White Bridesmaid Dresses

Wow your guests with white bridesmaid dresses! Sizes 00-32.

Turn Heads with White Bridesmaid Dresses

Can bridesmaids wear white bridesmaid dresses? Of course! Though you may not see it often, white bridesmaid dresses are traditional, dating back hundreds of years. And the white bridal party look is gaining popularity once again! It's the perfect way to achieve a classic, cohesive wedding look - and white truly is timeless. It creates a fresh aesthetic that is elegant and airy. Find a bunch of different styles, including long white bridesmaid dresses and dresses with darling cowl necks. Your bridal party will feel beautiful in their favorite white bridesmaid dress style! Plus, coordinate your group perfectly with white groomsmen ties, bowties, and pocket squares.

Off-White Bridesmaid Dresses for a Neutral Wedding Color Palette

Love the idea of a white bridal party look, but want your white wedding dress to stand out? Choosing off-white bridesmaid dresses is the perfect option!

Important Tip: Is your wedding dress an off-white color, such as Ivory or Blush? If so, you should opt for off-white bridesmaid dresses rather than pure white. Otherwise, your dress might appear dull or yellow when standing to a bright white bridesmaid dress!

What Size White Bridesmaid Dress Do I Wear?

Wondering what your ideal bridesmaid dress might be? We offer an extensive selection that caters to every size, from 00-32. While our dresses typically align well with standard sizing, it's always a good idea to check the bridesmaid dress size chart for your best match. For the younger members of your wedding party, we have dresses designed specifically for junior bridesmaids. And, for bridesmaids who are soon-to-be moms, we've got stunning white maternity dresses that will make them look and feel wonderful!

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