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A One-Of-A-Kind Destination Wedding

The moment Jeremy met Heather, he knew she was the one. These high school sweethearts set out for a gorgeous destination wedding that was absolutely breathtaking and the moment I saw these photos, I knew their wedding was one-of-a-kind. With their stunning location of Tulum, Mexico and the simple and colorful ceremony on the beach -- Heather and Jeremy's big day is something that most can only dream of! From how he popped the question to finding her Kennedy Blue bridal gown, she shared all of the details from her wedding day and more! 

A Gorgeous Destination Wedding Photo | A One-Of-A-Kind Destination Wedding

Details From Their Destination Wedding

Q: Tell us about your wedding day! 
A: We woke up on our wedding day in paradise! The first thing I did in the morning was enjoy a cup of coffee on the beach while listening to the sound of the ocean waves. My bridesmaids arrived shortly after, to the El Pez Beach House and we began getting ready for the day. We put on our floral robes, poured some mimosas, and waited to get pampered by our hair and makeup artists. Most of the afternoon getting ready was spent catching up, laughing, and listening to music. Since we had our wedding at a private beach house, Jeremy and the guys were able to prep in a separate space.  

At 3:00 p.m. we came together for our "first look" photographs --it was very emotional. Our Mayan ceremony began around 3:45 p.m. and it was a beautifully intimate ceremony; even the Shamans who conducted the ceremony were crying! After the ceremony, we took more pictures and seated everyone for a champagne toast to thank them for being a part of our special day. This was followed by dinner, more wedding toasts, cake, tequila shots, and dancing! The night ended by the ocean with our guests joining us to guide hatched baby sea turtles into the ocean. We could have not asked for a better end to our day.

Q:  How would you describe your wedding in three words?
A: Breathtaking, intimate, and memorable! 

Q: How did you and Jeremy meet?
A: Jeremy and I met when we were in middle school. His family moved into a house down the street. At the time, I was upset because one of my very close friends was moving out of the house that Jeremy was moving into. I did not give Jeremy the time of day, and actually, my best friend Kelsey and I decided to shame Jeremy for moving into our best friends' house with dirty looks and other mean things.  

Jeremy and I did not end up speaking until my freshman year in high school when we were in the same math class. Jeremy states that he knew it was love when I said my first words to him, "I like your shirt" (he was wearing a Rancid t-shirt, his favorite 90’s punk rock band). Jeremy was astonished that I listened to this type of music and from there, a friendship grew and we started dating soon after. We have been together for eight years and are proud to be true high school sweethearts. 

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Q: How did he pop the question?
Jeremy asked me on my birthday last year. It was a complete surprise and I was truly shocked! He proposed by giving me a gift of a photo album that documented our time together in chronological order. I looked through all the pages of our eight years together, and after the most recent picture, there was a piece of paper slipped into the slot where our next picture would be. It stated, "The Day I Proposed: February 20th, 2013." I turned around and Jeremy was on his knee with an engagement ring. After many tears, I was able to babble the word “yes.” 

Q: What's one fun fact about you and Jeremy as a couple?
A:  I am generally pretty shy, but when it came to Jeremy I was the one who made all of the first moves. I asked him to hang out and I was the first one to steal a kiss! 

Q: What was it like seeing Jeremy for the first time on the big day?
A: It was really exciting. I have always known that I wanted to marry my best friend and after being together for eight years, I was so ecstatic to finally marry him.

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Q: What was the most challenging part of wedding planning and why?
A: The most challenging part was planning a destination wedding purely because of the distance. We had our celebration in a place we had never traveled to, but we were lucky that everyone we worked with was beyond generous and offered suggestions and recommendations along the way.  

Q: Why did you choose your Kennedy Blue bridal gown?
A:  I had tried on about a dozen wedding dresses and went to several different wedding shops before I found my Kennedy Blue bridal gown. As cliché as it sounds, once I had it on, I knew it was the one. For a while, I didn't actually think people really ever had that feeling. It was exactly what I was looking for--simple yet stunning. 

Kennedy Blue Bridal Gowns

Q: What wedding planning advice would you give to other brides?
A: Enjoy the process, even if it seems impossible! This is your day and it doesn’t need to be stressful. Make it fun and everyone else will enjoy it just as much as you do.

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Photography: Monica Lopez  

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