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How to Deal With Bad Wedding Planning Advice

Thanks to Pinterest, soon-to-be brides go into their engagement with just about every detail planned. You've found your perfect venue, you've narrowed down your dream dress, your color scheme is spot-on, and nothing could break your bridal-bliss--except for the unsolicited wedding planning advice that everyone is voicing. Your mother-in-law seems to be planning her own wedding rather than yours, your own mother insists you wear her terribly dated bridal gown, a co-worker (who's not even invited) thinks your centerpiece idea is "just okay", and your cousins have begun protesting your no-kids policy. (This, ladies and gentlemen, is how a Bridezilla is born.) Once the opinions start rolling in, it's hard to refrain from either tearing your hair out or just giving into every idea. Keep your sanity and relationships in-tact by following these simple ideas that will help you kindly handle the never-ending stream of opinions. Trust me--you're going to be glad you read this.

How to Deal With Bad Wedding Planning Advice

Ways to handle bad wedding planning advice.

Just so we're on the same page, opinions aren't really the problem here. Good suggestions often lead to ideas you may have never considered, but there's nothing more annoying than someone telling you how your day should be. That being said, let's get this list started, shall we?

  1. Be appreciative. No one likes a nasty bride so don't completely disregard any idea thrown your way. When someone shares their idea, as awful as it may be, nod in agreement, thank them for their input, and let them know that it's something you'll consider. Even if you have zero interest in their idea, it's respectful to acknowledge what they have to say. 

  2. Jot the suggestion down. Whether you keep a small notebook in your purse or use a Notes app on your phone, when someone has a suggestion, respond with, "Oh! Let me write that one down!" Regardless of whether you love the idea or not, just write it down, allow them to feel heard, and you never have to think about it again. 

  3. Twist the idea into one that you like. Look at it this way: If your grandma desperately wants you to wear her veil, suggest taking the lace off to wrap your bouquet. That way you aren't stuck wearing something outdated and her veil will still be a special part of your day! 

  4. Stay firm in your decisions. People tend to get stuck on their ideas, so don't let their persistence get to you. If your mother-in-law really thinks the guys should wear tuxes instead of suits, stand firm in your decision by saying something like, "Tuxes look great, but I've really had my heart set on these charcoal suits we found!" Hopefully the conversation will be dropped from there on out.

How to Deal With Bad Wedding Planning Advice | Your Something Blue

Don't let bad advice ruin your vision.

Always keep in mind that this day is about you and your fiancé, and family and friends should be respectful of that. As a bride, it's impossible to please everyone, and trying to do so will cause more stress than ease-of-mind.

Have you experienced bad wedding planning advice? Leave a comment below and let us know what it was and how you managed to handle it.


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