The Ultimate List of Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

Okay, so you just got engaged- time to call all your best gals and let them know! As you start planning your wedding day, it's important to think about who you want in your bridal crew and ask them to be a bridesmaid! These are the ladies that are always by your side, and your day as a bride won't be any different! Sending a thoughtful message to each is a sweet gesture to show how much you care about them and what your friendship means to you. We know how special these bonds are, and that's why having a "Bridesmaid Proposal" is the cutest way to ask! With so many stylish items for all budgets that are fun and customizable, it's easy to find the perfect one to ask your bridesmaids with! 

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Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas Your Bridesmaids Will Love

Once you ask your best gals to be a part of your wedding, the fun will really begin! There's so much you need to plan and having your wedding support system in place will be a huge relief. From here on out, these ladies will be by your side to help with your wedding- also for all of the festivities and fun events like dress shopping! Channel this excitement into a memorable bridesmaid proposal that your bridal crew will surely love. And bonus, your ladies can use these items as they're getting ready for some ultra-cute pictures! 

Bridesmaids Proposal Ideas

Bridesmaids Proposal Box

Instead of choosing just one item for your bridesmaids, why not give your bridesmaids an entire box of bridesmaid goodies? These classy yet elegant boxes are sure to please your girls, and are undoubtedly the most popular way to pop the big question. Even better, there are a huge array of options on the market. Meaning you can find a box for every type of bridesmaid, on any budget. You can even find a box that aligns with your wedding theme, such as boho chic or modern minimalism. Who could say no to one of these?

pink bridesmaid proposal box

blue bridesmaid proposal box with robe

Spa Products

Being a bridesmaid can be stressful! From helping with the wedding planning to the wedding dress, try on's, hair appointments, and the bachelorette party - a lot is going on! This sentimental gift that will help them stay stress-free and relaxed throughout the entire bridesmaid process.

bridesmaid proposal spa box

Custom Totes & Bags

Now, this is a creative bridesmaid gift! Ask your closest friends to be in your wedding party with a simple, customized accessory. Your options include classic totes, duffel bags, acrylic clutches, makeup cases, and more! It's perfect for all of your girls and their cosmetics, especially for when it comes to getting read for the wedding.

bridesmaid tote bag
bridesmaid duffel bag

bridesmaid makeup bags

bridesmaid acrylic clutch

Bridesmaid Proposal Glassware

How fun would it be to get your girls together, pour a round of drinks, and let them find the personalized message written on the side of trendy glasses? Available in a wide variety of styles, a personal glass, coffee mug, or water bottle, is one of the best ways to ask your bridal party!

bridesmaid champagne flutes
bridesmaid tumblers

custom bridesmaid glass mug 

Bridesmaid Proposal Cards

With all the many cards out there, Etsy is for sure the best selection when it comes to a wide variety of card options. From simple to funny, Etsy has served a wide range of different bridesmaid proposal cards. For starters, there is the classic "Will you be my bridesmaid?" proposal card. More modern designs feature personalized details, like a bridesmaid proposal card with a polaroid photo. You can even find custom artwork, that looks like you and your bridesmaid on the big day. However our favorite is the bridesmaid proposal card with wedding information! It's the perfect way to propose and fill your bestie in on essential wedding details.

will you be my bridesmaid card

bridesmaid proposal card with polaroid

custom bridesmaid proposal artwork

bridesmaid proposal card with color palette

Bridesmaid Scratch-Off 

Looking for a unique way to ask the big question? A scratch off card is a cute and classic option! There are lots of designs available on Etsy, so find the one that best aligns with your style.

bridesmaid proposal scratch off

Bridesmaid Proposal Jewelry

Jewelry is a gift that any woman will appreciate, and perfect for a bridesmaid proposal. The best pieces being simple and personalized items like a necklace or bracelet. Any item featuring their initial is sure to be a winner among your bridesmaids, plus they will be able to wear it time and time again. We recommend opting for a durable metal, such as silver or gold, for longevity.

initial bridesmaid proposal necklace
initial bridesmaid proposal knot bracelet

Custom Travel Jewelry-Case

Planning a destination bachelorette party? Then consider popping the question with one of these adorable custom travel jewelry cases! Made of high quality materials, its a great way to help your girls keep track of their jewelry when on any adventures.

bridesmaid travel case

Custom Bridesmaid T-Shirt

Want to ask your girls to be in your bridesmaid party and give them a trendy gift at the same time? Consider one of these beautiful t-shirts! Available in lots of colors and designs, they'll be able to wear them to a variety of your pre-wedding events, including your bachelorette party.

custom bridesmaid shirt

slouchy bridesmaid shirt

Custom Bridesmaid Jean Jacket

If you're willing to splurge a little on your friends, get them their very own denim jacket! Featuring their last name, or a timeless phrase like "babe", it's an on-trend accessory that they will be able to rock time and time again. Including at the bridal shower or bachelorette party!

jean bridesmaid jacket

Personalized Bridesmaid Pajamas

Make sure your bridesmaids stay extra cozy when you gift them personalized pajamas. This adorable gift will work perfectly for an overnight bachelorette party or event the day of the wedding! Plus they're a hit for photos. You have quite a few options, from oversized sleep shirts to trendy pajama sets.

bridesmaid pajama set

bridesmaid sleep shirt

Customized Hanger

Get your bridesmaids hangers they'll not only need to for bridesmaid dresses but will cherish forever, even after they put away their gowns. These hangers also serve another purpose, as they will look stunning in your getting ready for the wedding photos.

custom bridesmaid hanger

Fuzzy Bridesmaid Slippers

A great solo gift, or a good addition to a self-care bundle, these fuzzy slippers will make anyones day. Featuring a soft and fluffy material, they will be your bridesmaids new go-to house slippers.

fuzzy bridesmaid slippers

Bridesmaid Scrunchies

A girl can never have too many hair ties! Scrunchies are simple, inexpensive, and something your future 'maids will be able to use for a long time. To make the proposal extra special, consider creating a tag that features a little bridal humor.

bridesmaid proposal scrunchies

Customizable Candle

With cute packaging and a fun surprise inside, a candle is an excellent way to propose to your future bridesmaids! Every time they light the wick and smell the delicious scent, they are sure to think of you and the magical memories that they will make on your special day.

bridesmaid proposal candle

Plant Pots

Are you and your girls plant lovers with green thumbs? Give them a gift that they'll enjoy for years! These custom terracotta plant pots are cute and perfect for a small succulent or similar plant.

bridesmaid plant pots

Bridesmaid Keychains

Everyone loves a new key chain, and these beautiful leather pieces are the perfect gift. Customized with your 'maids names, they come with a ring for car keys and other trendy decor.

bridesmaid keychains

Bridesmaid Proposal Cookies

Just looking at these sweet and fancy proposal cookies - we're drooling at the sight! There is no way your friends can refuse a yummy treat, right? Ask them to be in your bridal party and make their tummies happy too!

bridesmaid proposal cookies 

Custom Wine Label

Place one of these glamorous labels onto your best friends favorite bottle of wine, and not only will it become a creative way to ask your bridesmaids, but it's a great way to celebrate together once they've said "yes!" You can get a label for specific roles as well, perfect for the Maid of Honor proposal.

bridesmaid proposal wine label 

Christmas Ornament

What better time to pop the big question than during the Holidays? These glittery bridesmaid proposal ornaments are a lovely keepsake to hang it on their tree and remember year after year of that fond memory.

bridesmaid proposal ornaments

Confetti Poppers

Pop the question with these push-up confetti poppers that will have you and your friends laughing! The boxes are customized to feature each of your potential bridesmaids' names. And to find the surprise question, they'll have to sort through the colorful confetti. Imagine how magical this gift would be paired with a best friends photo shoot!

bridesmaid confetti poppers

Floral Bridesmaid Robes

These stylish robes are excellent bridesmaid proposal gifts. Your bridesmaids will feel completely pampered when they're getting ready for your big wedding day, and for their at-home self-care sessions.


floral bridesmaid robes


Thinking About a Special Maid of Honor Proposal?

She's your best friend, family, and your number one person to be right by your side leading up to your wedding. Once you've decided whom you want to hold that honor of being maid of honor, it's your turn to ask “will you be my maid of honor?” You are going to want to show this person how much they mean to you with something fun and creative, so instead of coming up with a list of items - we think it is essential to let you know that any of these bridesmaid proposal gifts are just as unique.


Now that we've covered a handful of bridesmaid proposal ideas, how do you plan to pop the questions? All these ideas are bound to put a smile on your besties faces, and encourage them to say "Yes!" Leave a comment below and tell us which "Will you be my bridesmaid?" gift was your favorite! Have an idea of your own? Leave a comment below, to help other brides-to-be! Now it's time to maven to the next item on your wedding to-do list; checking out bridesmaid dresses. Head on over to our shop and browse our wide collection of bridesmaid dresses, featuring trendy colors and designs.

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Lo M
June 30, 2017 09:46

This list is so awesome! It has lots of different ideas that I haven’t seen on Pinterest/done by others yet. I can’t wait to use one to ask my girls!! I like the clothespin dolls a lot for some reason, they are so cute. The necklaces and scratch off cards too! Such great ideas!

Megan Foss
April 15, 2017 08:19

Looking forward to using one or more of these cute ideas!!

December 18, 2016 23:22

My favorite one is Gold locket as it is very adorable. I bought robes for my bridesmaids on my wedding and personalized them with initials on the front. They really liked my gift as it is usable and trendy too. I purchased it online from

April 25, 2016 09:10

Took my bridesmaids/maid of honor/matron of honor out to dinner for GNO and surprised them with personalized champagne flutes and a placecard that says “As I Prepare for the day when I become Dominic’s bride, it would be a blessing to have you sipping by my side” We toasted and had a great time!

January 24, 2016 09:36

“I would run a mile from anybody who asked me in such a way.” Why, though? These are cute and fun, and offer a great memory. If they’re not your taste and you wouldn’t ask someone by popping a confetti pinata, that’s great, but some of us like to look for little ways to make memories and have a good time. I also feel like putting this much thought into asking your bridesmaids shows them how much you care about having them stand with you on your big day.

That all being said, I think these are adorable. Most of them are a little too cutesy for what I would do (the confetti pinatas, etc.) but I’m loving the idea of the necklace. She will have that necklace forever as a memento of her friendship with you. So sweet.

Janine Melnitz
September 18, 2015 03:42

Oh my god. I just asked them, and I would run a mile from anybody who asked me in such a way.

September 17, 2015 14:53

I bought my bridesmaids their shoes for the wedding then I wrapped the box and made it pretty with the first letter of their name/glitter/bows and on the inside of the lid had a post card asking them to be my bridesmaids. I recorded all of them opening their boxes. It was really awesome cuz they weren’t expecting it.

June 25, 2015 13:31

I absolutely loved all of these! so creative! You can do so much more than just asking the question these days so fun!

June 01, 2015 17:59

I enjoyed all of them…my favorite- “personalized box”-with color palette ideas, important dates, etc.

Lumina Kaldi
March 11, 2015 19:08

I love them all ! Seriously, i looked over and over again and i can’t pick only one favourite !
Here is my idea for proposing to a Bridesmaid or Maid of honor :

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