Wedding Planning Advice from Real Brides

by Danielle Salazar December 12, 2014

If you recently got engaged and went from obsessive pinning to actual planning, you've probably come to realize how much work is involved in making your dream day come true. From flowers to favors, there's a ton to get done--often more than one bride and one groom can handle! Lucky for you, these brides have been through the whole process and are offering up some great wedding planning advice to save yourself a little time and stress. So from flowers to videographers, keep reading to see what these brilliant brides have to say!

What wedding planning advice would you suggest for staying organized?

"Lots of people will reach out asking to help. Let them! Include them in a dress fitting, helping you make place cards, or stuffing invitations. You'll appreciate their help and make them feel special at the same time." - Lizzy K.

"Pinterest and the internet are a bride's best friend and worst enemy. I just went with my gut and kept my vision and budget in mind with every decision." - Kayleigh P.

"When you work with talented people, you don’t have to be the expert in a million different areas. Whether it was my hair stylist, florist, photographer, or DJ, I would tell them the gist of what we wanted and they would make it happen. Plus their ideas were 10 times better then anything I could have imagined." - Kelly H.

"Buying or putting together your own bridal binder to keep checklists, vendor information, inspiration photos, color swatches, etc., is key! It's so much easier to have everything in one place." - Liz Z.

What was the most difficult part of planning?

"The original plan of our seating chart started easy, but as the time drew closer, this caused the most stress. We had a few people cancel who had already RSVP’d and I got a little ahead of myself and printed out the table cards a week too soon. I would suggest for any future bride to wait until just days before to print the name cards since there will be factors of change beyond your control that you’ll have to be ready to flex about." - Natalie F.

"The most difficult part for me was choosing the flowers. I just couldn’t make up my mind and kept going back and forth between white and coral flowers. I ended up choosing white, but at the last second I changed the bridesmaids’ bouquets to coral for a pop of color and I'm so happy I did!" - Jen M.

"It was hard to find a place that I loved and that also fit into my budget. That's why we chose to do our wedding on a Sunday. It allowed us to have the venue we wanted for a lower price tag." - Francesca K.

"The most challenging part was managing the countless logistical details on our actual day. Having an organized, even-keeled Personal Attendant proved to be one of our greatest assets. She was the keeper of the almighty schedule and was able to keep our train moving on time." - Jaimie F.

What's one thing you would recommend doing for the big day?

"Hire a videographer! As I look back now, I am SO very glad I have ours. Your day goes by too fast and you don’t have time to fully enjoy it. I have loved the chance to see it all again and from a different view." - Samantha P.

"Initially, we hadn't planned to do a 'first look' because I wanted the first time he saw me to be when I was walking down the aisle. But I'm so glad we changed our minds. It was so special to be able to have an emotional moment together that was private and just between the two of us. I'll remember it forever." - Jackie K.

"Hire a coordinator to take over in the weeks leading up to the wedding. It was one of the best decisions I made and it was well worth the money." - Jen M.

What are you final words of wedding planning advice?

"Remember that you are so fortunate to have found the love of your life and have this opportunity to celebrate. Try not to let differences in opinion or a minor setback threaten your love, excitement, and enthusiasm for one of the happiest days of your life." - Jaimie F.

"Don't forget your groom. It's easy to get carried away in the details and excitement of the big day, but remember that while people say "it's your big day!""--it's your big day with him. - Sarah A.

"Start planning early and keep getting things done. There is always something you can be booking, ordering, crafting, or working on months ahead of time! It will save you from tons of stress later on when you are running around the last 2 months before the wedding!" - Lizzy K.

"Take a moment to look around at everyone who is there celebrating with you. It's very special to see people you love from every stage of life all in one room just for you." - Francesca K.

"It is hard to please everyone. At the end of the day, if you are happy--everyone else will be too! No one will even notice the little tiny details that you have been stressing about for weeks." - Kelly D.

"Be present! Make sure you get to eat those delicious hors d'oeuvres, enjoy that glass of wine, admire those DIY decorations that took you endless hours to create, and dance to as many songs as your feet can handle!" - Liz Z.

Danielle Salazar
Danielle Salazar


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Measurement Guide - How to Measure for Your Size

Taking Your Measurements

For the most accurate measurements, do not measure over your clothing. Your measurements should be taken while wearing undergarments similar to the ones you will wear with your dress. The measuring tape shouldn’t be pulled too tight or have too much slack, and should always be parallel with the floor.

Wedding apparel is typically sized differently than retail clothing, so keep in mind that it’s not uncommon to find yourself requiring alterations.

Bust Size
Wrap the tape around your back and under your arms at the fullest part of your bust (not underneath the bust).

Waist Size
While standing up straight, bend at the waist to one side. Take the measurement where the natural crease happens in your side. This should be a few inches above your belly button. Stand up straight and do not “suck in” when taking this measurment.

Hip size
Standing with your feet together, wrap the tape around the fullest part of your hips and butt to get this measurement.

Compare these three measurements to the Kennedy Blue size chart above. It is very important that you order the largest size that corresponds to your measurements. For example, if your bust measures 40.5” (size 12), your waist measures 31” (size 10) and your hips measure 41.5” (size 8), we advise that you order a size 12, and get your dress altered down to custom fit your body.

Depending on the fabric, a dress can be altered down up to 2 full sizes, but can be very difficult to let out as there is only about .5 inch of fabric to do so at the seams.