roses, especially if you want to incorporate hanging flowers. For an outdoor wedding, make sure to mist fresh flowers with water occasionally.


Curtains are optional, but adding some silky fabric or drapery can add depth and character to any wedding arch. Beaded, embellished, or lace fabric pairs well with rustic branches and overflowing greenery.

floral wedding arch

Hannah Kate Photography 

Photo Backdrop

DIY photo backdrops are a great way to keep guests entertained and involved in the wedding day, from ceremony to reception. Just like you want memorable photos for reminiscing on this event years down the road, friends and family want a takeaway as well. Creating a space for them to capture a cute photo or two can be easily done with a floral backdrop. 

Floral Wall Monogram

Faux flowers will come in handy for this craft. You’ll want to keep this cute shared initial forever! Faux flowers and garland can be easily arranged to create the chosen cursive letter. Attach to any wall with self-adhesive hooks. 

floral monogram

Rusell Heeter Photography

Flower Wall

A flower wall can be used as decoration, a photo backdrop, and a favor display. While it’s a stunning creation for guests to take photos in front of, encourage them to take a flower or two with them before they leave. For a more permanent masterpiece, superglue will be your best friend. Cardboard is the lighter option, but for a sturdy wall, find a trellis at Home Depot and use zip ties to attach flowers.

flower wall photo booth

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DIY wedding terrariums are a trendy way to decorate the modern reception table. Set aside an hour or so with your bridesmaids to arrange these fun wedding centerpieces. Succulents and airplants work best as the greenery. Low maintenance and time-saving, all you need to do to keep these plants alive is keep them moist and in direct sunlight. These unconventionally cute potted plants are wonderful for party favors.

wedding centerpiece terrariums

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DIY floral centerpieces are a great way to personalize your wedding reception decor. Your bridesmaids will enjoy this fun, easy craft and your guests will appreciate the homemade touch!

Go Bold 

Being simple can still be exciting. If you’re looking for a more clean tablescape, choose your favorite flower (preferably larger blooms) and add to a variety of clear glass vases. Fresh flowers or fake flowers, this easy arrangement will look amazing. This craft is so cheep that you can even encourage guests to take the DIY floral arrangements home.

One-Hit Wonder

One large, overflowing floral arrangement per table can make a beautiful centerpiece. When choosing a variety of flowers for the arrangement, keep in mind the color of the bridesmaid dresses and the tablecloth used for the wedding reception. For example, pastel colors with a subtle burst of color look wonderful with a lavender or powder blue tablecloth. Bright, dramatic flower arrangements contrast best with a white tablecloth.

Seasonal Delight 

Not feeling real flowers or fake flowers? For a more whimsical wedding reception, try lush tissue-paper flower arrangements on the tables. This craft is great for a wintertime wedding or when flowers aren’t in season. 

easy DIY centerpieces

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Hair Pieces and Flower Crowns

Floral headpieces and flower crowns have been the rage over the last few years, and have made their way into wedding attire. No complaints here. Implementing delicate floral pieces into gorgeously styled hair, like fishtail braids and voluptuous curls, creates a fresh look. Adding blooms into the final bridesmaid look is an effortless upgrade.

Flower crowns and floral hairpieces are easy and cheap to make. Whether you’re have a fall, winter, spring or summer wedding, you can adjust the colors in your DIY flower crowns to match the mood. Check out how to make these flirty and feminine flower crowns yourself!

DIY flower crown

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Floral Hacks for Real Flowers

  1. Cutting the stem straight across is a no-no. More water is absorbed when flower stems are cut at a 45-degree angle. When dealing with fresh flowers, you’ll want to do this immediately, then put them in water and store in an air-conditioned area.
  2. Buy in bulk. If you’re ordering from a local florist, place the order two weeks in advance and  do it of one type of flower. It’ll be cheaper in the long run.
  3. Use the extras. If you end up with extra flowers after the wedding venue is all decked out in blooms, don’t keep them stored in the back room. Use the extra flowers to create DIY petal confetti by cutting up the petals and giving them to guests. Petals will feel better than rice when tossed at you and your new groom!

Floral Hacks for Fake Flowers

  1. Reuse! Floral decorations and floral arrangements can be used at a variety of events and occasions. Whether you’re hosting a baby shower, engagement party, or holiday, you can’t go wrong with adding some gorgeous blooms to the occasion. Especially when the DIY floral decorations have a special touch.
  2. Sell. If you know your fake floral creations will either end up collecting dust in the attic or dumped in the trash for spring pickup, consider selling your DIY masterpieces. There are other brides out there looking to save money. Help them out by selling your decorations online, like eBay, craigslist or a Facebook Garage Sales page.

easy DIY wedding florals

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Staying in Budget 

The purpose of DIY floral wedding decorations is not only to have fun with your bridal party, but to save money. A lot of the supplies needed for these flowery crafts can be found at home, at consignment shops, garage sales, thrift stores and wholesale websites. Wedding groups on Facebook is a great place to shop around and find some good deals.

If the cost of purchasing all these wedding craft supplies still feels steep, consider getting the bridesmaids, friends, and family involved in finding/buying some of the items. When hosting a “craft day,” split up the supplies between bridesmaids and welcome them to make a craft to take home for themselves! 

DIY Wisely

Be thrifty, but look more on the high-end side when shopping around. Target, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Lowe’s and Home Depot are great places to start. When picking out major components for your craft, going in the store and seeing for yourself is the best choice. Save online shopping for smaller bulk items, such as tissue paper and zip ties.  

cheap DIY wedding florals

Flow Event Group

There are SO many ways to include florals in your wedding, no matter the season. DIY faux flower arrangements are pieces you’ll have as a beautiful reminder of the big day forever. Real flowers offer freshness and are a great take-home for guests. Either way, your own creations will add a personalize touch, save you money, and you’ll have a blast doing it!


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Love these ideas! Definitely using some for my own wedding.

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Love these ideas!

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I have been struggling with floral, and this article made my anxieties go away! Thank you so much!

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This is great! My friend is getting married in a green house, these are all great ideas for her. Will be forwarding this to her!

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Love the floral monogram! Especially love DIY that’s budget friendly!

May 08, 2018 16:08

Can someone explain to me the cost difference for flowers if I were just doing the bouquet and center pieces – for DIY and ordering it from someone?

May 07, 2018 22:33

I have actually been doing this for the past week, and the best part of it all is that I bought the glassware (vases, votives, candlesticks, etc.) from Dollar Tree for $1 each. I over-bought to do trial runs on what I liked, and I have been using spray paint, gold leaf application, fairy lights, glitter, etc., to decorate them all differently (for now) until I find just the right styles I love of them all. I also bought some fake flowers/greenery (the kinds of flowers and greenery that will be used in my bouquets, arrangements, etc.) AND floating candles from HomeGoods (which had the best prices and most quality fake flowers of all), as well as different “vase fillers”. I have been placing different flowers, accessories, fillers, candles, etc., inside my trial centerpieces to just rearrange and play around until finding my “vision”. It has been a fun process, and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes crafting and is on a tight wedding budget! :)

Kaylee Kemp
May 07, 2018 22:33

Love! We’ve been looking for interesting ways of incorporating flowers!

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