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A Guide to Styling Simple and Affordable Wedding Dresses

Weddings are one of the most exciting and fun things to plan in a girl's life, but with all of the added costs to the big day it can be somewhat stressful. Shopping for an affordable gown isn't just about saving money, it also makes things a lot easier in the wedding process. With our help, you'll be sure to find the perfect affordable wedding dress. From simple and chic to elegant and classy, we offer select bridesmaid styles that are available in white and ivory -- perfect for the budget-conscious bride! Pair any of these gowns with a stunning bridal veil and you've got a full on wedding-day look, that's perfectly chic. Whether it's having to alter your dress or wanting less maintenance, these options are sure to help ease the overwhelming responsibilities in the planning process for your big day!  

The 4 Best Affordable Wedding Dresses For Any Season 

The Bella Dress $190.00 

Affordable Kennedy Blue Bella Bridesmaid Dress

This beautiful, lace-top design is perfect for both an indoor and outdoor wedding. The lace top sits just below the collar bone and on top of the shoulders, which allows for a little more coverage. The elegance carried throughout the dress makes it beautiful and modest for a church or venue setting, while the lace on the bodice and the flowy chiffon skirt also give it a beachy feel for an outdoor theme. Another plus to the Bella dress is the removable self-tie chiffon sash around the waist. This allows you to make the Bella gown somewhat your own by tying the sash with your own sense of style. For an all over beautiful versatile ensemble, the simple and affordable Bella dress is the one for you!  


Both styles of having your hair up or down would work well with this floor length, chiffon gown. For an indoor wedding, having your hair down is a lot easier to maintain throughout the day. Half-up or all the way down, having your hair swept to the back (as seen in the picture) will show off the beautiful style even more. For an outdoor wedding, an up-do is the way to go. Having your hair off your shoulders while on the beach or in an outdoor setting allows you to be hands free from fixing your hair. An up-do with this look will also show off the deep v-cut in the back of the gown.  


A subtle smoky eye or a bold lip for this affordable gown will go a long way. If you're feeling the smoky eye, go with a nude or light pink lip. If you're loving the bold lip look, go with a more simple eyeshadow, such as a light brown or grey color.  

The Bella gown is easy to love for its simple, affordable, and elegant look. At only $190.00, this attire is sure to have everyone in awe.  

The Rosie Dress $190.00 

Kennedy Blue Rosie Gown


The Rosie is a lace and chiffon style with a sweetheart neckline and a keyhole back. This simple and affordable wedding dress beautifully shapes the top half of the body with lace cap sleeves, while the bottom half is effortlessly flowy and fun. The lace straps add extra charm to this gown. The Rosie design also has the versatile chiffon sash that can be tied whichever way you please. Either way, this look will turn heads on your special day!  


Soft waves, big curls, or simple and straight -- any of these styles will show off Rosie in the perfect way. An up-do will show off the beautiful lace, key-hole back, making this look even more gorgeous than it already is!  


With the Rosie ensemble, a dewy, clean makeup look would enhance your natural features while giving you a gorgeous glow. If you're feeling more daring than just a fresh, bright look, add in a red lip for a fun pop of color.  

The Rosie is a perfect example of a simple and affordable wedding dress. The lace bodice and flowing chiffon bottom give you the option to glam it up or leave it as is with its modern and sophisticated look. This cost-effective gown is only $190.00.  

The Sadie Dress $190.00  

Kennedy Blue Sadie Style

The Sadie's V-cut neckline has unique illusion straps that offer good coverage for busty brides, but is also a universally flattering neckline for just about any body shape. While still looking like it costs a fortune, this style is one-of-a-kind! The lace straps are delicate and quaint and the whimsical bottom is elegant and chic. This gown also has the chiffon sash cinched at the waistline for a more fitted feel. 


This simple and affordable dress makes for a great way to glam up your hair. A chic side braid would show off the straps while still having your hair lie on your shoulder. If you're more into up-do's, try adding a French braid on the underside of your hair for a twist on the typical up-do.  


If you're wanting to stick with a vibrant, fun look, a smoky eye and dark red lip will do just that. Otherwise, try a look that's classy and glamorous -- Marilyn Monroe-esque, so to speak. Keeping the face clean and natural, a bold red lip with eyeliner and mascara will be flawless.   

The Alexa Dress $190.00  

Kennedy Blue Alexa Ensemble

The Alexa gown is perfect for each and every one of you! The strapless dress has a unique v-notch in the center of the lace bodice. Its free-flowing form and semi-fitted top is bound to look flawless on anyone. Indoors or out, the Alexa design is captivating in any setting. 


With this attire, you can wear your hair up or down, but an up-do would really help to show off the unique, lace bodice. A low curled bun or a high, Cinderella bun would make this affordable wedding dress look even more elegant. If you're wanting to wear your hair down, big curls would give you that full-glam look.  


A natural makeup look would go great with the Alexa style. Enhancing your already beautiful features with a simple, yet chic look would be absolutely stunning. Adding in a pink or peach cheek would add that gorgeous pop of color. For eyeshadow and lips, a cream shimmer shadow and a pink lip would work well.  

The Alexa dress is easy to love for a reason! Its simplicity and uniqueness make for a timeless wedding dress. 

Choosing the Right Dress 

Choosing the right wedding dress isn't all that easy, but that's why we're here to help! Any one of the styles listed above are perfect for any season and the dresses allow you to make it your own -- Nothing is more special than that. These four affordable wedding dresses are great for both indoor and outdoor weddings! The free flow part of the dress makes it easy for you to wear either heels or flats with the gown. All of the ensembles listed come in both ivory and white.  

Many of us worry about cost while planning a wedding because everything can add up so quickly, but with these four options that all are under $200.00, it's sure to help you save. Whether you're getting married for the first time or renewing your vows, any one of these four are perfect for those special occasions. They are simple to store and easy to clean, which also makes for a more stress-free experience. All of these styles are very versatile and will help ease the stress of getting ready for your big day!  

Which affordable design would you wear? Let us know in the comments!  

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