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18 Sentimental Wedding Gifts for the Newlyweds

Wedding registries are a standard practice, but some people may find themselves wanting to get the happy couple something a little bit more meaningful and unique compared to the variety of crockpots and sheet sets that the couple will be receiving.

Wedding Gift Ideas for the Couple

If you're looking for unique wedding gift ideas that are fun and creative, check out our list of 15 wedding gift ideas that they're bound to love! From personalized home decor to kitchen items, we've got something that's perfect for every couple. We'll also answer your questions about wedding gift etiquette, to include how much to spend on a wedding gift as well as what to write in a wedding card. Let's get started!

*This is a post that contains affiliate links through Etsy. While we can receive commission through affiliate links, opinions are entirely our own.*

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas for The Newlyweds

1. Personalized Engraved Drink Coasters | $12+ 

Custom Engraved Marble Coasters | Avadir and Co

The perfect addition to any home, these chic drink coasters make a unique wedding gift idea! Featuring that marble look that's a timeless classic, these coasters offer a huge range of options for personalization. They're also amazingly affordable. This wedding gift idea would make for a perfect sentimental wedding gift from a best friend.

2. Personalized Wedding Memory Box


Wedding Memory Box

Engraved Wedding Memory Box

The absolute perfect sentimental wedding gift! If your couple loves to look back at special memories, the engraved wedding box is such a thoughtful gift. They can store everything from photos to their wedding invitations for years to come.

3. Wedding Ring Dish Set Gift | $68+

Ring Dish Set for Couple | Sentimental Wedding Gifts for Couple Kennedy Blue

Ring Dish Set | Promise Pottery

This his and hers ring dish set is the perfect gift for the bride and groom! (Also available in different gender combinations!) The chic white background with modern print will easily fit into any kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom scheme. This is a practical gift, as removing rings will prolong the life of the couple's cherished jewelry.

4. Personalized Couple's Holiday Ornament | $17 

Custom Holiday Ornament | The Rustic Forest Shop

A personalized holiday ornament is a sentimental way for the couple to remember their wedding day during the holiday season! Engraved with the couple's name as well as their marriage date, the couple will cherish this ornament every year. It's an excellent option if you're looking for a thoughtful wedding gift that's also affordable.

5. Personalized Engraved Cutting Board | $39+

Engraved Cutting Board

Personalized Cutting Board | Straga Cutting Boards

These gorgeously engraved cutting boards will class up the couple's first dinner parties as a married pair. You can customize the board with their shared last name or even both of their first names, and include the year that the two married! Available in many wood varieties, you can even customize the size.

6. Milestone Wine Labels Wedding Gift | $18+

Personalized Wine Bottle

Customized Milestone Wine Labels | Label With Love

When a couple marries, they're looking forward to their future. Surprise them with a unique gift to cherish for years to come! These customizable milestone labels can be added to any bottle of wine you purchase, and will help to celebrate some of the major moments in the couple’s life.

7. Wedding Gallery Photo Frames | $192+

Gallery Wall Photo Frames

Gallery Photo Frames | Wall & Design

These fun and stylish frames are perfect for displaying a couple's new wedding photos (or art that they enjoy.) You can help them take the hassle out of trying to display their new images with these gallery frames!

8. Personalized Lyric Canvas | $55+

Lyric Canvas for Couple | Sentimental Wedding Gifts for Couple Kennedy Blue

Custom Lyric Wall Art | Ariana K Home

Every couple has their favorite love song, and this is the perfect way to commemorate that! If you're looking for a unique wedding gift, this is it. This elegant wooden canvas is fully customizable to perfectly fit in with the couple's home.

9. Personalized Beer Glasses and Growler | $55+


Personalized Pint Glasses and Growler | Alterd Industries

We all know at least one couple who enjoys hanging out at local breweries or sampling different craft beers. If your couple fits this bill, then these personalized pint glasses are perfect! This is an excellent wedding gift for men, so if it's the groom you're closer to, this may be a good bet.

10. Customizable Photo Album Wedding Gift | $62+

Photo Album for Couple | Sentimental Wedding Gifts for Couple Kennedy Blue
Customizable Photo Album | Wood Present Studio

This high-quality, customizable photo album is made out of wood and leather, so you know it's the real deal! The couple will have lots of pictures to print out after their honeymoon, so this album will be put to good use. You can choose the number of photo pages to include, as well as whether you prefer light or dark wood.

11. Personalized Night Light | $34+

Personalized Night Light | Mini Decor Shop

Light up the new couple's home with a soft, warm glow. There is an option to showcase the couple's last name, or their first names - with a few stylish font choices as well. Because this night light is incredibly customizable, you can make it as heartfelt as you want.

12. Love Story Frame | $25

Couples Love Story Map

Love Story Couple's Map | Modern Map Art

This one-of-a-kind home decor features maps of where the couple first met, where they got engaged, and where they got married! We love how personal this particular love story decorative piece is - no one else will have something like it! They can hang it in their home and cherish for years to come.

13. Engraved Spoons Wedding Gift | $30


Custom Wedding Ice Cream Spoons | Mountain Bird Banners

If you love ice cream as much as we do, then you can totally understand why these stamped spoons are the perfect wedding present! With 4 different sizes available, these spoons are sentimental, decorative, and practical.

14. Custom Last Name Wooden Decor | $19+


Married Couple Wooden Sign | Sentimental Wedding Gifts for Couple Kennedy Blue
Custom Wooden Decor | My Custom Gallery

Now that the couple is starting their new life together in matrimony, they may have chosen to take one partner's last name. What better way to commemorate the unity than a wooden frame that featuring their new last name and wedding date?

15. Custom Metal Wedding Photo Art | $58+


Wedding Photo Frame for Wedding GiftMetal Wall Art | SomethingPromised

This beautiful wooden backdrop with a custom-printed piece of metal wall art features a photograph of your choice, and will be cherished by the couple for years. You even have the option to overlay custom text over top, such as a quote or wedding date.

16. Personalized Welcome Mat

Welcome Mat

Personalized Newlywed Welcome Mat

Especially if the newlyweds have a new house or apartment, this personalized welcome mat is such a fun wedding gift! It'll make their place together feel more like home - and it will be fun to have out when guests come over.

17. Custom Painting of the Newlyweds

Custom Painting

Newlyweds Painting for Wedding Gift

For a very special wedding gift, consider getting a custom painted portrait! This beautiful watercolor portrait is affordable and so thoughtful - it's a keepsake they'll look back on forever!

18. Date Cards for Couples

Date Night Ideas

Date Night Ideas for the Newlyweds

Give a gift that keeps on giving! This box features a year of date night ideas that will inspire the newlyweds to stay in the honeymoon phase. They'll absolutely love having fun plans for their first year of marriage.

Wedding Gift Etiquette

Many people have questions about wedding gift etiquette, such as how much to spend on a wedding gift as well as what to write in a wedding card. We've got you covered with our tips and ideas!

First, how much should you spend on a wedding gift? We've seen a huge range, but the average is typically between $50-$200. This doesn't mean you should feel pressured to do so, but knowing what others spend can be helpful. 

  • Don't Spend More Than You Comfortably Can: Despite the range, it's important that you don't go over your budget. We've suggested some affordable wedding gift ideas above, so try these.
  • Go In On a Group Gift: This is a great way to get the happy couple something upscale without hurting your budget. It's also a fun way to feel close with some of the other wedding guests. 
  • Consider How Close You Are With the Couple: A wedding gift from the couple's parents might have a higher price tag than a wedding gift from a distant relative or coworker. 

Additional Wedding Gift Etiquette:

  • Send the Gift Within Two Months of the Wedding Date: This could mean before or after the wedding!
  • Ship the Gift Directly to the Couple: Although traditionally, people brought the gifts to the wedding physically, this practice is going out of fashion. Many couples leave a card box out during the wedding, but there is too often no place for gifts. 

Custom Wedding Ice Cream Spoons | Mountain Bird Banners

What to Write in a Wedding Card

Offering your heartfelt wedding wishes to the couple is just important as selecting the perfect wedding gift. But what message should be written in the wedding card? If you get writers block and you'd like help with the perfect thing to pen, we've got you covered for writing a sweet wedding card message.

 Our best advice for writing a wedding card message is to be yourself! If you aren't comfortable writing a formal message, then don't. Allow the message to reflect your authentic relationship to the couple. 

Personalized Wedding Card | Sentimental Wedding Gifts for Couple Kennedy Blue

Here are some examples of what to write as part of your wedding congratulations...

Informal Wedding Messages

  • Congratulations on your wedding!
  • I'm so happy for you!
  • I am so excited to celebrate with you!

    Formal Wedding Messages

    • May the years ahead be filled with joy.
    • Wishing you health and happiness as you begin your years together.
    • Thank you for letting me share with you in the joy of this special day.

    Funny Wedding Messages

    • Congrats on finding one person to annoy for the rest of your life.
    • Thanks for the free drinks!
    • Congratulations on making me bawl my eyes out today!

      Heartfelt Wedding Messages

      • I feel so much love radiating from the both of you, and I'm so happy I got to witness it today.
      • I couldn't be happier to celebrate your new partnership!
      • Love is the greatest blessing - count yourself blessed! 

        Whatever type of wedding congratulations you choose to give, make it reflect your real feelings. Your wedding congratulations message should sound like you.

        Which Wedding Gift Idea is Your Favorite?

        We're super inspired by all of these fun and unique wedding gift ideas that are perfect for newlyweds! Did you receive something super sentimental for you wedding day that you absolutely loved? What meaningful wedding gifts would you suggest? If you're attending a wedding or are part of the bridal party, what do you plan to get the soon-to-be bride and groom?

        What wedding congratulations message do you recommend writing in a wedding card? Let us know in the comments below - we'd love to hear your ideas for the perfect wedding gift!

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        Ian Clyde
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        Sara Frederick
        May 09, 2017 22:03

        You have posted some great wedding gift ideas. I think the world map print would be perfect in a new apartment or home. One thing that I like to buy for newly married couples is monogrammed bedding, pillows or towels. I have discovered an Etsy shop that creates some beautiful custom designed items that are affordable and treasured.
        I am posting the website for your readers.

        April 14, 2017 20:20

        An anniversary sundial is a good idea, it is a clock that tells time using the sun. We have one that is made of glass, and it sits indoors on the window sill and makes rainbows in the family room when the sun shines. It was handmade just for us with a special date line that the time shadow follows on our anniversary day each year, and there is a mark on that line that the shadow touches at the actual moment of our ceremony. We’ve had it for several years and it works great – I think it is one of the best wedding or anniversary gifts that I have ever heard of! I don’t remember what it is called exactly, but you can find it online with a search for anniversary sundial or rainbow sundial. They have gift certificates that you can buy and receive the same day via email, and we give them for wedding gifts when we have to travel.

        Ellie Jackson
        February 12, 2016 14:09

        Oh my gosh I love the recipe cutting board. Made me a little teary. A perfect gift especially from the chef in the family! I have another one to share. My husband gave me a sketch of my wedding dress and his suit. I have just purchased one for a wedding I am in. I may have to also look into the cutting board. :)

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