9 Things to Do the Day After the Wedding

by Danielle Salazar September 10, 2015

After a magical day filled with family, friends, food, and dancing, it’s perfectly acceptable to be completely exhausted the day after your wedding. You’ve endured hundreds of hours planning, multiple phone calls crying to your mom, sleepless nights, bridal shower after bridal shower after bridal shower, and just a whole mess of emotions in general — you and your fiancé deserve some serious rest and relaxation after the big day! So if you aren’t planning to hop on a flight immediately after the wedding and have a day of two off to just unwind from the last 9 months of planning, here are some of our favorite suggestions for you and your now husband or wife to do the day after!

9 Things to Do the Day After the Wedding

What to Do the Day After the Wedding

1. Relax! This is definitely the most obvious, but I think since a lot of bride and grooms have spent the last week or so in a constant “go go go!” mode, they sometimes forget to just relax, unwind, and enjoy their first day as husband and wife! Sleep in, eat breakfast in bed, wear your pajamas all day, and just take that time to reflect on how amazing your wedding night was!

9 Things to Do the Day After the Wedding


2. Make it Facebook official. Because nothing is official until it’s Facebook official! Am I right!? Well, no, I’m obviously joking, but, if you and your hubby are already marked as “in a relationship” on Facebook, make sure to switch it over to “Married” and let the whole (Facebook) world know that you just tied the knot!

3. Eat leftover cake. Can you say, yum? Many couples don’t get a chance to eat the cake on their wedding night (besides that adorable wedding photo of you guys feeding each other cake) so why not indulge in some sweets for breakfast!?

4. Open presents. Probably one of the most fun parts about after the wedding - opening all of your cards and presents! Spend the afternoon in bed opening present after present, but don’t forget to take note of who got you what so you can send out your thank-you’s!

5. Pack for your honeymoon. This definitely is not necessary if your honeymoon is a few weeks out, but if your big trip is only a couple days away, it’s definitely worth spending an hour or two packing up everything!

9 Things to Do the Day After the Wedding

6. Clean up the reception venue. This is probably the least relaxing way to spend the day after your wedding, but depending on your venue’s policies, you or a clean-up crew may need to spend some time putting away chairs and tables the following morning. My suggestion? Ask some cousins, aunts, uncles, or friends, and denote a clean-up crew to do it for you.

7. Host an informal brunch. This is becoming a huge tradition for a lot of couples and besides, who doesn’t love brunch? It doesn’t have to be some grand event, but invite your closest family, friends, and whoever else you weren’t able to mingle with much at the reception.

8. Spend time with out-of-town family and friends. Whether you invite everyone over for coffee or just go out for a light lunch, consider spending time with your out-of-town guests who traveled from who-knows-where to see you so make sure you actually make time for them. You could also even consider a fun day outing that won't take up a lot of your energy such as a boat ride, day at the beach, picnic, or whatever hobbies you and your fiance are into.

9. Treat yourself to a spa day. I personally could go for a massage any day of the week so I can only imagine how lovely it would be to have one planned for the day after the wedding. Schedule a spa day with your significant other - massages, facials, mud baths and all! Who knows, the spa might even treat you to some delicious champagne and chocolates!

9 Things to Do the Day After the Wedding

    After planning such a big event, you deserve to take the following day (or more!) to just relax and enjoy the married life! Whether you spend the day with family and friends or relax in bed while stuffing your face with leftover cake, every couple will have their own version of what relaxation means to them.

    Let’s Chat! What do you and your fiancé plan to do the day after the wedding? Or if you’re already married, how did the day after play out for you?

    Danielle Salazar
    Danielle Salazar


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