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128 Thoughts All Single Bridesmaids Have

Whether you've been asked to be in your first wedding, or feel like 27 Dresses is literally your life bio, every bridesmaid has pretty similar thoughts. From the excitement of when you're asked, to picking out a dress (that you’ll “totally be able to wear again!"), being a ‘maid can feel like a roller coaster of exhausting emotion. We totally feel your pain! But as we all know, part of a bridesmaid’s duty is to be a supporter, friend, slave (shh...did we say that?), and partner in crime to the bride. Get ready, girl, because you’re officially along for the wedding planning ride!   

Thoughts Every Bridesmaid Has While Wedding Planning 

1. Ahh, Katie and Jack are engaged!  

2. Yay! So happy for them! 

3. That ring is pretty, but definitely not my style.  

4. Maybe I’m just jealous?  

5. I wonder if she’ll ask me to be a bridesmaid?!?  

6. I wonder who else will be in the wedding?   

7. I’ll be so pissed if Becky is in it, and I’m not. 

8. I bet she’ll have a super fancy wedding - she’s totally the type. 

 9. OMG - yay! I would have been so mad if I wasn’t asked 

10. What a cute way to ask be to be a bridesmaid, I love it! She's so creative. 

11. She’s having a summer wedding? It’s going to be so hot out.

12. Gross. My hair is going to be huge!  

13. The bridesmaid dresses better be cute…and short. 

14. I don’t know why I care. It’s not like I’m ever going to wear it again.  

15. Wait…the wedding is only 6 months away? I need to find a date!  

16. I should really start losing weight, too. 

17. Maybe I’ll be able to walk with a cute groomsman?  

18. Ooh…I should start pinning ideas!  

19. I can't wait to go dress shopping with the girls!

Bride and bridesmaids about to go shopping for dresses!

20. OMG her dress is gorgeous! I'm so jealous.  

21. I wonder if they’ll let me try on bridal gowns while I’m here?  

22. Where’s my fiancé?  

23. Well, I better start with a boyfriend first.  

24. They have SO many bridesmaid dress styles to choose from.  

25. I wonder what color she’s going to choose?  

26. Oooh, this dress is cute! Let’s try these on!  

27. Oh god, no. Put that one back. I refuse to wear that. 

28. Hmm, this one makes my butt look huge. 

29. Why is she so skinny? I hate her for that.  

30. Did she just say I’m a size 12?! I’ve never worn a 12 in my life *sigh* 

31. Wait…this dress can’t really cost $250?  

32. Does she think we’re made of money?  

33. She’s lucky I love her. 

34. I seriously need to lose weight before my dress comes in.  

35. I wonder if I still have that gym membership?  

36. OMG her save the dates are so cute! They're so photogenic.

37. I hope if I ever get engaged, me and my fiancé are this cute. 

38. Oh yay, my dress is in! 

39. I really hope it still fits. 

40. Crap, I definitely shouldn’t have eaten that donut today.  

41. Oh well, I’ll just have to work out tonight I guess.  

42. Hmm…it looks different than I remember. 

43. Oh, thank god it still fits!  

44. Actually, it’s kind of big in my waist... 

45. And why is it so long?  

46. What kind of shoes could I wear with this?  

47. I guess I’m going to have to get alterations.  

48. I wonder how much that’ll cost?  

49. Umm, $50? I wonder how much the other girls paid?  

50. Whatever, I guess I’ll just get them done.    

51. Honestly, the best part about this whole thing is going to be the bachelorette party!  

A cute picture from the bachelorette night!

52. I wonder what we’re doing for it?  

53. If it were up to me, we'd be going to Vegas. 

54. Chippendales, here we come!  

55. Sh*t…do I have to plan this?  

56. I should probably check with someone about that...  

57. Okay, good - MOH has got it. 

58. I guess Vegas is out. Sad day. :( 

59. Wait…she wants to do an 80's theme? That's SO overdone. 

60. Whatever. As long as she's paying! 

61. What am I going to wear? I don't have neon...

62. Guess I'll have to go shopping. 

63. Party time! This bachelorette is going to be so fun! 

64. Oooh those guys keep looking at us. 

65. Maybe they’ll buy us shots... 

66. That one is kind of cute! Maybe he'll go to the wedding with me?  

67. Sh*t, I should’ve taken Monday off. I can feel a two-day hangover coming on already. 

68. I wonder if we'll stay out until bar close...  

69. I never stay up this late anymore!  

70. I wonder if there will be mimosas at the shower?  

71. What do we even do at a bridal shower?  

72. Do I have to help plan that, TOO?  

73. I hope there’s drinks. 

74. And none of those tacky games. 

75. I wonder if there’ll be guys there?  

76. Maybe that’s where I’ll find a date... 

77. Wait, I have to buy a gift for this AND the wedding?  

78. Damn, I really need to get on this whole ‘getting married’ thing...I need some new dishes.  

79. Who knew setting up for a freaking shower would be so much work?  

80. And that décor would get so pricey. 

81. Who are all these women?  

82. I bet she doesn’t even know them all. 

83. OMG, she’s been such a bridezilla lately. 

84. I guess it is getting down to the wire…I should probably cut her some slack.  

85. I can't believe the big day is here already! 

86. It's way too early.  

87. Need. Coffee. Now.  

88. Thank god she let us choose our own hair and makeup. 

89. Did she really just give me a 3 page itinerary?  

90. Oh well, time to get pampered!   

91. OMG…she looks GORGEOUS!  

92. Ooooh this is a pretty location for pictures!  

93. These are going to be so cute!  

94. Okay, my cheeks hurt from smiling so much. 

95. So. Many. Pictures.  

96. Crap, I hope I don’t trip going down the aisle. 

97. I wonder if anyone has a snack…

98. Their vows were SO adorable. Thank God for waterproof mascara.  

99. Time to celebrate!  

100. I wonder how much longer ’til dinner?  

101. I’m definitely not doing a garter toss at my wedding. So awkward.  

A wedding garter toss!

102. I can’t wait for this bouquet toss. 

103. I’m about to put up a serious fight to catch this thing!  

104. YES! Finally...this better be good luck!  

105. First dance…they’re so cute together!  

106. Oooh - “hello” cute friend of the groom. 

107. Time to hit up the open bar - I need some liquid courage. 

108. These signature drinks are going down way too easy!  

109. Yum! Food has never tasted so good! 

110. Seriously…this venue is so amazing.  

111. Time to break it down on the dance floor with my girls!  

112. I forgot I could dance like this!  

113. Ugh, slow dance time. This is depressing. 

114. OMG…is that cute guy walking toward me?  

115. Crap! I hope I don’t say anything stupid. 

116. I can’t believe I just stepped on his feet while we were dancing.  

117. …how embarrassing. 

118. Helping the bride pee is a serious bonding moment.  

119. OMG, I love our girls pic from the photo booth. 

Adorable wedding photo-booth pictures

120. I can’t wait to Instagram them!  

121. That was such a fun night!   

122. Ugh, where’s the Advil?  

123. I wonder if someone will bring me some water?  

124. I definitely shouldn’t have had so many of those signature drinks.  

125. Oh well. totally worth it!  

126. Ahh! My cute slow dance partner texted me!  

127. I guess catching the bouquet actually paid off!  


Let’s be honest — there are definitely going to be times during the wedding planning where you’ll want to tear each’s hair out or cry for no reason, (don’t worry — we know it’s totally justified!) But as many ups and downs as your emotions may go through, there’s no denying that this is one of the most memorable bonding experiences that you and the bride will ever go through. Take this time to enjoy being a bridesmaid, because you never know when the tables will turn and you’ll be the one they’re calling bridezilla. 

Let us know which of these thoughts you could totally relate to and what bridesmaid duties you've taken on and how you handled them! 



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