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6 Reasons Wedding Color Swatches are Useful for Wedding Planning

Kennedy Blue Color Swatches for Bridesmaid Dresses

We know that wedding planning can take up a lot of time and research. (In fact, wedding planning might be one of the more stressful jobs to can take on.) So, why not make it a bit more fun and hands-on? Get ready to discover the magic of our bridesmaid color swatches. They're the ultimate tool to refine your wedding color scheme and make the rest of your planning a total breeze! Let's dive in and explore the incredible benefits of using Kennedy Blue's wedding color swatches to plan your big day with ease!

Choose Your Wedding Color Scheme Using Bridesmaid Dress Swatches

Color swatches are more than just a single-purpose tool! You'll be pleasantly surprised by the many ways bridesmaid dress swatches can help you in planning your dream wedding. Whether you're seeking the perfect color palette or striving for seamless coordination, they're a valuable resource. Explore the multiple uses of bridesmaid dress swatches and unlock their potential in creating a truly memorable wedding.

1) Color Swatches Help Narrow Down Your Wedding Color Choices

With a vast array of dress styles and color options, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Bridesmaid color swatches come to the rescue by helping you narrow down your top choices. By ordering swatches in your preferred colors, you can assess how they look in different lighting, on camera, and on your bridesmaids. Ensure that the shades align perfectly with your vision, creating a cohesive and stunning bridal party.

Bridesmaid Dress Swatch Page at Kennedy Blue

Not sure what color family to even start with? Luckily you can get your hands on full bridesmaid color swatch pages - so you can compare every color there is!

2) You Can Compare Different Bridesmaid Dress Fabrics

At Kennedy Blue, we offer a range of dress fabrics that allow you to add textures to your bridal party. Our fabric collection includes not only traditional options but also embroidered and beaded styles, providing endless possibilities for your wedding ensemble. Here's a closer look at the bridesmaid dress fabrics you can choose from:

ChiffonLightweight and offering graceful movement, chiffon is the most popular option. This fabric is perfect for any wedding season, ensuring bridesmaids can move with ease and comfort.

SatinA stunning option that's having its moment in the spotlight, satin is undeniably breathtaking. Its buttery soft material and multiple dress lengths allows everyone in your bridal party to feel beautiful and comfortable.

Black Satin Bridesmaid Dresses

VelvetAdding a touch of luxury, velvet is a soft yet thicker fabric that exudes sophistication. It is particularly popular for weddings held during late fall and winter, as its warmth and plushness create a rich look.

Sequin: Adding a touch of luxury, velvet is a soft yet thicker fabric that exudes sophistication. It is particularly popular for weddings held during late fall and winter, as its warmth and plushness create a rich and lavish look.

Tulle: Also known as English Net, tulle is a lightweight and flowing fabric that adds a touch of romance to any bridal party. It is especially trendy during springtime and summer, creating a whimsical and ethereal aesthetic.

*KB Tip: Seeing and feeling the fabric firsthand is crucial in determining the best choice for your bridal party. Additionally, it's important to note that colors may slightly vary between different fabrics. If you plan to mix and match fabrics, we highly recommend viewing them in person to ensure a cohesive color palette.

3) Help Visualize Your Wedding Color Palette

Consider purchasing colors that are contenders in your wedding color palette. Testing out different color swatches next to each other will help you visualize what your wedding could look like! This is especially useful if you plan to feature multiple colors in your wedding color scheme, or if you are choosing between similar shades.

Bridesmaid Color Swatches

4) It's Easy (& Cheap) to Order Wedding Color Swatches Online!

Gone are the days of endless store visits and guesswork when choosing wedding attire. In fact, ordering bridesmaid color swatches online is one of the simplest tasks! Whether you're deciding between shades or want to see the colors in person, our online ordering allows you to have the swatches delivered right to your doorstep. Take your time, explore various options, and make a confident decision from the comfort of home.You can view and order bridesmaid color swatches online with Kennedy Blue today (and likely get a few on the house)!

Gold Wedding Color Swatches for Kennedy Blue

More Benefits of Wedding Color Swatches

Colors swatches are a game changer when it comes to planning your dream wedding. Check out a few benefits of bridesmaids and wedding party swatches.

1) Easily Coordinate Your Wedding Party Colors (Bridesmaids & Groomsmen!)

Wedding swatches are not just limited to bridesmaids; they can also be instrumental in achieving seamless coordination between your entire wedding party, including the groomsmen!

When it comes to matching the ties, vests, pocket squares, or any other accessories of your groomsmen with the bridesmaid dresses, swatches are priceless. With the guidance of a swatch, you can ensure precise color matching and maintain a consistent look throughout your party. This attention to detail ensures a polished appearance, as colors can vary significantly when relying solely on digital or verbal descriptions.

Sage Green Bridesmaid Dress and Groomsmen Tie

Essentially, swatches eliminate any guesswork and guarantee that the colors of your wedding party members coordinate beautifully! Who doesn't want that?

2) Coordinate Bridal Party Colors with Your Wedding Decor & More!

Bridesmaid dress swatches play a crucial role in ensuring coordination between your bridal party attire and the overall wedding decor. Once you have chosen your wedding color scheme and selected the bridesmaid dress colors, you can use the swatches to match and coordinate other elements of your wedding.

Whether it's selecting the right table linens, floral arrangements, or even the groomsmen's accessories, having the actual fabric swatches on hand allows you to make accurate color comparisons. This ensures that all the visual elements of your wedding align seamlessly, creating a cohesive look.

Olive Green Wedding Colors

By sharing the swatches with your vendors and decorators, they can easily match and replicate the chosen colors, ensuring consistency throughout the wedding venue. From the invitations to the reception details, having a reference point with the bridesmaid dress swatches simplifies the decision-making process and enhances the overall aesthetic of your wedding.

Get Free Bridesmaid Color Swatches!

Wondering where to get wedding color swatches? Through Kennedy Blue, you can order wedding color swatches online. With 50+ colors and varying fabrics to choose from, it’s never been easier to find the best color for your wedding color scheme. For a limited time, get your free color swatches here!

Let’s Get Started Wedding Planning! 

We're here to help you find the perfect color for your event! At Kennedy Blue, we love staying up-to-date with the latest trends and insights from real brides like you! We understand how important it is to choose the right bridesmaid and wedding party swatches to bring your wedding vision to life. That's why we've made it super easy for you to order wedding color swatches online, taking the hassle out of the process.

Did any of the colors we featured in this blog catch your eye? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below! Share your favorite shades, ask us questions, or simply let us know how we can assist you further. Our dedicated team is excited to be a part of your journey towards creating a truly unforgettable wedding celebration.

So, let's make your dream color palette a reality with Kennedy Blue. Get ready for an amazing wedding day filled with beautiful hues that perfectly reflect your style and personality!

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