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How to Match Your Bridesmaid Dresses With Your Wedding Style

So you want to find the perfect bridesmaid dresses? Your girls play a huge part in your big day — they’re in tons of pictures, they’ll stand beside you at the alter, they’ll be sitting front and center at the head table — so making sure that they fit in with the theme of the wedding, is super important! Now, I totally realize that there is a lot that goes into choosing your bridesmaid dresses. From color, style, price, and size range, finding the gowns isn’t always easy. In fact, it can be super tricky! So rather than worrying about what will and will not work with your wedding, check out our suggestions for these four popular wedding styles and the Kennedy Blue bridesmaid dresses that will perfectly coordinate!

Graddy Photography

A Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress for Every Wedding Theme

Whether you’re hosting an outdoor rustic affair or a glamorous ballroom event, finding the right bridesmaid dresses to fit in with your wedding’s style is key! Although I’m a firm believer in the idea of, “it’s your wedding, do whatever the hell you want” mentality, I do think that a little coordination can go a long way!

[Rustic Chic]

The Style: Short, lace bridesmaid dresses

Our Personal Favorites: Harper, Charlotte

If you’re planning a rustic affair, whether it be on a farm, in a barn, or even a more formal venue, short lace bridesmaid dresses are the way to go! They are casual, fun, and the lace is perfect for a rustic theme. For an even more rustic chic look, mix and match different all-lace dresses with lace-top, chiffon styles that your girls will absolutely adore! If you’re feeling even more daring, mix up different complementary colors in the same color family for a rustic look. That way, each girl can choose her own style and wear what makes her feel the most comfortable!

Rustic Chic Short Lace Bridesmaid DressesAli Kvidt Photography

[Vintage Glam]

The Style: Long, lace-top bridesmaid dresses

Our Personal Favorites: Delilah, Brooke

Think gold, candle-lit lighting, and long, elegant gowns. A vintage glam wedding is fabulous in every way, and the bridesmaids are no exception! Dress them in full-length, lace-top bridesmaid dresses that are unique and incredibly elegant! With a variety of different necklines from strapless to full coverage, each girl can choose her own style to perfectly complement her personality and body shape! The lace-top, chiffon skirt dresses are gorgeous for such an elegant event and will really turn heads when walking down the aisle.

Vintage Glam Long, Lace-Top Bridesmaid DressesMonica Ganter Photography

[Beachy Destination]

The Style: Short, chiffon bridesmaid dresses

Our Personal Favorites: AddisonSienna

If you’re tying the knot on the sandy beaches of Mexico or even just a warm lakeshore in Wisconsin, short chiffon bridesmaid dresses are the perfect fit! With the casual, less-formal nature of destination weddings, this fun and flirty style dress is perfect for the occasion! Style your ‘maids all in one dress or mix and match necklines and fabrics for a unique look. Your ‘maids will definitely be thank you for choosing the shorter style when they’re standing in 85+ degree weather!

Beach Destination Short Chiffon Bridesmaid DressesGraddy Photography

[Classic Romance]

The Style: Long, chiffon bridesmaid dresses

Our Personal Favorites: Anna, Stella

With timeless colors, a sophisticated ballroom or church venue, and a love for tradition, your wedding is longing to feature classic, long chiffon bridesmaid dresses. Nothing says elegance like floor-length gowns and chiffon is a soft, feminine fabric that complements almost every bridal gown style. Your bridesmaids will feel super romantic in their chiffon dresses — not to mention, they are incredibly comfortable for dancing the night away in!

Classic Romance Long Chiffon Bridesmaid DressesScott & Hannah Photography

Now that you've seen my recommendations for styling each type of wedding, I'm dying to hear your opinion! Let's Chat! What style of wedding are you having and what style bridesmaid dresses did you choose? Do you care about coordinating the theme and dresses or do you just choose the styles that you love and best suit your girls!

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