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Color Palettes for a Christmas-Themed Wedding

It's the most wonderful time of the year - especially for weddings! Being from the Midwest, planning your big day for the middle of winter isn't the most practical option. It's cold, it's wet, but my gosh is it beautiful! There's something seriously breathtaking about a kiss beneath snowflakes, long bridesmaid dresses, and reception tables covered in lush, green garland. So take your favorite holiday, throw in a handsome groom, and host a Christmas-themed wedding that's both elegant and fun! Remember, ladies - it's all about the little details! In need of some inspiration? We've created some simple and stunning palettes that are perfect for the winter season - no matter what your style may be!

Color Palettes for a Christmas-Themed Wedding

A traditional red and green Christmas-themed wedding.

This is where you have total permission to go all out with your red's and green's. But as always, keep it classy! Keep the holiday colors primarily in your festive bridesmaid dresses and linens, and then add small pops of red and green into your centerpieces or bouquets as well. Accents of gold, silver, birch wood, and evergreens, will beautifully set the tone for your festive theme and nicely balance the brighter colors.
A traditional red and green color palette for your holiday-themed wedding! | Color Palettes for a Christmas-Themed WeddingBridesmaid dress Violet in claret (left). Men's tie KB3689 in emerald/white (right).

A white and silver winter wonderland.

Imagine yourself surrounded by pretty white and silver décor, tall glass centerpieces, silver bridesmaid dresses, and soft lighting. A winter wonderland theme can be tasteful and doesn't have to feel like you're dancing inside of an ice castle. When done well, the look can be utterly charming and romantic!
Create a winter wonderland wedding with a silver and white color palette. | Color Palettes for a Christmas-Themed WeddingBridesmaid dress Harper in silver.

A black and gold New Years style.

I know, I know, New Years shouldn't be included in an article about Christmas themes, but the look is so dang pretty I couldn't help myself. Think of it as a 'Gatsby meets modern-cosmopolitan' style. All you need to create the stunning look is some black, a little white, and a whole lot of gold! Overall, you'll end up with a look that's glamorous and super elegant!

A black and gold palette is perfect for a New Years themed wedding. | Color Palettes for a Christmas-Themed WeddingBridesmaid dresses Olivia (left) and Stella (right) in black.

So now the question is - which style is your favorite? Leave a comment below and let us know what look you like best!

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September 22, 2020 21:19

I love Christmas time, so I would definitely pick the traditional red and green Christmas colors plus a few more!

Mya Murphy
June 29, 2020 08:08

I love everything on the New Years.. I would love this!!

January 03, 2020 15:38

That silver hairpiece is gorgeous!

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