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An Outdoor Wedding With Navy Bridesmaid Dresses

Having recently moved to Oregon, Martha and Josh were both on a search for friendship in an unfamiliar town. It was this journey [of seeking companionship] that brought them together. It's easy to see that Martha and Josh are mad for one another. Their photos exude a sense of happiness, love, and the entire bridal party is beaming with light. From the gorgeous outdoor wedding ceremony to the unique navy lace-top bridesmaid dresses, their wedding was straight out of a story book -- filled with every bit of happiness you can imagine. Keep scrolling to check out all of the gorgeous photography from their big day along with how Josh popped the question (twice!) and more fun facts about the couple!

Chic lace-top bridesmaid dresses at a gorgeous outdoor wedding ceremony.

Details From A Simple Outdoor Oregon Wedding

Q. How did you and Josh meet?
A. Josh and I met online at I had moved from Kentucky a few months prior and he had moved from Florida. We both wanted to get out there and make friends, so we took to the internet. We had actually both joined the same hiking club in the area previously, but had missed each other on different outings. 

Q. How did he pop the question?
A. Josh actually ended up proposing a couple times! It’s kind of a running joke now. But I had said yes every time. The first time was in September and we knew we wanted to get married. He hadn’t quite saved up enough money for a ring, so he prepared a huge home cooked meal, complete with flowers and candles, and gave me an antique locket with a note inside asking me to marry him. The wedding planning started from there! Then in January, a friend of mine asked for me to show her our venue, so I met her there after work. I was so caught up in the description of where tables and drink stands were going to be, that I failed to notice a sign under the tree for our ceremony asking “Will you Marry Me?” Josh had made the sign and was kneeling at our tree/alter with a ring. He even had another friend hiding in the bushes taking photos the whole time. 

Navy blue wedding invitations.Navy blue wedding shoes with a gorgeous lace applique.Gorgeous, vintage-inspired wedding rings.A stunning low-back bridesmaid dress in navy.Martha wore a stunning lace-trimmed veil with her lace bridal gown.A fun photo of the soon-to-be husband and wife!The pastel bridal bouquet.The wedding couple after their first look.A gorgeous outdoor wedding in Oregon.The bride wore navy shoes for her 'something blue'.

Q. What's one fun fact about you and Josh as a couple?
A. Josh and I love costume parties. It doesn’t have to be just for Halloween. His going away party from Florida was movie themed, where he dressed as Inigo Montoya. And at Thanksgiving, his cousins hold an annual theme party, with themes ranging in Olympics, Disney Characters, The 90s, to Crazy Cat people.  I own Thanksgiving Pilgrim outfits, Christmas cloaks, and a ton of other costume accessories. But more than the act of dressing up, Josh and I each appreciate the effort of homemade costumes and thinking of creative ways to make them. He once paper-machéd a yoga ball to become the KoolAid Man. We think of any excuse to use iron-on printer paper, a hot glue gun, and spray paint!

The 'maids wore mix and match navy blue bridesmaid dresses.Mix and match navy, lace-top bridesmaid dresses.Lace top, chiffon skirt bridesmaid dresses. So chic!How gorgeous is this illusion lace neckline on this navy bridesmaid dress?A navy and gray bridal party.Mix and match navy bridesmaid dresses.

Q. Tell us about your wedding day.
A. Josh and I started our big day with a morning run, which I would recommend to everyone. It really helped calm the nerves. Our wedding was held at Mt. Pisgah Arboretum over Labor Day weekend. The venue was nestled in a small valley surrounded by trees. I really wanted its natural beauty to come through and show our out-of-town guests why we love Oregon so much. Love of family was a key role in our wedding, since we were about to create our own family. My oldest sister was our officiant, with my other two sisters standing by my side. Josh’s twin brother was his best man, while his two sisters and older brother stood up next to him. Josh and I each escorted our parents down the aisle. After the ceremony, we enjoyed a cocktail hour with our first dance and the dances with our parents. Dinner was served family style at the tables in an effort to bring people together. We enjoyed pie from a local shop for dessert and then danced the night away under the tall trees. My favorite detail was wearing my mother’s wedding veil.

Q. What was it like seeing Josh for the first time on the big day?
A. I thought he would be nervous so I wanted to hurry up and see him. It was hard to go the whole morning without seeing him. Turns out he was fine. We both were. We did a first look before the ceremony and once we saw each other it was just like “ok, let’s get this party started! Let’s do this!”  Seeing all of our friends and family who had travelled so far to be with us was more emotional for us both.    

A gorgeous outdoor wedding ceremony at Mt. Pisgah Arboretum in Oregon.Rustic details from the outdoor wedding ceremony.Lace-top bridesmaid dresses make a gorgeous statement!A lovely outdoor wedding ceremony.

Q. What was the most challenging part of wedding planning and why?
A. Asking for help. Josh and I don’t have any family in the area and 90% of our guest list was from out of town. I didn’t want to be asking people to work when they had just gotten off of a plane. It was hard to ask people for help and to delegate out responsibilities because I just wanted them all to enjoy the weekend. But so many friends and relatives were glad to help and to be a part of the wedding as more than just a guest. I really appreciated all of the support. 

Q. Why did you choose Kennedy Blue lace-top bridesmaid dresses for your 'maids?
A. I am the youngest of four and Josh is the youngest of five. We knew we wanted our siblings to be a part of our big day and stand beside us during this next step in our lives. I really wanted a dress option that would look cohesive as a group, but suited the individual’s preference in style. Kennedy Blue offered a large variety of fit, style, cuts, and lengths. Most of the ladies ordered the At Home Try-On, which was helpful, because two of them switched their preferred style based on how it fit them in person. Plus, since we live spread out across the country, it was nice that they could order different styles and share them through pictures with the group. I was open to the idea of them picking the same style, but as it turned out, they all preferred different lace-top dresses!

Wedding Reception at Mt. Pisgah ArboretumA delicious cheese plate was served at the wedding reception.A gorgeous wood slice served as their wedding guest book.The wedding reception at Mt. Pisgah Arboretum in Oregon.A gorgeous and rustic table centerpiece. | Venue: Mt. Pisgah ArboretumA chic way of displaying a wedding menu.A unique game to play at the wedding reception.Personalized wines were served at the wedding reception.The couples first dance. | Venue: Mt. Pisgah ArboretumAdorable little flower girls.

Photos: Christy Tyler Photography
Venue: Mt. Pisgah Arboretum

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