2019 Wedding Colors for Every Season

When it comes to picking out wedding colors, pinpointing which colors you want to go with can be one of the hardest decisions you have to make throughout the entire wedding process. There are so many GORGEOUS color combinations out there--how are you supposed to pick just one?? 

Girl, we hear your plight and we're here to help. 

Lucky for you, we've helped so many brides and bridesmaids find their perfect colors for their weddings, and now we're here to offer our expertise for free in this blog! 


wedding color schemes

Pro tip: A good wedding color palette has three to five shades. A common rule of thumb for color is 60-30-10.

Here’s what that means: aim to balance visuals with 60% of your primary wedding color, 30% of the secondary, and 10% of the final accent color. Here are the 2019 wedding colors we love and some creative seasonal palettes to inspire you!

2019's Trendiest Wedding Colors By Season

In 2019, we expect to see wedding colors that mix tried-and-true favorites with fashion-forward trends. Take the classic wedding favorite blush. Then think about the rising popularity of metallic colors for brides and bridesmaids alike. Now consider the possibilities for combining these two: gold accents help ground the softness of blush.

Katie and Joe’s wedding, featured on our “Real Weddings” blog, was ahead of the curve with this forthcoming wedding colors trend. Katie’s bridesmaids wore champagne-colored dresses accented with a scalloped gold pattern. Metallics made their way into the reception décor as well, for a stylish mix of modern and traditional. White and buttercup round out this stunning palette.

sequin bridesmaid dresses

Love and Adventure Photography

Pantone Colors Meet Mix-and-Match Bridesmaid Dress Trends

We think the bold Pantone colors will combine with the mix-and-match bridesmaid dress trend. The result? Daring, gorgeous wedding palettes. We’ve talked about this mix-and-match dress trend before with classic soft pastels. But with these daring 2019 wedding colors, we predict brides will opt for even bolder combinations.

The Pantone Color Institute released two palettes from their 2019 color trend predictions: “cravings” and “classico.” The first palette is inspired by what they’re calling “fetish foods”—chocolate, peppers, and other tasty treats. Think vibrant, almost jewel-tone hues that call up images of deep red pomegranates, grassy-green jalapenos, and buttery orange mangos. They’re tempering these colors with the “classico” palette. These shades are more akin to the cool tones of wedding colors we’re used to. Think dove gray, off-white, sandy beige, cool blues, and dark teals.

We think Cassie and Phillip’s peacock-themed wedding provides a great example of this trend in action. Cassie’s bridesmaids wore Kennedy Blue dress Luella in alternate shades of vibrant blue and violet. These bold color choices are a great example of how to take the trend to new heights with 2019 wedding colors! See even more great examples of Kennedy Blue brides who chose to mix-and-match bridesmaid dresses for their big day—and nailed it!

wedding color theme

Bridesmaids wearing LuellaHello Dolly Photography 

Seasonal Wedding Color Palettes to Inspire You

With these great examples of 2019 wedding color trends, let’s look at how some of these might play out in a color palette. It’s important to consider season when deciding on your wedding colors. For this reason, we’ve designed a unique wedding color palette for each season. We hope they inspire you to mix-and-match 2019 wedding colors with seasonal flair. Best of all, these palettes all have Kennedy Blue dress colors to coordinate. If you see something you like, you can easily play around with combining our great styles with your trendy color choices!

Spring Wedding Colors for 2019

For this palette, we’ve built on the 2018 trend of incorporating earthy colors by taking a nod from natural spring hues. This is the perfect season to play with delicate classics and trendy metallics. With flowers blooming, mix and match hues of timeless blush, wisteria, peony, and desert rose as your primary colors. Add gold to the mix for a bold secondary color choice. Finish off with a vibrant green like emerald to provide strong accents. This also makes it easy to balance all the wedding colors together in a bouquet! 

spring 2019 wedding colors

(top to bottom) Ivy in Wisteria, Ginger in Desert Rose, and Thea in Peony

Summer Wedding Colors for 2019

Go bold with Pantone’s indulgently bright colors for a 2019 summer wedding. Let your bridesmaids choose between shades like berry, violet, emerald, or deep sea for your primary and secondary colors. Tie it all together with a timeless gray like dove or add a warm yellow like buttercup to create contrast.

summer 2019 wedding colors

(top to bottom) Caitlin in Violet, Mackenzie in Deep Sea, Caitlin in Emerald

Fall Wedding Colors for 2019

This palette balances trendy deep burgundy bordeaux with the classically soft blush and champagne, a daring yet stunning choice for mix-and-match bridesmaid dresses. Consider fawn or latte for a neutral touch. These warm colors match the cooling autumn weather and look great with a metallic rose gold. They pair easily with the natural browns and greens of the fall landscape, too, making it easy to incorporate nature into the décor.

fall 2019 wedding colors

(top to bottom) Ivy in Bordeaux, Alice in Champagne, Amelia in Latte

Winter Wedding Colors for 2019

Bring striking tones into the dreary grays of winter with a deep pomegranate red like bordeaux or claret. Accent these colors with the trendy metallic silver. To create balance and avoid oversaturation from the red, choose a cool gray or blue to go with it. We love the look of sky, fog, or dove. Altogether, this creates a calm background so the red and silver will really pop.

winter 2019 wedding colors

(top to bottom) Amelia in Sky, Thea in Fog, Milly in Dove

Why We Love These 2019 Wedding Colors

What’s the best thing about these 2019 wedding color trends? The room for creativity! With a variety of indulgent colors and “classico” shades to peruse, you won’t run out of options. It’s also incredibly easy to add metallic colors to almost any palette. This puts a 2019 twist on any combination of classic wedding colors. 

In the end, it’s important to choose wedding colors for your big day that align with your wedding vision and personal style. Just because a color is trendy and in-season doesn’t mean you have to use it! Like we said, you have plenty of room to play around with these wedding color trends. After all, combining trendy and classic is itself a major upcoming trend! 

Let us know: what are your favorite wedding colors? Do any of the 2019 wedding colors or palettes strike your fancy?

If your bridesmaids wore Kennedy Blue dresses, submit your real wedding photos for a chance to be featured on our blog! Share your brilliant color palettes and style insights with our readers and help set the next year of wedding color trends.

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This blog helped me nail down my neutral color palette! Latte and champagne are a perfect combo for my outdoor Colorado wedding! Thanks Kennedy Blue!

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