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10 Vintage Wedding Decoration Ideas

From rustic chic details to mismatched bridesmaid dresses, we can't help but be obsessed with these romantic vintage wedding decoration ideas! Whether you use all of these ideas or even just a few, we've gathered our absolute favorite ways to add a stunning, classic touch to your big day. Get ready to spend the rest of your weekends at local garage sales, flea markets, and antique stores to find some seriously gorgeous pieces that will have your guests in awe!

Vintage wedding decoration ideas with a rustic chic twist.

Vintage wedding decoration ideas with a rustic chic twist.

1. Old frames can be found just about anywhere and are great for displaying photos or signs for your guests. Whether you stick with the classic weathered look or give them a fresh paint job, frames are a cheap and easy way to add a charming touch.

2. Weathered glassware and vases make for gorgeous centerpieces or table settings. Try using a variety of styles and soft colors (stained glass or hand-painted) and filling them with flowers or candles.

3. Antique suitcases are a unique accent that look great stacked on a table as an accent piece. Add some fun wood lettering that says "CARDS" to a suitcase and voila—you have a fancy card box for your gift table!

4. Vintage furniture looks amazing and can be found by scouring antique stores or renting through a company. From velvet-upholstered chaises for lounging during cocktail hour to an old wooden dresser used as a dessert table, old furniture makes for a picture-perfect scene.

5. Mismatched bridesmaid dresses are great for a vintage theme, so mixing and matching necklines such as Audrey or Quinn will create a super unique look that will flatter all of your 'maids! Consider soft shades of blush, mint, or champagne that will beautifully complement the muted palette of your décor.

Blush mismatched bridesmaid dresses are perfect for a vintage wedding theme. From wooden crates to lace accents, here are 10 vintage wedding decoration ideas worth trying.

6. Wooden crates or old dairy crates are great for centerpieces, card boxes, or even just as props to set pictures or signs on. Whether big or small, they make a huge statement.

7. Doily and lace accents look absolutely stunning and are incredibly inexpensive to include. Think table runners, place settings, bouquet wraps, centerpieces, and more!

8. Old, classic books look amazing as part of your décor. Stack them on the bar, near the guest book, or use them as dessert stands or centerpieces. If you're a true book lover, consider naming each table after a book and use the physical copy as a table marker.

9. Mismatched table settings are a striking way of adding style to your theme. From dinner plates to silverware, finding contrasting pieces will be incredibly eye-catching and add to the rustic chic look.

10. Antique keys are a classic part of your timeless décor. Tie them around vases, hang them from chandeliers, or use them as escort cards for your guests.

Share your vintage wedding decoration ideas.

We know that there are a ton of ways to style a vintage wedding, and we want to hear your ideas! Did you include elements that weren't a part of our list? Did you DIY your décor or was it rented? Leave a comment below and let us know how you pulled off your theme!

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Courtney Coker
January 04, 2018 20:31

Love this! These are some great ideas for pops of vintage.

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