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How to Deal With Common Wedding Day Concerns

Your wedding day is most certainly one of the biggest events of your life. With such significance, you want everything to go smoothly. However, it’s hard not to worry over all that could go awry when you’ve been planning the celebration for so long. If you’ve been losing sleep over weather woes or biting your nails about the bridesmaid dance routine you’ve been planning, that’s okay! Nerves arise in situations that matter deeply to you, so it’s no wonder your mind is buzzing with concerns. It’s important to remember that you are not alone in dealing with your worries. During your wedding season, you are surrounded with family and friends to support you. Plus, many, many other brides and grooms have to deal with common wedding day concerns. Thankfully, we have compiled some of the most common concerns with ideas on how to cope. After reading our advice, you can pack up a bridesmaid emergency kit for each of your girls, and then do your best to relax before your big day!

How to Deal With Common Wedding Day Concerns

5 Concerns to Plan For with A Wedding To-Do List

Wardrobe Malfunction: When you think of your wedding day, do you have visions of your bridesmaids’ shoe heels breaking or ripped dress hemlines? What could be worse than a stain appearing on your purely white wedding dress before you walk down the aisle? While fashion fiascos are certainly frightening, there are many steps that brides and bridesmaids can take to avoid the issues. One step of preparation to take is to have one of your girls pack an emergency kit. We love the “Miniemergency Kit for Bridesmaids” from Pinch Provisions for each of your girls. The kit comes stocked with a solution to nearly every problem imaginable. Of the 21 items packed into the petite, portable kit, there are classics such as bobby pins and earring backs, and other wedding-specific things you never would have thought to bring. Plus, the girly kit makes an adorable addition to any bridesmaid gift.

If you are a die-hard DIY-er, you can also opt to curate your own survival kit with handpicked contents. A stain-remover pen, bobby pins, clear nail polish, and lotion are all must-haves, but the list goes on and on. This way, you can also add some personal touches for your gals and assure that everything you’ve worried about happening is taken care of.

Pack a mini-emergency kit to plan for any wedding-day mishaps! | How to Deal With Common Wedding Day Concerns

Forgetting Something: With so many items and arrangements that weddings require, it can be hard to banish the feeling that something will remain unattended or will be left behind on the big day. To avoid the lingering worry, organization is extremely important. Make sure that you keep track of every item, duty, and vendor responsibility on your wedding to-do list so that you can check it off after it is completed or packed. You certainly do not want to wait until the night before or morning of your wedding day to get organized! While some brides prefer crossing off items with the traditional pen and paper method, there are also plenty of digital methods, such as Evernote, to stay on top of every detail. That way, once an item is checked off you can rest assured knowing it has been accounted for and is ready to go. Don’t be afraid to enlist the help of your MOH or a bridesmaid to help you double-check that everything is packed.

Create a wedding planning binder and include your wedding to-do list! | How to Deal With Common Wedding Day Concerns    Everyhing you need to do 12 weeks before the wedding! Plus a free, printable checklist! | How to Deal With Common Wedding Day Concerns

The Weather: No matter what the forecast may say, worries of a rainy and cloudy day still creep into the minds of brides. There’s certainly reason to be wary of the weather, especially if you are hosting an outdoor celebration. It’s necessary to have an indoor back-up space in case Mother Nature causes the weather take a turn for the worst. However, rain is not the only element to fear. Make sure that you are prepared for the wind, as it can knock over everything from arches to flower displays. Speak with your event coordinator about steps that can be taken to secure decorations to ease your mind. If you’re hosting an outdoor fall wedding, be prepared with blankets for your guests if some forget coats, in the case of a chillier than expected fall day. For more info, you can hop on over to our 20 Outdoor Wedding Planning Tips blog.

Losing Track of Time: Sometimes time can get the best of us all. However, no bride wants to be late to the biggest event of her life. Staying on schedule is essential to a wedding running smoothly. Make sure that you set a schedule for the day of your wedding so that you will be sure of vendors’ arrival times, how long pictures are going to take, how long cocktail hour will run, and more. Guests will appreciate that you are considerate of their time, as no one enjoys being left waiting. Delegate the role of timekeeper to your MOH or a couple of your bridesmaids to ensure that you are staying on plan from the duration of hair and makeup to cutting the cake.

Delegate a time-keeper to make sure you aren't running late on your wedding day! | How to Deal With Common Wedding Day Concerns

Technical Difficulties: While technology has helped us out in so many ways, you can never be too sure that something may go wrong. Don’t let the fears of sound systems failure or power outages loom. Instead, speak with your wedding DJ and venue correspondent to address the potential of technical problems. A technical test run is imperative to check the volume and quality of the equipment. It may also be comforting to pack supplies such as extension cords, additional batteries, and chargers just in case.

Be prepared for any technical difficulties that may arise during the ceremony/reception. | How to Deal With Common Wedding Day Concerns

Once you’ve accounted for all of your wedding day worries, take a deep breath and do your best to relax. Compile your wedding to-do list ahead of time and remember that there are so many professionals and friends who are there to make your big day run as smoothly as possible. It is also helpful to let go of the idea of complete perfection, and come to peace preparing for a mishap or two. This way, if a little issue arises you will be able to laugh it off, instead of viewing your wedding day as ruined. Once the day comes, let go of worries and soak in every moment of the experience. It’s going to be amazing no matter what!

Let's Chat! What steps are you taking to take care of common wedding concerns? Let us know in the comments below!

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