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10 Ways to Make Your Maid of Honor Stand Out

So you've chosen your maid of honor - congrats to you both! This title is not taken lightly. Whether she is your best friend or sister, she deserves to be recognized for her role in your life. (Not the mention the time and energy she will likely put into planning your wedding.) Show her how much she means to you! From a unique proposal to a different style dress, here are 10 ways to make her feel extra special.

Kennedy Blue Maid of Honor Dress

Rosewood Bridesmaid Dress Britney Tarno

Simple Ways to Make Your Maid of Honor Feel Special

It's so thoughtful to show your maid of honor how much you appreciate her! There are many ways you can show your appreciation, from a special hairstyle or a personalized piece of jewelry! Here are our favorite ideas. 

1) Choose A Different Style MOH Dress

By giving your MOH a different style dress than the other ‘maids, you will make her feel extra special on the big day! It doesn’t even have to be anything drastic. Consider allowing her to rock a different silhouette, shoulder straps, or neckline.

Group of Kennedy Blue Bridesmaids Wedding

MOH in Cameron | Bridesmaids in Ryan | CR Photos

2) Have Her Wear A Different Hairstyle

If you are requesting that all of your ‘maids wear their hair up, have your maid of honor leave hers down. Or vice versa! Whatever she prefers, a unique do will set her apart or allow her to feel a little bit more like herself.

3) Give Her A Special Maid of Honor Bouquet

Give your MOH the gift of a one-of-a-kind bridal bouquet! It is an easy way to differentiate her from the group, whether you opt for an arrangement that is larger, features different colors, or different flowers. It will allow her to beautifully stand out amongst the rest of the ‘maids in your wedding photos.

Maid of Honor BouquetSophie Deep Sea Bridesmaid Dress | Valen Lee

4) Style Her Dress with a Unique Belt

Since most bridesmaid dresses are pretty simple, have your MOH wear a chic little belt. Perhaps a sparkly rhinestone sash, or a more dainty and feminine ribbon. Choose whichever best aligns with your wedding vision!

5) Have Her Help You Into Your Wedding Dress

Consider including your maid of honor as you get into your wedding dress! It's a sure way to make her feel special - and you'd likely appreciate her company in that moment!

Maid of Honor Helping Bride Get Ready

MOH in Cameron | CR Photos

6) Have Her Wear a Different Color Bridesmaid Dress

More brides are putting their 'maids in different colors and it’s a gorgeous choice! However, consider putting your MOH alone in a different color dress. Whether it be a completely unique color, or just a slightly different shade from the rest of your girls. For example, if all of your girls are wearing Moss, put your MOH in Sage Green. 


7) Adorn Her with a Special Maid of Honor Hairpiece

A hairpieces or another hair accessory is a beautiful way to spruce up your bridesmaids outfit. They also make for a meaningful gift - perfect for a bridesmaid proposal. Gift one just to your MOH, or gift her a unique alternative to her that will set her apart from the rest of the girls. Some of our favorites include: pearl hair barrettes, cute bridesmaid hair pins, and this baby's breath natural floral crown!

Bridesmaid Hair Piece

Natalie MOH Dress in Fog | Brittney Lucy

8) Style Her in Different Shoes

Shoes are a super simple and subtle way to give your MOH a signature look. Instead of having all of your girls wear the exact same shoe or the same color, let your MOH spice it up a bit. Whether she goes with a wedge instead of a stiletto, or chooses sparkly gold instead of nude, it will be a super fun accent!

9) Gift Her a Special Piece of Jewelry

Your maid of honor will absolutely cherish a thoughtful piece of jewelry! (Also - it doesn't need to be expensive!) Find a piece, like the personalized necklace below, that she can wear in her everyday life - including the wedding. This is an extremely personal way to make her feel appreciated and loved.

Maid of Honor Necklace

10) Decorate Her Chair at the Head Table

You've probably seen the bride and groom's chair with a sign or highly decorated? Surprise your MOH and best man with a sign or decor of their own! They will appreciate this simple gesture, but it will also make who sits where more obvious.

Ways To Recognize Your Maid of Honor Outside of the Wedding

With all of the time your Maid of Honor will likely put into your wedding, it's important to appreciate her before the big day as well! From planning a thoughtful Maid of Honor proposal to including her in the planning process - here's a few more ideas. *This post may contain affiliate links. While we can receive commission through affiliate links, opinions are entirely our own.

A Special Maid of Honor Proposal

Ask your MOH to be a part of your wedding in a special way. Include well thought out gifts that she will know you spent time picking out just for her. Here are some adorable proposal / gift ideas:

1) A Cute & Cozy Maid of Honor Sweatshirt

A cozy maid of honor sweatshirt is such a fun gift for your bestie! She'll be able to show off her role while staying comfy. Plus, it's a great gift to wear to all of your wedding-related events - think bachelorette slumber party.

Maid of Honor Sweatshirts

MOH Sweatshirt | 'Maid of Honor Obviously' Crew

2) I Can't Say 'I Do' Without You Candle

For a simple way to propose to your maid of honor, consider an adorable candle! Not only is it cute and thoughtful, but also useful. Choose her favorite scent to make it extra personalized.

MOH Candle

3) Personalized Maid of Honor Glass Mug

Another fun way to show off her maid of honor status! This cute glass mug is perfect if your MOH loves her special coffee drinks. Get it personalized with her name, too!

Maid of Honor Mug

Maid of Honor Personalized Glass Mug

4) Maid of Honor Proposal Card

Another option is to ask with a card! Include a sweet message on the inside to let your maid of honor know how much you value her friendship! She will absolutely love the thoughtfulness.

Maid of Honor Card

MOH Proposal Card

Involve Her in the Planning Process

When selected to be a MOH, many women look forward to assisting the bride with wedding planning. After all, it's an amazing feeling to know that your ideas and input are appreciated, and even encouraged. Plus, she likely has a ton of ideas that you may LOVE to include in your wedding vision.

Thank Her After the Wedding is Over

After the wedding fanfare has subsided, don't forget to let everyone know how much their efforts have meant to you - especially you MOH! Let her know how much you appreciate all that she has done for you, in regards to life in general as well as your wedding.

Maid of Honor with the Bride

Sophie Deep Sea Bridesmaid Dress | Valen Lee

How Will You Show Off Your MOH?

Do you want to differentiate you maid of honor from the rest of the group? We understand! With all of these options, it should be easy to choose a way to make your MOH stand out that also aligns with your wedding day vision. And that your MOH will remember for a lifetime. Leave a comment below letting us know what you think, or what you have planned!

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Hi,I am a maid of honour at my bestie’s wedding, she gave me the freedom to choose everything I want from the hairstyle the drees and the shoes,I feel so hounored.

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