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Tips and Tricks to Loosen Up In Front of the Camera

Picture this: It’s your wedding day, and you and your partner are about to take your wedding photography portraits. Is your stomach full of butterflies just after visualizing this scenario? Nerves surrounding your wedding-related photo shoots are totally normal, as you’ve been eagerly anticipating your engagement and wedding photo shoots for as long as you can remember.  Unfortunately as the dates approach, the fears of not not-so-great pictures from not being able to relax in front of the camera grow. To erase the potential of uncomfortably stiff poses and less than pleasant facial expressions from your mind, we’ve compiled a great list of engagement picture ideas, tips for wedding photography poses, and other tricks to loosen up in front of the camera. 

How to take the best engagement and wedding photos! | Tips and Tricks to Loosen Up In Front of the Camera

General Wedding Photography Poses & Tricks:

Get to Know Your Photographer: To be comfortable with your photographer, it’s super important to have multiple, honest conversations with him or her. Ask plenty of questions about his or her photography style, but also more in-depth questions that allow you to get to know him or her as a person. How did he or she get involved in photography? It’s also not a bad idea to express your concerns of appearing uncomfortable or nervous on camera with the photographer so that he or she can be aware. It’s very likely that other couples have felt the same way, and since a photographer is a professional, he or she is a great resource to utilize for help. Be open and ask questions like, “What makes a couple easy to photograph?”

Prepare and Practice: If you’re looking to loosen up in front of the camera, pick some wedding photography poses that you like in advance with your fiancé – the perfect excuse to spend some serious time on Pinterest! Having some go-to poses in the back of your mind will ease any fears of standing in an awkward or unflattering manner. Remember that your photographer will also have plenty of pose suggestions, as well, and you can always show them a peek of your ideas beforehand too. Once you’ve scrolled through Pinterest and decided on some of your favorite poses to keep in mind, try practicing with your partner. Though it may seem a little ridiculous, standing in front of a mirror and practicing coordinating your bodies will make the second time around feel much more comfortable. 

Engagement Photo Tricks:

Close to Home: Another trick to loosen up in front of the camera for engagement pictures is to take your photos in a familiar location. Is there a place that holds a special place in the two of your hearts? Do you love drinking coffee at that favorite cafe of yours? Let your photographer know about your engagement picture ideas! The more you can mimic an everyday activity with your partner, such as strolling the streets of your favorite city stretch, the more likely your photos will capture the honest romance between you two. 

Tips on how to take the best engagement and wedding photos! | Tips and Tricks to Loosen Up In Front of the Camera

Pretend You’re Celebrities: As silly as it may sound, adjusting your mindset to think of a photographer following you two around is normal may put the two of you at ease. The more you can think of the experience as common, the more likely genuineness in your facial expressions will shine through. Play a little, and remember to make the most of your star treatment while it lasts!

Have Fun and Laugh a Little: To diminish any pressure of capturing the perfect engagement pictures, another idea is to do something fun for your engagement photos. An exciting or sweet activity will help the two of you relax and encourage natural interaction to be captured on camera. If you and your partner are truly enjoying your time together, it’s bound to show through in your photographs. Try taking a romantic rowboat out for a spin or walking around a farmer’s market. An engagement photo shoot isn’t an entirely natural occurrence, so if it’s okay if it’s a little uncomfortable. If you’re feeling dorky posing in a certain manner, don’t be afraid to laugh it out. A genuine laugh shared between you and your husband-to-be makes for a great moment on film, and it will also help the two of you feel at ease.

A how-to on how to take the best engagement and wedding photos! | Tips and Tricks to Loosen Up In Front of the Camera

Wedding Day Photo Tricks:

The Power of Two: When it comes to loosening up for your wedding portraits, remember that you’re in it together. My guess is there’s no one in the world you’d rather be taking pictures with, so utilize the energy of your partner to put your worries to rest. When it gets uncomfortable, think about how much these photos will mean to the two of you in the long run.

Revel in the Romance: Your wedding day is surely one of the romantic experiences of your life, so do your best to consciously soak in the magic between you two. When a photographer is up close and personal with the two of you, try your best to get lost in your partner’s eyes. When the two of you are asked to kiss, pretend that the photographer isn’t even there.

Don’t Be So Serious: Weddings are a celebration, so remember to smile big for your wedding portraits. While some close-mouthed, more serious portraits are beautiful, don’t force it if those facial expressions don’t come easily to you. Allow yourself to radiate the joy that marrying your best friend provides, and your photographs will turn out beautifully.

Relax and have fun taking your engagement and wedding photos! | Tips and Tricks to Loosen Up In Front of the Camera

As your engagement and wedding pictures are some of the most important photographs you’ll ever be taking, it’s important to feel excited and ready for each session. After all, these photographs are the ones that will fill albums and hang on your walls for years to come. You want to be proud of your wedding photographs so that you will be able to cherish the memories, share them on wedding blogs, and show them to your grandchildren some day. Try your best to calm your mind before each photo session, and rest assured knowing that as long as you focus on your partner and trust your photographer, things are going to turn out perfectly. With these tips for wedding photography poses, engagement photo ideas, and tips to relax in front of the camera, your photographs are surely going to take your breath away.

Let's Chat! Do you have any additional tips or tricks that you used while taking your engagement or wedding day photos? We would love to hear them! Let us know in the comments section below.

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