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How To Actually Wear Bridesmaid Dresses Again

We are all too familiar with that one hopeful phrase: “Don’t worry; you can totally wear it again!” As much as we’d love to believe it, sometimes the idea of wearing that drab bridesmaid dress again sounds like a total myth. Fortunately, Kennedy Blue designed its bridesmaid collection to not only be worn again but with its mix-and-match options, your girls can actually choose a style they’ll like! However, we don’t blame you for doubting wear-again bridesmaid dresses, so we took a variety of Kennedy Blue dresses and re-styled them to create fun summer styles. You would never guess that they once made their way down the aisle!

Wear-again bridesmaid dresses for your casual summer style.

Whether going to work, having happy hour with the girls, or stopping for a much-needed coffee break, creating a casual look is as simple as adding a few extra pieces from your everyday wardrobe. Here are some common myths about re-wearing a bridesmaid dress that we’re here to solve:

Myth #1: A floor-length dress needs to be shortened to be considered a wear-again bridesmaid dress.

Kennedy Blue bridesmaid dress Olivia restyled with a vintage tee. | www.KennedyBlue.comKennedy Blue bridesmaid dress Emma restyled with a floral crop top. |


Answer: Absolutely not! Try a cropped top on a full-length skirt to create a slimming look! We mimicked the look of a maxi skirt by pairing our full-length Kennedy Blue dresses Olivia in blush (left) and Emma in charcoal (right) with cropped tops that hit at the natural waist. The tied-up, vintage t-shirt and floral, cropped tank top add casual and summery elements to what was once a very formal bridesmaid dress. Adding a chunky and vibrant accent necklace will also create the perfect pop of color for a fun and girly look.

Myth #2: If the bridesmaid dress isn’t your style, you can’t magically turn it to something you’ll want to wear again.

Kennedy Blue bridesmaid dress Chloe restyled with a blue button down and cowboy boots. | www.KennedyBlue.comKennedy Blue bridesmaid dress Charlotte restyled with an aztec-print scarf and TOMS wedges. |

Answer: But yet, you can! If a dress doesn’t fit your personal style, add pieces that reflect who you are as a person and make it totally your own. We paired Chloe in coral (left) with a light blue button-up and cowboy-like boots for a sweet and charming girl-next-door type of feel. For a more hipster, down-to-earth vibe, Charlotte in navy (right) was paired with a bold Aztec-patterned scarf, beaded headband, and TOMS wedges.

Myth #3: Bridesmaid dresses can only be worn again for other formal events.

Kennedy Blue bridesmaid dress Violet restyled with a denim jacket and boho shoulder bag. | www.KennedyBlue.comKennedy Blue bridesmaid dress Hannah restyled with denim vest, colored wrap, and chunky necklace. |


Answer: So not true! Paired with everyday pieces such as a good statement necklace and denim, you create a summer style that’s unique and casual. By pairing Violet in peacock (left) with a classic denim jacket, or Hannah in navy (right) with a trendy denim vest, you’re perfectly prepared for a low-key lunch date or a full day of door-to-door shopping!

Re-style Kennedy Blue dresses for a look that’s all your own!

Hopefully, we’ve proven that Kennedy Blue is the perfect designer line if you’re searching for the practical choice of wear-again bridesmaid dresses. With the right accessories, your bridesmaid dress can easily become a piece of your everyday wardrobe. Now it’s your turn to show us how you would re-style Kennedy Blue! Leave a picture in the comments below, send them to, or tag us on Instagram using #KennedyBlue.

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Jennifer Wood
June 03, 2022 13:53

I am glad I came across this article. I want to make sure my bridesmaids can wear their dress again someday!

September 25, 2020 19:22

Saving for later- I have about 3 dresses I need to re-purpose!

June 19, 2020 22:11

Seems like the darker colors were better to pull off again. Keeping that in mind.

May 11, 2020 10:34

Very cute!

Mariah Letourneau
April 21, 2020 22:39

When I originally went bridesmaids dress shopping I wanted to make them be able to use the dress again

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