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How to Take Your Body Measurements to Ensure a Perfect Fit!

One of the biggest concerns of ordering online is sizing, and we want to help ensure that you get it right the first time! When ordering a Kennedy Blue bridesmaid dress, it is so incredibly crucial to know your current body measurements and to refer to our dress size chart for total accuracy. So before you order that size 12 because “that’s what you always buy,” you might want to keep reading.

How to Take Your Body Measurements How to Take Your Body Measurements

Why body measurements matter.

The wedding industry goes about sizing differently than the retail apparel that we’re used to wearing. With wedding attire, it’s not uncommon to have to go up one or two sizes larger than your regular size. Used to wearing a size 12 at J.Crew or Macy’s? If purchasing a Kennedy Blue bridesmaid dress (or any similar designer), don’t be surprised to wear a size 16. As a girl, I definitely understand that seeing that new number can give us a bit of dress tag shock. Just keep in mind ladies, it’s only one day and you’ll rock that dress regardless of the tag size! And if it makes you feel better, cut that thing right out!

How to take your body measurements with ease.

Kennedy Blue Measurement Guide

We always recommend having a professional take your measurements, but if you need to do them at home, have someone you are comfortable with take them for you. Don’t do them yourself! To be as accurate as possible, don’t measure over clothes. Undergarments similar to what you will wear under your dress are the best option.

To begin, stand up straight with your feet together and keep your arms down to your sides. The measuring tape should be kept parallel to the floor. Don’t pull too tight, but do have a firm hold on it.

Bust: Measure around the chest, right over the fullest part of the bust. Keep your arms down!

Waist: Bend just slightly to one side. The crease in your side will determine where your natural waist hits. Stand back up straight and measure at the point where that crease was.

Hips: Measure directly around the fullest or widest part of your butt.

Determining the perfect sized Kennedy Blue bridesmaid dress.

After taking your body measurements, pull up the dress size chart found on any of our product pages. Below, we’ve recommended which body measurements to base your dress size on, depending on the style of dress. Ordering larger will ensure a comfortable fit and the rest of the dress can be altered to perfectly hug your figure.

                                         How to Measure Kennedy Blue Chiffon Bridesmaid DressesHow to Measure Kennedy Blue Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

Chiffon Dress: Since our chiffon styles aren’t fitted through the hips, the bust and waist measurements are the most important to consider. Go with whichever is your largest measurement.

Lace Dress: The lace styles have a bit more structure and not as much give as other fabrics. Go with your overall largest measurement since they are fitted throughout the bust, waist, and hips.

How to Measure Kennedy Blue Silky Taffeta Bridesmaid DressesSilky Taffeta Dress: If you are ordering an a-line silky taffeta style such as Claire, Paige, or Jada, order based off the same rules as a chiffon dress. If you are ordering a fitted style such as Lauren, Jenna, or Samantha follow the lace dress rules.

Remember that it’s always better to have the dress too big rather than too small! Any dress can be taken in, but very few can actually be let out. If there’s time before the event, take advantage of our Find-Try-Buy service and try on a size sample at home! We’ll also provide you with a complimentary measuring tape and dress size chart. Still second guessing your size? A Kennedy Blue Specialist would be happy to assist with any sizing issues as long as you’re able to provide your measurements!

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Olivia Forman
April 18, 2022 15:20

Thank you for the information breakdown of how to measure properly!!

Taylore Maziuk
April 13, 2022 10:23

I love that there is opportunity to try on the dresses in different styles and proper measurement guidelines to ensure the perfect fit for my girls!! You guys make it so easy!!

Mya Murphy
June 08, 2020 15:48

Ordering online is the best for me, because I am disabled.. Knowing this, I feel confident that I’m getting the right size. Thanks guys!!

May 11, 2020 10:34

Thank you, very helpful!

Mariah Letourneau
April 24, 2020 16:13

GOOD TO KNOW before I order my bridesmaids dresses I think I will be re measuring them

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