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Backyard Wedding Ideas You Need to Know About

Backyard weddings are ideal for those who want a unique sentimental feel on their big day. Backyard weddings are convenient, intimate, and cute, and above all, they are very much so budget-friendly.

Being an intimate affair, the hosts can give proper attention to their guests and that’s what makes them feel all the more special and lovable.

Having second thoughts about throwing one of those low-key and oh-so-lovely backyard weddings? Get inspired with our guide of unique backyard wedding ideas. Read on to unfold the various ideas to make your “D-Day” an exclusive and exquisite one.  

Our Favorite Backyard Wedding Ideas

Backyard weddings are tailored to create a relaxed and home-y atmosphere for the couple as well as the guests to enjoy. There are tons of backyard wedding ideas out there for every season and every size.

Don’t get confused as there are a plethora of backyard wedding ideas! Read on for some of the best ideas which will make your wedding all the more memorable.

Backyard Wedding Ideas For Every Season

backyard wedding ideas

Be it summer, spring, fall or winter, backyard wedding is something which can happen at any time of the year and that is what makes it convenient. But to make it a successful one, proper planning and management is a must.

We have prepared a list of various ideas according to seasons. So, whether you are planning your wedding this summer or next winter, these ideas will inspire and help you to have an intimate yet extra-ordinary wedding.


Planning a wedding can be a bit of task especially when it is in summer. Summers are just perfect for the bride as well as the bridesmaid to flaunt their hotness but getting a sun tan is something which they will surely try to avoid.

Listed below are few summer backyard wedding ideas which will make your wedding a remarkable one.

Tented seating area

guests celebrating wedding under tent | Backyard Wedding Ideas You'll Love

An outdoor wedding without a tented seating area is a big NO NO! Nobody wants to get burned in that scorching heat of the sun. So, implement an intimate seating area throughout the backyard under a tent. The tent will look all the more fascinating when adorned with trees and greenery.

Wooden cocktail tables

wooden tables for wedding | The Best Backyard Wedding Ideas

You'd be surprised how gorgeous a naked wooden table can be if you decorate it right! Lucky for you, it's pretty easy to incorporate these tables into your backyard wedding! Throw a a smaller version of your wedding centerpieces or just some light greenery and the leave the rest for the glasses and plates full of hors d'oeuvres!

Wreaths and lavender to add a pop of color

lavender | Best Backyard Wedding Ideas

Chandeliers add a very rustic and classy look to the wedding but may not be possible to have in your backyard wedding! Try hanging wreaths instead; they too will add a rustic element to your wedding. Try adding lavender in your wedding decor as well if you're shooting for an inexpensive way to add pops of color to your wedding theme! 


Spring is the most colorful month and having a backyard wedding during spring is like having a dream wedding. With a spring backyard wedding, you can end up saving tens of thousands on not only venue but floral decoration also. Spring is the perfect month to mark the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Here are some of our favorite spring backyard wedding ideas.

Use your backyard’s natural beauty to your advantage

backyard with blooming tree | Best Backyard Wedding Ideas

Those colorful flowers in your backyard will add a vibrant and colorful vibe to your wedding and that too without spending a fortune on floral decoration. You can also incorporate flower crowns in your theme to add a carefree and graceful spring look.

Daring bridal accessories

married couple about to kiss | Best Backyard wedding Ideas

A major perk of having a backyard wedding is you can pair fun and colorful accessories like shoes with your bridal gown. It helps to add a pop of colors to your look just like the colorful flowers in your backyard.

Use a hanging light canopy

fairy lights hanging | Best Backyard Wedding Ideas

We all wish to have a fairytale wedding with our prince charming. Hanging a light canopy in your backyard illuminates the scene of a fairytale. Try out this idea and trust me your bridesmaid will get jealous of you but in a good way.

Mason jar candles

mason jar candles | Best Backyard Wedding Ideas

This simple yet cute spring backyard wedding idea is low budget and charming. Just simply string the mason jars to the trees in your backyard or leave them along the patio or place them on the tables. Place small candles inside the mason jars and light them up during the evening time to have a twinkling effect.


Fall is the season which comes with cool, crisp and gorgeous foliage. Its earthy color scheme, signature spices, and fruits make it an excellent season for a backyard wedding. Below mentioned are some fall backyard wedding ideas, which we personally adore.

Incorporate twigs and small sticks in décor

decorated wedding table | Best Backyard Wedding Ideas

Just like the spring season helped add colorful natural beauty to the décor, incorporating twigs and small sticks in the décor will give a feel of fall and will add a natural touch to your backyard wedding.

Include fall fruits in your wedding menu

engagement ring on pumpkin | The Best Backyard Wedding Ideas

Apart from décor, food drives people crazy. Coordinating the menu according to the season will make your wedding all the more unique. Try incorporating apples, pumpkin, and other fall fruits and spices in your wedding menu to give your guests a typical fall backyard wedding feel.

Set up a blanket table/ladder

girl with blanket on her | Best Backyard Wedding Ideas

Taking care of your guests should be a concern for you and especially when they are coming toyour home to be a part of your celebrations. Set up a blanket table or ladder for your guests if they feel chilly during the ceremony, indeed a unique way of taking care of your guests. 


Are you wondering if winters are a good time to get married? It’s the most delightful time of the year for a wedding. Yeah, you read it right!

Winters are the most romantic season of all and getting hitched in your backyard during snowflake falling time of the year is not only intimidating and romantic but overwhelming also.

So, tell your friends and family to prep up for the winter backyard wedding. Follow these winter backyard wedding ideas and have a gala time at your wedding.

Use faux fur shrugs

girl wearing faux fur | Best Backyard Wedding Ideas

These faux fur shrugs will keep your bridesmaids and girlfriends warm throughout the ceremony. The shrugs are not only warm but look super cute and will make your girls look killer in your wedding album.

Welcome your guests with warm drinks

hot chocolate | Best Backyard Wedding Ideas

Upon arrival of your guests greet them with hot and cozy drinks like hot chocolate, mulled wine, hot cider, etc. to fuel them up for the celebrations ahead.

Red: the color of love

wedding bouquet | Best Backyard Wedding Ideas

We all know red is the color of love, incorporate as much as possible in your theme, décor, and food. Red, maroon, and wine colors in the décor and theme will add a romantic touch.

Backyard Wedding Ideas with a Pool

Pool weddings are not only fun for the guests but for the newlyweds also. People who go for a destination wedding primarily look out for poolside venue but if have a pool in your backyard you can have a poolside wedding at your home. There are tons of great ideas for poolside weddings! Include these backyard wedding ideas with a pool for your wedding!

Floating decorations

roses floating in pool | Best Backyard Wedding Ideas

Since you are having a poolside wedding don’t miss on decorating your pool. Scatter flowers and flower petals to float in the pool, it will create a scenery look and fill the ambiance with a floral aroma. Use swan floats, balloons and candles to decorate the pool.


candles floating in pool | Best Backyard Wedding Ideas

Just decorating the pool with floating greenery, flowers, swans and balloons is not sufficient. Place candles in and all around the pool to make the venue look full of love and passion. You can also set up a tent around the pool to make the space more intimate.

Twinkle lights

hanging lights | Best Backyard Wedding Ideas

Twine twinkle lights, fairy lights or globe-shaped paper mache lights across the pool to make the place look all the more lit. 

Wrapping Up

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April 24, 2020 16:13

I like the Mason jar candles and Twinkle lights.

March 29, 2020 15:31

Love these ideas!! Can’t wait to use some of these ideas for my Outdoor garden wedding next summer

March 27, 2020 11:23

This is a great idea. My mother has been gone almost 7 years. I feel having the wedding in the backyard of my childhood home, it helps bring her memory into my wedding. It’s like including her.

Brittany Nash
February 19, 2020 21:29

This was very helpful for what my fiance and I have in mind for our wedding. My Fiance is going to be an intelligence officer in the Navy and without knowing his deployment dates it’s been super stressful and hard to plan a wedding. My mother passed away three years ago yesterday so it’s been hard not having a female figure to help with the biggest day of a girls life. So thank you again for all of your wise words and tips!

January 29, 2020 14:08

I really like the idea in the Fall section of a blanket table or ladder for guests who are cold. I, personally, would have never thought of this. It does include your guests more and make them feel more at home.

January 22, 2020 08:09

Some great ideas here!

Brenna Kindall
January 12, 2020 07:47

I love these ideas!!

Alison Haerle
May 18, 2019 21:57

Love this article!! Perfect for many outdoor venues!

Jennifer Barnett
May 07, 2019 09:00

I love the idea of hanging wreaths for pops of color and to add a soft touch.

April 30, 2019 13:16

LOVE this!! Can’t wait to add these to my wedding!

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