At Home Try-On FAQ


Is Kennedy Blue available to try on in a store near me?

Part of what makes Kennedy Blue so special is that it is currently sold exclusively at the Wedding Shoppe, Inc. in St. Paul, MN. The At Home Try-On program is offered so that you and your entire bridal party can still try on Kennedy Blue  dresses all across the country!

How do I place a At Home Try-On Order?

Visit our Bridesmaids At Home Try-On page to find the sample bridesmaid dresses you would like to order. Or check out our Bridal At Home Try-On page to find sample wedding dresses. You can select the sample dresses you want to try by simply placing your order through the shopping cart. Once your order is placed, we'll deliver the samples directly to you!

Can I place an At Home Try-On order with an international address? What about Hawaii and Alaska or PO boxes?

Unfortunately, because the At Home Try-On process is so timely, we are only able to ship these orders in the continental U.S. and are unable to ship to PO boxes for this reason as well. If we receive an order with an address outside of the United States or a PO box, we will have to decline the order.

If you are looking to order Kennedy Blue dresses and are outside of the continental U.S. we would recommend having your measurements taken professionally and comparing them to our size chart to determine the size that will fit you best. Keep in mind, it is always better to order the dress a little bigger because they can be taken in easily, but can only be let out a small amount. If you have questions about sizing or would like recommendations on what size would fit you best, we are always happy to help! Contact us at or 651-294-7199 M-F 10 AM-4 PM CST. 

I found a style that I’d love to try, but you don’t have a sample available in the color I want. How do I know what the color will really look like?

We understand that your wedding color scheme is important! You want your decor, bridesmaids, and groomsmen to be color coordinated. Luckily, we offer color swatches for order as well! If the sample isn't available in the color you want to purchase the dress in, simply add your swatch(es) to your cart as well and we'll send them along with your samples. You can then get a feel for what the color will look like and keep the swatch(es) for all your other wedding planning needs. If you'd like to see a dress in the color you'll be purchasing, feel free to email us ( to see if we've got any images of dresses in that specific color! 

I found a style that I love, but you don't have a sample available in the size I want to try. What do I do?

Since the dresses are samples, they can end up getting stretched out a bit, therefore we do not recommend using the At Home Try-On service to solely determine your size. We recommend following our measurement guide and sizing chart to determine your perfect size. If the sample you have requested is not available in the size you're measuring to, we recommend ordering a size or two up and asking a friend to hold the dress or clip it in the back in order for you to see how the dress will look. If you're still questioning what size to order, we're happy to help!

I found a style that I love, but when I click the size/color that I want it says "Out of Stock," what does this mean?

This means that that particular size and color is out with another customer right now. Check back in about a week or so and the dress should be back in stock for you. If you want a dress right away, we would recommend ordering a different color or one size up, if possible, and pinning the dress to fit you or having a friend hold it in the back while trying on if it's a bit too big. We do send a measuring tape along with each order, so if the sample dress doesn't quite fit, you can take your bust, waist and hip measurements and compare them to our size chart to determine what size will fit you best. Keep in mind, it is always better to have the dress a little big, than small because the dresses can be taken in much more than they can be let out. 

For information on how to take your measurements, visit our measurement guide for instructions. 

I have multiple bridesmaids that would like to try on the same dress size and style and they're all over the country. Do you offer a shipping program for this?

If your girls live close enough to one another, we highly recommend getting everyone together for a try-on party! However, if your girls are all over the country, each of your bridesmaids are able to place an order and have it shipped to them for try-on where they are!


How long until my dresses ship after I place my order?

Your dresses will typically ship out within 24-48 business hours. Once they have been shipped, you will receive an email with tracking information so you can know exactly when to expect your package! 

How do I know when my 3-day period begins?

Day one of your 3-day period begins the day after you receive the dresses! We have access to all of the USPS information, so each of our At Home Try-On kits is being tracked on a daily basis. That way we know when they were delivered to you and when they were shipped back to Kennedy Blue. Your dresses should be placed in the provided shipping bag with the prepaid shipping label and put in the mail back to us on the 3rd day. If your 3rd day happens to fall on a Sunday or a holiday, they should be placed in the mail the following day.

What happens if I have the dresses for more than 3 days?

If you keep the dresses for more than the allowed 3 day period, there will be a fee of $10 per day, per dress for 5 days. After those 5 days, if the dresses have not yet been shipped back, you will be charged two times the full retail value of the dress. 

However, we totally understand that things come up in life so if you need the dress(es) for an extra day or two, please just call or email us right away and we'd be happy to accommodate you.

How do I go about shipping my dresses back to you?

We make it extremely easy to ship your sample dresses back to us. In your package along with your dresses, you will find a shipping bag with a prepaid shipping label. Simply place your dresses in the bag and drop it in the mail on the 3rd day! 

Do I need to return everything that was sent to me? (Dresses, swatches, measuring tape, etc.)

The only items that need to be returned to Kennedy Blue are the dresses. The swatches, measuring tape, and anything else in your kit is yours to keep!

Once the dresses are shipped, how long will they take to get to me?

All of our At Home Try-On kits are shipped out as Priority Mail for delivery in approx. 3-5 business days. However, due to holidays, weather, and other postal interference's, USPS is not always able to guarantee this time frame and once it leaves our facility, it is out of our hands.

Cost & Payment

How much does the At Home Try-On program cost with shipping? 

Wedding Dress Samples are $25 per dress and bridesmaid dress At Home Try-On orders are $10 per dress. Shipping is free! Your package will include a pre-paid shipping label to mail the dress(es) back.


Can the cost of my At Home Try-On be applied to my final dress order? 

The reason that our sample dresses have a fee is to help us cover the costs of two-way shipping. In fact, that price doesn't even cover those costs, so although that money cannot be applied to your final order, you are getting a good deal!

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