A Brides Guide to Creating the Perfect Wedding Registry

by Danielle Salazar August 14, 2015

Linens, and dishes, and crockpots, oh my! Now that you’ve crossed off most of the big to-do’s on your list and had a few seconds to relax, it’s time to start conceiving that very-much anticipated wedding registry! (And let’s face it — you’ve had those bath towels for WAY too long so this is the perfect excuse for an upgrade. Ew.) Now, while the idea of creating your ultimate household wish list might sound super fun, I can assure you that it’s not all barcode scanning and butterflies. There’s definitely a lot of time and stress that can go into this venture and if you and your partner aren’t 100% in-simpatico then you might be heading down a dark and dangerous road of mismatched napkin sets and endless evenings at Macy’s. To avoid any frustration, I’ve compiled a ton of information to help you create the best wedding registry that will work for you! From a list of essential household items to handy online tools, here’s everything you need to know before tackling your registry!

A Brides Guide to Creating the Perfect Wedding Registry

Online Tools to Help Create the Best Wedding Registry Possible

Let’s face it — we’re living in a tech-filled world so why not take advantage of the resources that are literally at our fingertips?! From creating the ultimate registry to constructing a space for online charity donations, there are simple (and free!) ways to simplify the process and take a lot of time and stress off of your already full plate! Here were a couple of my favorite online tools:

Use MyRegistry to organize your entire wedding registry that includes items from ALL of your favorite stores. | A Brides Guide to Creating the Perfect Wedding Registry


Rather than just having to choose between two or three stores, imagine one registry that included ALL of your most coveted items from any of your favorite shops (online or not)! MyRegistry is your perfect solution. Seriously, you guys, I played around on this site for quite some time and this is honestly one of the coolest registering tools I have ever come across. Not only can you sync any in-store registries that you’ve already created, but you can browse the web and add any item from any online shop that you desire, even Etsy! Not to mention, it's totally free!

Not a huge online shopper? MyRegistry has a scanning app for iPhone and Android that allows you to scan any in-store item into your online registry. If you see something at Target, scan it. If you see something at Kohls, scan that, too! The options are endless. The app also allows you to scan a product barcode and find the best price possible for any product. (If that’s the case, make sure your guests know to manually remove the item from the registry so you don't end up with more than what you need.)

If you already have all of the essential household items that you could need, MyRegistry even allows you to ask for cash gifts or charity donations.


Whether you’re planning a honeymoon or looking to renovate your home, Honeyfund is the perfect place to ask for donations to meet any type of savings goals! Part of what makes Honeyfund so special and well-liked is the fact that you tell your guests specifically what they can put their money toward. Rather than just broadly saying “donate to our honeymoon in Maui!”, you add specific items that they are able to donate to, such as “plane tickets”, “candlelight dinner on the beach”, “car rental”, etc. That way, Aunt Carol will feel a lot better giving you $40 for that “tiki hut lunch” you were hoping for rather than just writing out a check that will probably just fund your daily coffee habit.

Essential Household Items To Include

How badly do you really need those four different crockpots? What about that dog-shaped cookie jar? Creating the best wedding registry possible is about building up your home with the most essential pieces that can last for years, if not a lifetime. Keep in mind, every couple is different. Some couples are moving in together for the first time and need to start from the bottom up, while others have lived together for a while and mainly looking for nice upgrades. I looked at various lists to get an idea of what people consider their essential household items to be and listed that out for you below. I also put together some a list of some fun and random items that you may not have thought to register, but totally should!

Basic essential household items that should be on almost every registry. | A Brides Guide to Creating the Perfect Wedding Registry

Basic Essentials:

  1. Pots & Pans - It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. Make sure to register for a great set of pots and pans that could literally last you decades upon decades.
  2. Dishes - Everyone’s gotta eat. Make sure to add in basic dinner plates, salad plates and bowls.
  3. Drinkware - Think tumblers, juice cups, beer glasses, wine glasses, mason jars, coffee cups, mugs, etc.
  4. Flatware - I’ve read a million different blogs with women who regret registering for fine silver sets. Instead, get a nice set that you can use on a daily basis that fits in nicely with your kitchen's theme.
  5. Kitchen Knives - You’d be amazed what a REALLY great set of knives can do. A brand such as Wusthof may come with a hefty price tag, but I promise you, they’ll last a lifetime and you will notice the difference.
  6. Kitchen Utensils - You can never have too many spatula's, spoons...oh and don't forget the ice scream scoop!
  7. Electric Mixer - Whether you go with the fancier stand up version from KitchenAid or a more affordable, handheld version from Sunbeam, it’s definitely a nice appliance to have on hand!
  8. Serving Sets - Whether you entertain once a year or once a month, you’ll appreciate having nice serving bowls and plates on hand.
  9. Tool Set - Whether you’re handy or not, it’s always good to have a basic tool set on hand. You’d be amazed at how often a pliers, tape measure, and screwdriver may come in handy!
  10. Storage Containers - From tupperware to small organizers, having enough storage is going to save you some major space and sanity, especially in a small home.
  11. Towel Sets - Who doesn't love a fresh set of towels? Upgrade to a plush, matching set that will help turn your bathroom into a luxe home-spa! Kitchen towels are a must, too!
  12. Bedding - Freshen up your bedroom with some new, high-end sheets and/or that plush comforter you’ve been dreaming of. It’s always nice to have extra sets for laundry day!
  13. Vacuum Cleaner - A must in almost every household, but don't forget to do your research!
  14. Slow Cookers - Choose your sizes wisely and don't go overboard! I personally enjoy having a large one for soups and meats, a medium size for sides, and a small one for keeping dips warm.
  15. Outdoor Gadgets - Lawnmowers, leaf blowers, weed whackers, etc. You know, all that fun stuff!
  16. Luggage - Whether you like to travel or not, having a decent set of luggage is a great long-term investment and will help you avoid any zipper faux-pau's in the baggage claim line!


  1. Games - From board games to gaming consoles to even lawn games, registering for games is totally practical and shows off that fun personality of yours!
  2. Movie Sets - Maybe you're a huge fan of the Star Wars or Harry Potters series? Add the collectors sets to your registry so that you'll always have them on hand to watch.
  3. Hobbies - Think about what you enjoy doing as a couple. Consider registering for things like beach towels, bike helmets, cooking classes, wine tastings, etc.
  4. Gift Cards - Gift Card kiosks within stores make it especially easy to register for gift cards to all your favorite restaurants and movie theaters! Register for a few to ensure some date future date nights!

For a complete list, check out this amazing wedding registry checklist from POPSUGAR!

8 Tips for Creating the Best Possible Wedding Registry

When considering where to register, there are a few important things to keep in mind. You want to make sure that you are asking for the things you want and need, but are also being mindful and considerate of your guests. Here are some things to think about:

8 tips to help create the best wedding registry! | A Brides Guide to Creating the Perfect Wedding Registry

Tip #1: Pay attention to completion offers. Many department stores will offer deals on all of the items that weren’t purchased on the registry after the wedding date. Every company has a different policy regarding their completion offers, but they range anywhere from 10-20% off!

Tip #2: Register at places with frequent coupons. Think Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Macy’s, and even Target (who lately has been offering awesome coupons through their ad and Cartwheel app!) Everyone loves to save money so buy including at least one of these budget-friendly options will be greatly appreciated by your budget-savvy friends and family.

Tip #3: Keep the list diverse. No one wants to go onto a registry and only see items listed for $100+. That’s just not practical, and honestly, a bit rude. Try to include items in a broad range of prices. This gift registry chart from Squirrelly Minds gives a great example of how to break it down based on the number of guests attending to price point ratio.

Tip #4: Read reviews before asking for big purchases. If you’re asking for anything spendy like a camera, vacuum, or appliance, make sure to do your research before deciding on the exact model that you want.

Tip #5: Stay classic. Your tastes WILL change so try not to get too many patterns or colors that lean on the trendy side. Keep linen and dish colors neutral. You can always use seasonal accents to change out bright colors, but main pieces that you’ll have around for a long time, should stay classic and chic.

Tip #6: Compromise. Remember — it’s not just your registry. It’s for you and your partner. As much as you may want to register for that pink and gold sheet set, think about how your fiancé would like to curl up in that every night. You might come to find that this task is a little bit difficult to get through, but just remember, being able to compromise is key. He’ll appreciated it.

Tip #7: It’s okay to take this task on solo. As a follow up to tip #6, it’s okay to handle the wedding registry on your own. Maybe your fiancé doesn’t like shopping? Maybe you found yourself fighting with him on every little decision? If that’s the case, head to the store on your own or grab a friend with similar taste and have her help! I just recently went with a friend to do hers and it honestly was the most exciting two hours I have ever spent at Target.

Tip #8: Stay true to your couple-style. It’s true. Every couple has one. I’m not necessarily referencing the fact that you both enjoy shopping at J.Crew or Express, but the hobbies and lifestyle that you actually live. Some couples are more sporty, some are home-bodies, and some are entertainers. Make sure that your registry reflects your current lifestyle and not the one you hope to someday have. For instance, if you aren’t into fishing now, but really hope to get into it one day, chances are that those fishing rods you registered for will end up in a future garage sale.

Let's Chat! How do you plan to tackle your wedding registry? Traditional scanning in-store, online shopping with your fiance, charity donations only, etc? let us know if the comments below!

Danielle Salazar
Danielle Salazar


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Measurement Guide

Taking Your Measurements

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**Wedding apparel is typically sized differently than retail clothing, so keep in mind that it's not uncommon to find yourself requiring alterations.

Bust size: Wrap the tape around your back and under your arms at the fullest part of your bust (not underneath the bust).

Waist size:  While standing up straight, bend at the waist to one side. Take the measurement where the natural crease happens in your side. This should be a few inches above your belly button.

Hip size: Standing with your feet together, wrap the tape around the fullest part of your hips and butt to get this measurement.

Choosing your correct size

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