DIY: How to Make Flower Crowns

by Krista York May 29, 2015

Everybody loves a good DIY craft and these flower crowns are perfect for this time of year! Flower crowns are everywhere right now and they are a super fun way to dress up any summer outfit. Whether it's for a Lana Del Ray concert, pastel bridesmaid dresses at a wedding, or even a night out at a bachelorette party, this tutorial is sure to help you design your own unique flower headwear. One of our favorite looks lately has been wedding hair with flowers! We created and used these flower combs and crowns in a recent Kennedy Blue photoshoot and they looked flawless with our short, pastel bridesmaid dresses. This easy-to-follow tutorial explains how to create your floral pieces in 9 easy steps and some examples on how to prepare each crown for specific events.  

A Tutorial on How to Make Flower Crowns and Combs | Kennedy Blue

An Easy and Fun Way to Make Flower Crowns 

Most florists tend to mark-up their flower crown prices pretty high, so this is a great way to save money and put a creative spin on the trend. The supplies you'll need are available at just about every hardware and/or craft store and will make your crown-making experience that much easier! 

What You'll Need 

Plant training wire - Lowe’s $4.98 

Green plant twist ties – Lowes $2.98 

Wire cutter – Ace Hardware $12.98 

Green floral tape –Lowe’s $2.98 

Clear plastic hair combs – Hancock Fabrics $1.39 

Turquoise and white beading – Hancock Fabrics $3.49 each 

Flowers – Trader Joe’s $3.99-$6.99 per bouquet 

A Tutorial on How to Make Flower Crowns and Combs | Kennedy Blue

1. Measure and cut the wire to fit around your head. You’ll want it to be a bit snug, but do keep in mind where you would like it to sit on your head when measuring. Make sure to leave a little extra room at the ends to secure them together; just about an inch on each end should be plenty!

2. Loop each end of the wire and attach them together, securing each end so they don’t come undone. I then covered this area with the floral tape to ensure it stayed put.

A Tutorial on How to Make Flower Crowns and Combs | Kennedy Blue

3. Cut and group the flowers you would like to use, leaving about 1-2 inches of stem on each. If you’re using something branchy or leafy, cut those according to how much you would like to use. For the crowns, I used a few larger flowers along with smaller ones, branches and leaves, and just played around with them until I figured out what would look best together and not too crazy on the girls’ heads.

4. Bunch a few flowers together and hold them up to your head to determine where you would like them to sit on the crown. Once you have determined where you would like them, secure those flowers together using the floral tape, then secure that grouping onto the wire using a twist tie. I found it easiest to cut my twist ties down (using the wire cutter) to about 2 inches each since they were all 8 inches long. Note: if some flowers are not feeling quite as secure as you’d like after attaching them to the wire with your twist tie, wrap a thin piece of floral tape tightly around the twist tie and wire to make it a bit sturdier. 

5. Repeat step 4 until you have secured as many flowers onto the crown as you wish. I found that once I added on all of these flowers and held the crown up to my head, that there were a few areas that looked slightly empty, so just added in another flower that fit well in these spots.

6. For the crown pictured below, I used the white beading bought at Hancock Fabrics (I’m sure you can find something similar at any art supply store near you!) There were two strips of beading, so using the floral tape, I taped one end of the beading hidden underneath the flowers and wrapped it around the wire in the back of the crown and secured the other end hidden underneath some flowers on the opposite end. I then did the same with the other strip of beading.

A Tutorial on How to Make Flower Crowns and Combs | Kennedy Blue

7. For the next one (pictured below), I didn’t use quite as many flowers throughout the front of the crown and they were more off centered. There was only one strip of the turquoise beading, so I attached it hidden underneath the flowers, then wrapped it around the wire until about half of the beading was used up. I then turned the beading back around toward where I started it and wrapped it around the wire some more and secured the other end underneath the flowers as well. I noticed that the area where I had turned it back around moved around a bit since it wasn’t taped down, but once it was secured into Janae’s hair it stayed perfectly!

A Tutorial on How to Make Flower Crowns and Combs | Kennedy Blue

8. To assemble the floral comb(s), repeat steps 3-5 until you achieve the look you’re going for. For mine, I used smaller flowers than I did for the crowns, and you’ll want to use the twist ties to secure the flowers by wrapping them around the flowers and the comb in between its teeth.

A Tutorial on How to Make Flower Crowns and Combs | Kennedy Blue   A Tutorial on How to Make Flower Crowns and Combs | Kennedy Blue

9. Store in a refrigerator until use and spray lightly with water if needed. Mine held up really well for at least 24 hours, but it will depend on the types of flowers you use!

How to Style Your Flower Crowns   

Since you're able to choose any colors you'd like, these crowns can be made to perfectly complement any season! It also gives you another reason to get together with your 'maids and make a fun day of it! Since the flowers will most likely be fresh, I would suggest making them one day in advance prior to your event, so they still look like you made them the day of.  If you're not going to want to spend the last couple days before marriage taking the time to make them yourself or just don't have the time, meeting with your local florist is definitely a good option. I'm sure if you're trying to save on cost, your florist will allow you to purchase your own flowers and supplies to help you from spending a fortune!   

A Tutorial on How to Make Flower Crowns and Combs | Kennedy Blue

Fall Weddings: For fall weddings, this is the perfect time to incorporate some autumn colors. My favorite colors for this time of year happen to be vibrant, colorful flowers mixed in with deeper oranges and reds. Adding any one of your favorite fall hues into your comb or crown, along with more leaves to add an outdoorsy feel, is bound to be beautiful. If brighter colors will clash with your fall look, this is the perfect season to add more neutral and earthy tones into your attire. 

Winter Weddings: This is a great time to incorporate all sorts of colors into your wedding! If you're from an area that gets snow in the winter time, just about any shade of flowers will look so beautiful with the snowy white background. If not, my personal favorites for this time of year are deeper tones of reds, blues, and greens. Combs or crowns with a lot of green leaves and a few deeper colored flowers would be a stunning option for your big day!  

Spring Weddings: Pastel bridesmaid dresses are very popular this time of year and are great for mixing and matching all different types of colors and flowers within your ensemble. Intertwining pastel and vibrant colors together is a great way to make your outfit pop! If you like more of a subtle look, my opinion is to have white and/or ivory flowers by themselves or add in a few of the colors that will go best with your theme. 

Summer Weddings: For summer weddings, using all sorts of different colored flowers is a fun way to incorporate the season into your wedding. If heat is a concern of yours, going with faux flowers may be a better choice to have them looking fresh and stay sturdy all day. Going with this option will also allow you to make these pieces well in advance and so you can ensure that you make the perfect one for your wedding day.  

Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Men's Formal Wear: Although the men won't be wearing the combs or crowns, a smart way to include them in on the fun is to match the bridesmaid dress color, or even a flower color to the men's ties. This way, your wedding party will be perfectly coordinated!  

Concerts: Going big with your flower crowns at concerts seems to be the way to go lately! I would suggest you use fake flowers while dancing away to your favorite artist this summer. We all know how crowded and hot outdoor concerts can get, so to make sure your crown lasts all night, faux flowers are a great choice.  

Everyday Outfit: If you're wanting a more subtle look, using a flower comb or clip would be best.  Mixing and matching the colors to your outfit will make your look more modern, while matching the colors will make your ensemble more classic. Depending on what you wear, the style of adding a crown can give you that boho-chic feel, too. Either way, you'll definitely be rocking a fun, unique accessory no one else has!  

Bachelorette Party: This is another perfect opportunity to put your creative side to use. Nowadays, the trend is usually that the girls in the party will come up with a theme or have matching outfits. What better way to coordinate your theme and outfit ideas around a fun DIY project? The flower crowns are also a great way for you to spot one another (for those bathroom trips, of course!) while having a blast at a night-on-the-town!  

Bridal Shower: An exciting gift to give the soon-to-be bride is a gorgeous flower crown! My preference is to intertwine white and ivory flowers. You can mix up the flower choice, but if you're unsure which ones to choose, pick her favorites or the ones that'll be in the wedding! She can wear this throughout the whole party and look even more flawless than she already does.  

Engagement Pictures: Wanting to add some variety to your engagement pictures? A flower comb or crown will do just that. They will add a touch of romance and elegance to any ensemble you choose to wear. It will also go lovely with outdoor photos and I'm sure you're fiancé won't be able to look away from your radiating beauty.  

A Tutorial on How to Make Flower Crowns and Combs | Kennedy Blue

The options are really endless when it comes to making a flower crown. This tutorial is a great way for you to start off the summer with a fun DIY project and a super cute new accessory. Adding them into an event you're attending will make it a one-of-a-kind style! There's definitely no wrong way to make a crown. It all depends on what hairstyle you're planning on having, what outfit you're planning on wearing, and what type of flowers you have on hand. If you're wanting to try this DIY on your own first, it'll be a great way for you to show your friends how to make flower crowns. Either way, practice makes perfect and what an exciting activity to practice! Grab your girlfriends and make a day of it! There's nothing more fun than trying something new with your besties and having the cutest hair pieces around!  We're excited to see what you guys come up with.  

Let us know how you made your floral comb or crown in the comments! 


Krista York
Krista York


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Taking Your Measurements

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