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12 Easy Ways To Re-Style A Bridesmaid Dress

Wedding season is here and we're excited to help you put together some great outfit ideas to attend your loved ones big day! Re-wearing your bridesmaid dresses is something that most people think is impossible, but we're here to show that it's not! In fact, they might become more of your everyday wear and who doesn't love having extra pieces to add to their wardrobe?  Although this task can be a little bit daunting, don't worry -- we'll help to get those creative ideas flowing! From short lace styles to long chiffon bridesmaid dresses we have tons of ideas for re-wearing those old gowns. But if you're looking for something fun and new, our in-stock Addison and Chloe dresses are only $99! They are great for any occasion and super easy to add your own personal style to. So rather than shoving them into the back of your closet, we'll show you how to re-style your bridesmaid dresses into some new outfits you'll love!   

The Best Style Ideas For Wedding Guest Attire 

The best wedding guest attire are the outfits that are subtle and chic with a little bit of fun! Our styles have a mixture of just that. We've come up with fun styles that you can wear to a wedding, out on a date, or even just out for a casual stroll. 

Short Lace Dresses

Kennedy Blue Harper Re-Styled

 Nothing is more difficult than trying to figure out how to re-wear those short lace bridesmaid dresses you have in the back of your closet. They're cute, but seem a little dressy for everyday wear, don't they? This lace Harper dress is perfect for a fun date or a day out with your girls. If you have a wedding you're attending soon and the dress code is a little more casual, this will be the best look to go with. Consider adding a jacket over your dress that creates a cinched in waist. It gives it a whole new look! While this style may be better for fall days or breezy summer nights, you can switch out the jacket for a lighter one or go with a vest. Throw on some cute wedges or sandals to match the jacket and you've got a great new outfit to add to your collection! 

Kennedy Blue Laura Bridesmaid Dress Re-Styled For Everyday Wear

 We all know how popular a classic, strapless bridesmaid dress is so it's not uncommon for many of us to have a similar style in the back of our closets, like our Laura dress for example. With a little mixing and matching of some of the items you already have, a strapless style can be formed into pretty much any look you want! We're shocked just as much as we are!  

Luckily, there are many unique ways to transform those strapless dresses you have into something that you'll be able to wear again! Just to name a few, here are some of our favorite ideas:  

  • Add a cotton button up to make it even more fashionable by tying it at the center instead of buttoning it. 
  • Add jewelry to add a pop of color if the dress is more neutral.  
  • Shoes can really determine the look of your strapless dress. A heel or wedge will spruce it up while a sandal or flat will keep it casual and classy. 

Kennedy Blue Harper Re-Styled For a Bachelorette Party or a Bridal Shower

 A short, lace white or ivory bridesmaid dress is a perfect look for your own bachelorette party! If not, here are some great styles to check out. The bachelorette party is a night that's full of fun (and crazy) times with your best gal pals so looking top-notch on your bachelorette day/night is a must! Depending on the theme you are having for the celebration, you can't go wrong with a stylish hat and subtle jewelry. They both are a super stylish and trendy look that will spice up your dress. Not to mention it's a really easy way to do so. We styled our Harper dress for this look and it's flawless!  

This look is also great for a bridal shower! Add some of your favorite jewelry and a pair of heels to finish off the look. If you're into the more timeless style, wear heels that match the color of your hat to tie it all together. If you like a more creative feel to your look, mix and match the colors of your hat and shoes. Either one will make you the center of attention all day and night! 

Kennedy Blue Charlotte Gown Re-Styled For a Themed Party

 This look is a super fun way to take a traditional dress and make it something completely different! We featured our Charlotte gown by adding a flannel to this white lace dress with a pair of cowboy boots will make this style look super fun and somewhat country. This is a great option if you have a themed wedding, party, or bachelorette. Depending on the color dresses you have, this outfit is a super fun style to wear at a bachelorette party whether you are the soon-to-be Mrs. or one of the 'maids. Your new re-styled outfit will have girls asking where you got your fun ensemble! This look is also a great day-to-night style. You're bound to turn heads either way!

Kennedy Blue Harper Re-Styled For a Wedding

 A fun and easy way to accessorize your old bridesmaid dresses is by adding a blazer over it. Our dress we styled is the Harper gown. One of our favorites! This is the perfect way to turn your outfit from a bridesmaid dress into a semi-formal ensemble for a wedding. It's also easy to remove the blazer for when you are going to break it down on the dance floor with your best friends! It's classy, chic, and super easy to put together. This outfit can also be a great option for work during the week! 

Kennedy Blue Londyn Re-Styled For Everyday Wear

 We all know that making a formal outfit more casual isn't the easiest thing to do, but one of our favorites is to throw your hair up into a pony tail or bun and add a printed scarf to your apparel like we did with the Londyn dress. Match that with a casual sandal or flat and you have a great daytime look for any activity! 

Kennedy Blue Laura Re-Styled For Everyday Wear

 This ensemble is another great one that could potentially go from daytime to nighttime and who doesn't love that? It makes getting ready for the day so much easier and helps you save on time later on by not having to do an outfit change before going out. Yes, please! Denim vests are one of the best options in re-creating your own look with the dresses you have because it allows you to dress it up or down in a simple and easy way and we used ours on the classy Laura gown. Casual looks with a flare of style will have you looking like the fashionista that you are. 

Short Chiffon Dresses

Kennedy Blue Addison Re-Styled For a Fun Day Out

 Short chiffon dresses are super fun for warmer weather and have endless options as to how you can style them! The fun and flowy aspect of a chiffon dress, like our Addison one we featured, can make for an elegant, classy look or for a fun and flirty one! Try wearing a tank top over the dress and knotting or tying it in the back to make it look like a skirt. Or if you have a crop top, try that as well! The easiest dress to re-style is a strapless one and our in-stock Addison's are a perfect style to add to your wardrobe!  We're pretty sure many girls have tons of tank tops in their closets, so this is a fun one to play around with to see what works and what doesn’t work. Add your favorite necklace or bracelet and you have another fun outfit to add to your wardrobe without any extra cost! 

Kennedy Blue Sienna Re-Styled For a Fun Wedding or Holiday

 Sometimes jewelry is all we need to really change an outfit into something completely different! A big chunky necklace with a high-illusion neckline, like our Sienna dress, will be the perfect touch to that gown you've had for years. If you don't have any statement necklace's, adding a belt to the gown can also spice up the outfit and make it feel less bridesmaid-y. Adding some bling to your apparel, whether it is your favorite necklace, belt, or shoe will allow it to be dressy enough to wear to another wedding without looking like you are re-wearing a bridesmaid dress. This look is also fun to play with for holiday parties and fun nights out with your girls! 

Kennedy Blue Addison Re-Styled For a Fun Classic Sun Dress Look

 If you're looking for a new summer dress, grab those ensembles you wore in a wedding and get ready to spruce it up! You're probably thinking that those dresses are way too fancy to make into a sun dress, but we've come up with a great and easy style we think you will love! A floral print crop top or shirt over the gown is super trendy and cute for the warm weather! In addition to the top, cute wedges and your favorite jewelry will make this ensemble a fun new look that no one else has! If you are still wanting a new look for the summertime that won't break your bank, our in-stock Addison bridesmaid dress is only $99. It's a short, strapless dress that can be worn for any occasion and personally, it is one of our favorites! 

Kennedy Blue Addison and Sienna Re-Styled For a Wedding Party or a Night Out With Friends

 If you're going to one of your friends' wedding with a few of your close pals, this is a great opportunity to get together and mix and match tons of different options to your previous bridesmaid dresses! You can make a day out of it by going to one another's houses and sharing all of those fabulous clothes you guys have. The more options you have, the easier this process will be since you will be able to try many different looks with your dress. Another tip to re-styling them is with the shoes. Shoes can really have a say in what your dress will look like, whether it's casual, semi-formal, or formal.  Once you both have picked your favorite looks, you'll be ready to go for the night and stress free about what you should wear. The ensembles you choose are bound to look effortlessly chic!  

Long Chiffon Dresses

Kennedy Blue Sadie Re-Styled For a Wedding Event or a Night Out

 Now you're probably wondering, 'how the heck do I re-style my long chiffon bridesmaid dress?' We're here to tell you that it's possible and is actually super easy! Our preference? Crop tops. Cropped shirts are such a fun look to add to that long flowy dress you thought you'd never wear again. If crop tops aren't your thing, tank tops or any type of shirt will do. Tie the shirts in the back or pin the extra fabric up to make it look like you have a fancy new maxi skirt! Adding a belt that is cinched at your waist will do wonders for not only the look, but for your shape as well! This is an option that is easily acceptable at almost any occasion. Especially all of those weddings you'll be attending this summer!  We styled our gorgeous Sadie gown to get this look. 

The Process of Re-Styling Bridesmaid Dresses

Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses Re-Styled

 The process of re-styling some clothes you have had for a while can be a little daunting, but with a little practice and patience of putting together pieces and seeing what works, it is all worth it! Who doesn't love having new apparel to add to their wardrobe at no extra cost?! We're definitely not complaining. This can also be turned into a fun day with your friends who also have a bunch of dresses that they never thought they could wear again. Have your girls come over for a day of fashion fun! Getting ideas from your friends and bouncing things off of one another will make this process a whole lot easier and a lot more fun. Whether you are attending a wedding, going out to lunch, have a date night with your guy, or are simply running errands, the options you can put together with your old bridesmaid dresses are endless!  

We are excited to see what ideas you guys come up with! Let us know in the comments what your favorite look is and how you would re-style one of your own gowns!

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