Kennedy Blue's Guide to Groomsmen Attire

So, you've picked out the perfect bridesmaid dresses - now what?! It's time to outfit the groom and groomsmen! The guys in your bridal party deserve to look and feel just as confident as the girls. So, we've partnered with Generation Tux to seamlessly coordinate the bridesmaids with the groomsmen - matching ties and all!

*We have researched and vetted our top third-party suit company to ensure your wedding attire surpasses expectations. Though these thoughts + research are our own, purchases made through links may earn us commission.

The Perfect Partner to Kennedy Blue: Generation Tux

If you know us, you know that we specialize in bridesmaid dresses, wedding dresses, and other ~bridesmaid~ attire. But, we know your wedding won't be complete without some well-dressed groomsmen! We've done the research for you and found the perfect compliment to Kennedy Blue bridesmaids - Generation Tux groomsmen! Here's why we recommend Generation Tux as the best option for your wedding party.

Groomsmen Ties Match Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

We understand the struggle of finding ties that match with bridesmaid dresses - believe us! While Kennedy Blue carries a variety of menswear accessory colors, we don't always have the perfect match. However, Generation Tux carries countless ties, bowties, and pocket squares to coordinate with any Kennedy Blue color. Generation Tux's vast accessory selection will make shopping for menswear 1000% easier (especially if your bridesmaids are wearing Kennedy Blue!) Check out their selection of color swatches here to get started!

Easy Online Shopping for Groomsmen Suits

Times are changing, making it more difficult to orchestrate group outings for fittings. At Kennedy Blue, we understand the importance of online shopping accessibility. So, we knew our top menswear choice would need to excel in the online space. Not only does Generation Tux offer online menswear rentals, but they do it exceptionally well!

The only 'measurements' you need to provide are your height, weight, and answer a few basic questions. Best of all, there is a 100% fit guarantee! Delivered 14 days before the wedding, the groom and groomsmen have ample time to determine if their look is exactly what you desired! If the suit or tuxedo is not the perfect fit, it will be replaced for free.

Generation Tux also makes it easy to manage your party! Simply build your desired look, invite your groomsmen to order, and track the order progress all from one place. You'll be able to see who has submitted their measurements and where everyone is at in the ordering process. That way, there will be no last minute surprises of forgotten orders!

Free Home Try On for Wedding Couple!

Over at Kennedy Blue, you know we LOVE offering at home try ons for our dresses. That's why it is so important to us that the groom can also try on styles before making a decision! Generation Tux shares our same beliefs, which is why they are our top choice for groomsmen. On top of the free try on, you can select up to 5 free fabric swatches to test out your favorite colors. So, you can assess which suit, tuxedo, and accessory colors look best next to your Kennedy Blue bridesmaid dresses!

Groom's Suit Rental is FREE

With Generation Tux, not only do you receive free swatches and try ons, but the groom is eligible for free attire! How could you not love that? In order to qualify for a free rental, you only need 5 or more people in your party to rent a suit or tuxedo. Want to keep your attire? Have 7 or more in your party pay for a rental, and you can keep your suit or tuxedo forever! Best of all - the rentals can be made by anyone in your wedding, from groomsmen to fathers, and even ring bearers!

Highest Quality (& Trendy) Groomsmen Attire

At Kennedy Blue, we value quality and affordability in the highest regard. That's why you will never pay extra for a designer label with us. We strive to use top tier fabrics, thoughtful design, and sell direct to consumer (which cuts out so many unnecessary costs for you!) When we discovered that Generation Tux believes in the same processes, we knew it couldn't be beat! With the highest quality suits and tuxedos, popular fits and colors, and affordable prices, Generation Tux is our perfect match. We hope you feel the same!

Generation Tux vs. In-Store Shopping

If this is your first time considering online suit rentals, we want you to understand the benefits compared to in-store shopping! Like shopping online for bridesmaid dresses, it's more convenient, efficient, and you have more style options. Check out the comparison chart below to see which shopping experience better suits your expectations.

Generation Tux

Delivered to your house 14 days prior to your event.

Attire is delivered to your house 14 days prior to event.

Return 3 days after event.

Modern and slim styles available to fit your taste (and free replacements!)

Automatically be sized (from home) through eTailor's fit technology.

Automatically be sized (from home) through eTailor's fit technology algorithm.

Easy event tracking with automated alerts and reminders.

Convenient shopping, with perks like: free shipping and try ons.

In-Store Rentals

Visit store to pick up attire 24-48 hours prior to event.

Return 1 day after event.

Outdated, boxy fit. A one-size-fits-all approach (that doesn't fit all).

Time consuming store visit for accurate measurements and sizing.

Numerous phone calls and follow-ups from store workers.

Multiple store visits, pickups, and inefficient processes.

Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid and GenTux Groomsmen Inspiration

If you're thinking that Generation Tux may be for you, we'd love to show you some inspiration! We've paired some of our most popular Kennedy Blue bridesmaid dress styles and colors with our favorite suits and tuxedos. So, check out the photos below for bridesmaid and groomsmen inspiration!

1. Kennedy Blue Spice Bridesmaid Dresses + Blue Suit

Our up-and-coming bridesmaid dress color, Spice, is turning the heads of many 2021/22 brides! This stunning rust color looks breathtaking next to a groomsman in blue. We recommend choosing the Mystic Blue Suit by Generation Tux if you've chosen 'Spice' for your bridesmaids.

2. Kennedy Blue Emerald Bridesmaid Dresses + Black Tuxedo

Jewel tones are so in, and we can't blame you! Our rich emerald green bridesmaid dresses look breathtaking year-round, but especially during the cooler months. Pictured below are our styles Bailey, Milly, Haley, and Amelia - all featured in emerald. To finish any elegant jewel-tone look, we recommend the groomsmen to wear the Black Notch Lapel Tuxedo by Generation Tux.

3. Kennedy Blue Desert Rose Bridesmaid Dresses + Gray Suit

One of our top wedding colors for spring and summer, Desert Rose deserves a spot on the inspiration list! Featured in one of our new styles, Shannon, this romantic pink hue looks stunning across venues. Though it looks stunning next to many suit colors, we're especially loving its pairing with Generation Tux's Iron Gray Suit.

4. Kennedy Blue Bordeaux Bridesmaid Dresses + Blue Suit

Burgundy bridesmaids dresses are always in style, and will be for years to come! This timeless, mature color complements everyone in the bridal party. For a classy look, pair our bordeaux bridesmaid dresses with Generation Tux's Mystic Blue Suit.

5. Kennedy Blue Moss Bridesmaid Dresses + Gray Suit

Moss bridesmaid dresses are on the rise, and for a good reason! This stunning pale green color is taking over spring and summer weddings with its airy, fairytale hue. Featured below in our new 'Sophie' style, moss looks perfect paired with the Iron Gray Suit by Generation Tux.

Popular Groomsmen and Groom Suits and Tuxedos

Want to see more styles offered by Generation Tux? View the collection and get started with your free try on here, or browse the suits and tuxedos below! These styles are classic, yet modern, with slim fits and sleek lines.

Trending Suits for the Groom (& his guys)

Offered in a variety of colors and fits, there's a suit that complements every Kennedy Blue bridesmaid dress. We're so excited to see which style you decide to pair - you literally can't go wrong!

Classy Tuxedos for the Groom (& his guys)

If you're looking for a more classic, elegant wedding look, these tuxedos are your answer! Wondering the difference between the suits and tuxedos? This formal look includes satin trim accents, as well as extra accessories - like cufflinks and shirt studs. Check out some of the most popular styles below, available in modern and slim fits.

Find Your Favorite Men's Wedding Attire

Are you ready to find your perfect groom and groomsmen attire? Get started by creating an account here, and see how Generation Tux works in greater detail. You'll have the opportunity to receive a free try on, free color swatches, and more! We can't wait to see you pair these classy suits with your Kennedy Blue bridesmaid dresses!

Please reach out to us for any Kennedy Blue coordination questions. Or, if you have any questions regarding Generation Tux's suits and tuxedos, send an email here. We look forward to seeing your stunning wedding party looks!

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