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Top 5 Flowers for Wedding Bouquets: What to Do When They’re out of Season

Unless you’re a florist or grew up planting in your mother’s garden, choosing the flowers for your wedding bouquets can be a bit overwhelming. Sure, there’s tons of inspiration on the internet and in magazines, but what happens when that dream bouquet of yours is out of season or just plain ol’ out of budget? Luckily, if you’re willing to pay the price, you can get just about any stem regardless of season, but since most of us don’t have an unlimited flower budget, paying $15 for one imported stem just isn’t that practical. So rather than sulking about what you can’t have, talk to your wedding florist and consider alternatives to those seasonal flowers that have the same look and style that you were originally hoping for!

Flowers for Wedding Bouquets: What to Do When They're Out of Season

Alternative flowers for wedding bouquets.

If you're in a bind and your desired flowers are out of season (or just way too spendy!), don't start going all bridezilla on your florist, because you're still in luck. We've listed 5 of the top requested wedding flowers and some fabulous alternatives that will look just as stunning, if not better!

Peony (Spring)

Alternatives: Garden Rose (Spring/Fall/Winter), Ranunculus (Spring), Hydrangea (Summer), Mums (Fall)

They’re full, ruffled, and just so dang pretty! We are obsessed with the look of peonies, but since they’re season is short, their availability is limited. If you want a blooming peony look, try a gorgeous garden rose, which has the same high-petal count and cup-shape look. If you want a closed peony look, a ranunculus will give you the same round, layered shape. While Hydrangea and Mums are a different style, it’s their big, full look that makes them a great substitute for a peony.

Hydrangea (Summer)

Seasonal Flower Alternatives for Hydrangeas

Alternatives: Lilac (Summer), Snowball Bush (Spring)

We love the round, clustered look of a hydrangea bouquet, but if you’re going for a similar alternative, lilacs and snowballs are the way to go! Lilacs, although limited in colors, have very full stems and are known for their amazing scent. Snowballs, which are often mistaken as hydrangeas, have almost the exact same look and feel as a hydrangea, they are just a bit more delicate.

Calla Lily (Summer)

Alternatives: Easter Lily (Spring), White Orchid (Spring)

The long, trumpet-shaped look of a calla lily is absolutely elegant, but a bit unique. If the stems aren’t yet in season, instead try an Easter Lily, which has the single flower look of a Calla Lily and is available in a classic white color. White orchids, also on a long stem, blossom in more of a cluster, but have the same long, elegant look.

Rose (Fall/Winter/Spring)

Seasonal Flower Alternatives for Roses

Alternatives: Lisanthius (Summer), Carnation (Summer/Fall/Winter)

If you’re looking for classic roses, you’re probably going for a traditional, romantic feel. To achieve that look, try a lisanthius or carnation. Lisanthius, a summer and fall bloom, is best known for its rose-like appearance and is gorgeous for a full bouquet. Although slightly more full, carnations, which are available almost every season, have a similar shape and come in white, red, pink, and yellow hues, just like a rose.

Tulip (Spring)

Alternatives: Rose (Fall/Winter/Spring), Crocus Flower (Winter/Spring)

Most people that are attracted to tulips are attracted to the closed look rather than when it’s fully blossomed. Since tulips are very short lived, a closed rose is a gorgeous alternative that is available almost year round. Want something a bit less traditional than a rose? Crocus flowers have the same bell-shape and look almost identical to a tulip.

Be open to ideas from your wedding florist.

If you’re going to take anything away from this blog, let it be this: Don’t get discouraged if exactly what you want isn’t available. It’s okay! There are gorgeous alternatives for every possible stem out there, so have an open mind and be willing to make changes. Florists are total experts in their field so as long as you have an idea of what you want, they’ll easily make that vision a reality. Remember to start planning 3-6 months before the wedding and bring in pictures and ideas for inspiration. Whether your ideal seasonal flowers are available or not, your wedding florist will work with you to make your day that much more beautiful!

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May 29, 2020 13:09

Very helpful!

May 25, 2020 09:12

Yes! So many people don’t think about what season coordinates with which flower – could be a very costly mistake. Love the tulip idea!

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