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Bridesmaid Duties: How to Include Out-Of-Town ‘Maids

As much as we wish our best friends lived next door to us, it’s just not always the reality. But just because we can’t control where our besties reside, definitely doesn’t mean that shouldn’t be included in one of the biggest days of your life! Near or far, they’ll want to feel in included so finding fun and productive ways to have them help with the wedding planning will be key. Giving your out-of-town bridesmaids duties that are reasonable for their distance will be especially important. That being said, here are the best ways to include your out-of-town ‘maids in the planning process!

Ways to Involve Your Out-Of-State Bridesmaids!

Bridesmaid Duties For Your Out-Of-Town Besties

Keep in mind, you can’t force anyone to volunteer if they don’t want to, so please ask before suggesting that they help with anything. Because their distance is a bit limiting, here are a few ways you can have them help out:

  • Research! This is by far the easiest way to include them. Whether you’re looking for photographers, shoes, favor ideas, etc., this is easily something a ‘maid can do, regardless of her location! Besides, who doesn’t love an excuse to surf the web?
  • Create invites for special events. I know you won’t be the one to plan bridal showers or your bachelorette, but you could suggest to your other ‘maids or family members that this be a good task for your out-of-towner.
  • Arrive early to help with last-minute tasks. There is SO much to be done the week leading up to the wedding so ask your ‘maid(s) if it’s possible to arrive a couple days early to not

5 Ways to Involve Your Out-Of-Town ‘Maids

  1. Create a shared inspiration board. One of our favorite things to do the minute we’re engaged is to start pinning our lives away! Seriously, there’s just SO much inspiration on Pinterest, I feel the need to see all of my options! Give your girls a general idea of what you’re looking for or a wedding style that you love and create a shared board that you all can pin ideas to!
  2. Discuss a timeline. Once you’ve set an official wedding date, give your girls a timeline of when you hope to start dress shopping, celebrating bridal showers, your bachelorette, etc. This can be a tentative timeline, but at least getting them to start planning ahead will be smart! If an out-of-state ‘maid can’t make it to an event, be sure to FaceTime her in or at least send pictures of what’s going on! This will be especially important during the dress shopping (but is only necessary if the other bridesmaids are there, too!)
  3. Set bi-weekly phone calls. Texting is fine, but a phone call is so much more personal! Set up bi-weekly phone dates to give updates on everything that’s happening. You can totally even use these as vent sessions to complain about how your mother is taking control of everything or your aunt Shelly won’t stop suggesting her new boyfriend be your photographer. It’s totally up to you.
  4. Create a Facebook group. My friends and I did this for a wedding we were in this past Fall and it was SO helpful. We created a group on Facebook where we could share ideas, create events, post pics of our shoes, dresses, accessories, etc., create polls, and just communicate! You can have this same type of communication through a group text, but there are so many more options with a FB group.
  5. Shop for dresses using the At Home Try-On. Bridesmaid dress shopping is one of those important events that your out-of-town ‘maids might feel really left out of. Instead of the traditional shopping at a boutique, why not bring the boutique experience to your home!? With our At Home Try-On, you can request to have samples of your favorite styles shipped directly to your doorstep (anywhere in the continental U.S.) to try on in the comfort of your home! At Home Try-On kits even included any requested fabric swatches and a measuring tape to ensure you order your perfect size!
Try On Dresses At Home

    Let’s Chat!

    You heard some of my ideas that are perfect for involving your out-of-town ‘maids, now I want to hear yours! What types of bridesmaid duties (if any) do you plan to give them? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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    I would love to send a swatch and dress for an out of town bridesmaid to try on with your company.

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