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18 Ways to Celebrate Your 'First Date' as Newlyweds

Making time for your significant other is such an important part of any relationship and really keeps that romantic spark going! Getting married doesn’t mean that the romance is over. In fact, it’s only just begun! After the whole stress of wedding planning, it’s time for you and your husband/wife (isn’t that so fun to say!?) to treat yourself to some relaxation, fun, and alone time together. Not sure what to do for your 'first date' night as newlyweds? Whether you plan something for the day after the wedding or a couple weeks out, check out our list of ideas that are fun, easy, affordable, and perfect for unwinding after the big day! P.S. Don't forget to take some selfies on your first date as husband and wife.

18 Ways to Celebrate Your 'First Date' as Newlyweds

Perfect ‘First Date’ Ideas for Newlyweds!

Try Something New - What better way to celebrate a new marriage than by learning/trying something new together!? Whether it’s a dance class, skydiving, a cooking class, rollerblading, or even just a new restaurant you’ve been dying to try, what better time than the present?

Read Through Your Guest Book - You probably weren’t able to get to talk to all of your guests as much as you may have liked to, so take some time with your hubby, grab a glass of champagne, and read through your guest book together. If you did anything fun like “advice for the couple” or wedding ad-libs, this is the perfect time to go through those as well!

Revisit Your First Date Location - How fun would it be to have your first date night as newlyweds to be at the same place you had your first date? Or got engaged? Or first said “I love you”? Super cheesy, but also super romantic.

Open Wedding Gifts - It’s so much fun to receive gifts for birthdays or holidays and your wedding is no different. Spend an afternoon/evening opening all of your presents, but please please please remember to write down who gave you what!

Indulge in a Drink - After all is said and done, go find a nice, cozy bar (or an upbeat, rowdy one!) and just sit down and enjoy a drink. Or four. In fact, order the most expensive cocktail on the menu, because after all, you DEFINITELY deserve it.

18 Ways to Celebrate Your 'First Date' as Newlyweds

Movie Night - Don’t make this your usual movie night. If you’re going to do it, do it up big! Grab 2-3 of your favorites or new ones you’ve been dying to see (Redbox and Netflix are my go-to’s). Then, hit up the gas station and buy ALL of your movie snacking essentials. Chocolates, candy, ice cream, popcorn, fountain soda’s, pizza rolls, etc. Hey, no one said it’s healthy, but it sure is a heck of a lot of fun!

Cook a Meal - Because nothing says “love” like good food and full bellies. Prepare a new meal (or one of your favorites) together and enjoy your first homemade meal as husband and wife. My recommendation? Pizza! See who makes the more more unique and delicious one!

Road Trip - One of my favorite things is to just get in the car and drive! Grab your partner, pick up some road snacks, turn on some tunes and take a mini-road trip to wherever your wheels take you! Make it just a day-long event or even a full weekend.

Comedy Show - You’re probably in need of a good laugh. Like, one of those, “I literally just piddled a little bit” laughs. 

Spa Date - How AMAZING does a massage sound right now? Book a couple’s spa day for a full afternoon of rest, relaxation, and pampering.

Outdoor Picnic - How sweet and romantic right? Besides, what’s not to love about a little wine, cheese, the outdoors, and spending time with your hubby/wife!?

Seasonal Outing - If you live in a super seasonal state like I do (good ol’ Minnesota) then seasonal outings are the perfect date idea. I’m talking apple picking, ice skating, a corn maze, a beach day, etc.

18 Ways to Celebrate Your 'First Date' as Newlyweds

Get Active - It’s a great stress reliever and your bodies will probably appreciate a good workout. Hit up the gym or go for a peaceful bike ride outdoors.

Binge Watch a New Show - How many of you are guilty of doing this way more regularly than you should!? I know I am. Pick a random show On Demand, Hulu, or Netflix and see how many episodes you can get through on a Sunday afternoon. My personal suggestion? If you haven’t seen Scandal…start it NOW.

Star Gaze - Awww how romantic, right!? It actually really is. Grab a blanket, the hood of your car, the back of a pick-up or whatever suits your fancy and just lay back and enjoy the night sky.

Karaoke Night - Even if you don't have the best voice, you guys will have fun bonding over sour notes, a classic duet, and mutual embarrassment.

Backyard Campout - One of my favorite things to do with the bf is to sit in the backyard, light up a bonfire, and just hang out beneath the stars. If you’re up for the adventure, set up a tent and all! 

Farmers Market - Take a trip to your local farmers market and stock up on some fresh food, flowers for your home, and maybe consider even starting a small herb garden with your hubby?

Q&A Date - Have you seen those Q&A games on google or Pinterest that test your knowledge about each other? It’s actually a super fun idea so give it a go! Make it into a full game night with some of your favorite board games and card games as well.

What Are Your Date Night Ideas?

18 Ways to Celebrate Your 'First Date' as Newlyweds

Making sure that you and your spouse make time for each other is SO important in maintaining a healthy relationship. Whether you simply watch a movie together or go on an extravagant adventure, do whatever it is that you enjoy doing as a couple.

So now that you’ve heard some of my newlywed date night ideas, I want to hear some of yours! What is you and your spouses perfect idea of a date? Have you planned out what your ‘first date’ will be as newlyweds? Leave a comment below — we’d love to hear your ideas!

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