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14 Tips on Finding Your Slay-Worthy Wedding Hairstyle

Wedding Updo? Or hair down? What you thought was the easiest choice to make for your big day can turn out to be the most nerve-wracking!

Well, it’s JUST your wedding day (gulp!). And its just something you’d see in photos for posterity (double gulp!). Kidding aside, we know you have more than enough to stress over. And if you ask us, we don’t want your wedding hairstyle to be one of them. To be honest, there are simply so many beautiful wedding hairstyles to choose from. Whether you choose to wear your hair up, down, curled to perfection, or loosely in waves depends on your face shape and hair length.

How to Find Your Perfect Wedding Hairstyle

Allow us to take a load off your chest (and those of your bridesmaids’) with these 14 tips on finding a slay-worthy wedding hairstyle!

Tip #1: Girls with oval face shapes should consider putting their wedding updo to one side

Oval faces require a little balance to make the face more proportioned as they tend to appear longer than they are wider. A large forehead or a prominent chin are two stunning traits of oval faces. The most flattering wedding hairstyle for this face type is anything that will break the length of the face. Our best bet? Put your wedding updo to one side.

Celebrity Lookalike: Jessica Alba

Tip #2: If you have a round face, consider having your hair down

Round faces are always angelic! If you’re blessed with this shape, then thank your genes for that eternal youthful glow! The challenge of cherubic faces, however, lies in finding a sophisticated look. Avoid sleek or super straight styles as this will make your face appear rounder. Instead, wear your hair down loose so that it frames your face.

Celebrity Lookalike: Miranda Kerr

Tip #3: Square faces look stunning with curls!

Square faces are angular, powerful, and strong. While this is said to be a great face shape for aging well, wedding hairstyles that flatter a square face should “soften”. To achieve a softer look, go for waves and curls. Avoid wearing your hair up as this draw attention to a wide jawline.

Celebrity Lookalike: Keira Knightley

Tip #4: Heart-shaped faces are complemented well with loose hairstyles

Heart-shaped faces are the easiest to work with! If you are blessed with this face type, your options are endless! Be that as it may, the most flattering for heart-shaped faces are loose hairstyles. Accentuate your cheekbones and add width to a narrow jaw by having it down loosely around the face.

Celebrity Lookalike: Reese Witherspoon

Tip #5: Wavy, loose curls look amazing on almost any face shape

Our pick for a killer wedding hairstyle are wavy, loose curls! Loose curls always frame the face. Wear with your hair down or sweep half into an updo. This look will surely complement your bridesmaids’ as well.

Tip #6: Headpieces and hair accessories add depth and character to any hairstyle

Headpieces and hair accessories can bring out the best in your dress, hairstyle, and wedding theme! But the most important role hair pieces fulfill is it flatters your face shape in the best way possible!

Heart shaped focal points are the chin. To balance wider temples, hair pieces are best positioned along the hairline or just above the ear. Should you decide to wear a fringe, place your hair accessory near your temple. This accentuates your cheekbones. Best pieces for heart shapes? Halos!

If you’re a round, the goal is to make your face look longer. Achieve this by avoiding pieces with too much fullness at the sides. (This means no large flowers behind your ears - no matter how cute you think this looks!). Our best bets are rhinestones combs placed at the sides or even a wide headband.

If you share the same facial structure as Gisele Bundchen or Sarah Jessica Parker, then you’re a long. find a headpiece you could wear with soft curls and waves. The goal is to add width. Draw attention to your cheekbones. We highly suggest veils that don’t add height.

Strong, square jaws feature a straight forehead and a prominent jaw. Play down your angular jaw by pairing your headpiece with a cute side part of textured curls. Select a head accessory that you can wear near the temple to add length.

Triangle faces are unique because this shape features a dominant jaw line that narrows at the temples. If you bear a striking resemblance to Victoria Beckham, your goal is to widen your forehead and narrow your chin. Wear a headpiece that you can wear at your temple.

Tip #7: Heart-shaped faces look beautiful with headpieces that are near the temple or along the hairline

Heart-shaped faces are flattered most by headpieces that draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones. Katie Holmes’ facial structure is wider at the hairline and at the temples. We love seeing her wear pieces that are daintily positioned just above the ear or along the hairline. If you sport a fringe, stick to traditional headpieces or halo-types.

Tip #8: If you have a pixie-cut, texture and hairpieces go beautifully with this hair style!

Most brides make the mistake of thinking that pixie-cuts are dead-end haircuts. But a pixie wedding hairstyle can be stunning with a headband! Simply style with tendrils peeking through a “messy” pixie hairstyle and you got yourself a winner.

Tip #9: If you have medium-length hair, low-sitting wedding updos are perfect!

We’ve always loved the messy chignon. It’s so easy to wear and easier to style! This low-sitting wedding updo adds romance and nostalgia to medium-length hair. Simply roll your hair and secure in place, allowing tendrils to hang down. Want to add to the allure? Add a brooch! It’s a great way to use a family heirloom too.

Tip #10: Shoulder-length hair looks stunning with one side of your hair tucked behind your ear!

One side of your hair tucked behind your ear is simply elegant. It’s a stunning, sweet, and romantic wedding hairstyle for shoulder-length hair. We especially love large-barreled curls parted to one side. Add a floral headpiece to finish the look.

(And while we’re at this, we’d like to let you in on our favorite … since this one-side-tucked-behind-the-ear suits most anyone, this is our go-to wedding hairstyle for bridesmaids!)

Tip #11: If you love braids and have long hair, go all out!

You can never go wrong with braids! It’s the ultimate fun, fierce, and feminine wedding hairstyle. We couldn’t decide which one we love best… milkmaid braids, the Katniss braid, the romantic waterfall braid, or the flowery half up… Wear as is or accentuate with any hairpiece. This hairstyle deserves its own page in your wedding album!

Tip #12: Looking for something low-maintenance? Half-updos are always a solid choice.

For bridechillas, low-maintenance is key. If you want something that you can redo midway through a flurry of activities (or something that allows you to dance the night away), we highly recommend half-updos. Half updos are easy, pretty, and don’t take long to do! To add a touch of whimsy, adorn the look with small flowers such baby’s breath.

Tip #13: Going for a “cool girl” style? Rock a high ponytail!

Ponytails are classified as the bad boys simply because they look like lazy hairstyles. But never underestimate the power of a high ponytail! This ‘do is the best way to show off the details of your back while sporting that “cool girl” style. Simply sweep up clean or tousled. Braid if you must, then march down with confidence.

Tip #14: Girls with curly hair can always straighten it, but remember that your hair has to cooperate for a long period of time

If you plan to go rogue by wearing your hair differently, make sure that you can whip it to submission till your party ends. Curly hair is unpredictable. So make sure that it stays regardless of weather and style. Go for a trial before the big day and take it out for a spin in the same weather conditions. If it holds and stays, we say, go for it!


With so many wedding hairstyle choices to choose from, trimming down your choice to just one can get overwhelming for most brides. The key is to stick to what suits your face shape and hair length best. There will always be a style to fit everyone’s aesthetic.

Fancy a look that we might have missed? Leave us a comment below or visit for amazing bridal ideas!

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June 21, 2020 06:29

Love these – thanks!!

Mya Murphy
June 21, 2020 06:29

Oooh.. I am SO in love with these ideas!!

June 06, 2020 17:21

I have unmanageable curly hair, so this is all great to know.

May 11, 2020 10:34

Great tips!! Most hairdressers with experience are also really good about telling you what looks good and what doesn’t – but it is still good to go in with an idea (:

April 21, 2020 22:39

Ooooh.. good to know what may work best for different face shapes! Great tips!

Alisha Dan
April 21, 2020 22:39

I had no idea that a heart shaped face was a thing. Now I know what I need to ask my hair stylist when I meet with her!

Kelsey Lucas
April 07, 2020 17:01

I LOVE the hairpieces! Saving this for inspiration.

March 31, 2020 22:48

So many great ideas! Thank you!

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