The Bride's Guide To Announcing Your Engagement

by Danielle Salazar December 15, 2015

If you haven’t noticed, it’s that time of year where engagements are popping up as fast and frequently as those holiday pounds. Whether you just got engaged (yay, congrats!) or you’re hopefully waiting (yep, join the club!), I’m sure you’ve been looking forward to the day that you get to show off a sparkling ring on your finger. But the questions is, how!? Once your fiancé has popped the question, how do you go about telling all of your family and friends!?

Before you run straight to Facebook to publicly show off your ring (errr I mean...fiance...), there are a couple steps you should take first! Learn all of the who’s, when’s, and how’s of announcing your engagement and and some creative ways to publicly announce it on social media as well!

The Bride's Guide To Announcing Your Engagement

Announcing Your Engagement: The Who's, When's, & How's

Who To Tell First:

This really comes down to who you’re closest with in your circle of family and friends. Who are the most important people in your life that deserve to know before the rest of the world?

I know how tempting it would be to snap a pic and throw it up on Instagram before even calling your mom or dad, but try to refrain! It might be a little bit old school, but your closest family and friends are going to greatly appreciate you telling them before they see it on social media

Obviously, you’ll make a public announcement at some point, but I’m referring to the people who deserve to get a personal phone call, email, or meeting in person to hear about the big news!


  • Parents
  • Children
  • Siblings
  • Grandparents
  • Close relatives (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.)
  • Close friends

When To Tell Them:

This is completely dependent on you and your fiancé. Maybe you want to enjoy your first day as an engaged couple without all of the interruptions. Maybe you’re eager to call your mom the moment you say “yes!” Either way, determine what works best for you and at what point you want to make the news public!


  • Enjoy your first day as an engaged couple. Make a date out of it and soak in the exciting news without worrying about your phone constantly ringing. The next morning, make the calls and let the world know!
  • ASAP! If you’re super close to a relative or friend, you might have the urge to call and tell them the second that ring slips on your finger! The excitement will still be fresh in your voice so your parents, siblings, or best friends, will love getting that initial call.
  • Wait to share the news in person. I have a small, close-knit group of friends and I think it would be SO fun to get them all together and surprise them with the news in person! Same with my parents. If there are certain people in your life that you think are worth waiting to see, try to make plans ASAP and then wait to make the news public until you’ve seen everyone you want to.

How To Make It Public:

This totally depends on the personality of you and your fiancé. Some couples prefer the big grand gestures to announce their engagements while others don’t care about making it public past their close friends and family.


  • Throw a surprise engagement party. Engagement parties are starting to become a pretty common tradition for couples so what better way to announce the big news than at a party filled with all of your closest family and friends!?
  • Mail out announcement cards. Similar to a baby or wedding announcement, it’s totally okay to send one for your engagement as well! Whether you do snail mail or a pretty rad e-card site such as Paperless Post, there are tons of cute options to create a super cute card announcement!
  • Publish in your local paper. This might not be as common in metropolitan areas, but it’s still a pretty common tradition in smaller towns. It’s a great way to spread the news in a fun, small-town type of way!
  • Social media announcements. This is definitely the most common and is probably how you’ve seen most of your family members and friends share the news. Whether you post a simple status on Facebook such as “I said yes!!” or Instagram a gorgeous ring selfie (#nofilter needed!), you and your fiancé are bound to receive an uproar of congratulatory praise.

Creative Ways to Announce Your Engagement on Instagram

In need of some ring-pic inspiration? Check out popular hashtags on Instagram such as #engaged, #isaidyes and #heputaringonit to find tons of girls showing off their rings and proposal pics! But first, check out some of the cute and totally creative ways below to announce your engagement to all of your social media friends!

Creative Ways to Announce Your Engagement on InstagramInstagram credit: stephhberg

Fun novelty items for brides-to-be are becoming super trendy and are such a fun way to announce the news. Plus, you get an awesome little mug out of the deal! 

Creative Ways to Announce Your Engagement on InstagramInstagram credit: futuremrssanders

What better way to tell the world "I'm engaged!!" than with a classic and fresh manicure to perfectly show off that bling!?

Creative Ways to Announce Your Engagement on InstagramInstagram credit: filigreeandrose

Perfect for the DIY'er, we love the idea of sharing the news in a fun and festive way! It's especially perfect for all you girls who get engaged during the holidays!

Creative Ways to Announce Your Engagement on InstagramInstagram credit: Libelle_Photography

What's more fun than to reveal the news with a photo of the actual proposal! It's super emotional and will make people feel extra special that they witnessed a part of such an important moment!

Creative Ways to Announce Your Engagement on InstagramInstagram credit: ashleyeverett93

Share a selfie alternative of you and your new fiance that's simple, fun, and straight to the point! 

Creative Ways to Announce Your Engagement on InstagramInstagram credit: peanutgallery13

If the location of your proposal has a special meaning (or is just super cool like Disney World), show it off! It's a fun picture that you'll definitely want to show to your kids some day!

Creative Ways to Announce Your Engagement on InstagramInstagram credit: avbreault

If your fiance asked in a super unique way, show the world how creative he is! People will be super impressed with how fun your proposal was.

Creative Ways to Announce Your Engagement on InstagramInstagram credit: heather3591

Who doesn't love a good selfie? Especially one that embraces your inner Beyonce and shows off your sparkler with a delicious latte in hand?!

Creative Ways to Announce Your Engagement on InstagramInstagram credit: kateterris

Ahh the classic ring selfie. It's a sweet and simple way to show off that gorgeous bling that just screams "I'm engaged!!"

Creative Ways to Announce Your Engagement on InstagramInstagram credit: harmoniouspraise

Show off the the big news with a fun and creative photo of you and your fiance right after the proposal happened!

Instagram credit: danasbl

Take a ring pic that not only says, "yup, we're engaged!", but also shows that you've started thinking about the planning process!

Instagram credit: minttuanna

Just as fun as it is to show off that stunner of a ring, show off that handsome husband as well! Remember, he's the one who asked so he's just as excited to announce your engagement to the world as you are!

Let's Chat!

How did you go about announcing your engagement? Leave a comment below and let us know who you told, how you told them, and if you could do it all over again, how would you do it this time around!?

Danielle Salazar
Danielle Salazar


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