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Trend-Setting, Lace-Top Bridesmaid Dresses

This past week, Kennedy Blue launched the industry’s largest collection of lace-top, chiffon-bottom bridesmaid dresses. The new collection features 20 gorgeous styles in a variety of fabrics, lengths, and mix-and-match necklines to perfectly style each and every one of your girls. The look is fresh, unique, and — although you’ve probably heard this a million times — can totally be worn again. Take a peek!

Kennedy Blue Lace-Top Bridesmaid Dresses

Chiffon and lace-top bridesmaid dresses you’ll adore.

Whether you’re looking for a v-neck, strapless, high neck, or keyhole, we have a style that will perfectly suit your ‘maids. The newest chiffon gowns are available in our standard chiffon colors and our newest lace-top styles are available in blush, mint, eggplant, coral, navy, charcoal, silver, black, ivory, and white. Combine this new collection with some of our original, all lace or all chiffon styles for a gorgeously coordinated mix-and-match look.

Lace-Top, Chiffon-Bottom Bridesmaid Dresses

Kennedy Blue Layla & Nova Bridesmaid DressesKennedy Blue Nova (right) & Layla (left)

Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress BrynnKennedy Blue Brynn

Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses Peyton and SadieKennedy Blue Peyton (left) & Sadie (right)

Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress LondynKennedy Blue Londyn

Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress RosieKennedy Blue Rosie

A high-end look with an affordable price tag.

I can guarantee that you won’t see this type of quality for much less. Sure, we’ve seen other designers release similar styles, but either the pricing is far too high or the quality ridiculously low. Our new lace-top designs run between $160 - $190, and honestly, a high-quality bridesmaid dress under $200 is a serious score for us!

Spring 2015 Bridesmaid Dresses

Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress SiennaKennedy Blue SiennaKennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress Camilla and AshtonKennedy Blue Camilla (left) & Ashton (right)Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress AlexaKennedy Blue Alexa

See the rest of the new spring collection here:

Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress Kylee Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress Kiera Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress Bella Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress Ellie Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress Lola Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress Brooke Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress Marissa Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress Delilah Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress Kinley

Share your favorite chiffon or lace-top look.

Did you come across a style that you absolutely love? Tell us your favorite(s) in the comments below and don’t forget to pin or share it on Facebook to show the world what great taste you have!

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