DIY Bachelorette Party Favors

Let's face it - Whether you keep it classy by staying in with champagne, or turn it up with a night on the town, bachelorette parties are nothing but fun! And what makes this all-ladies get together even better? Bachelorette party favors for everyone to enjoy! Now, we aren't talking about those cliché items such as inappropriately shaped straws or anything awkwardly edible (although we aren't opposed!). We're talking about party favors that your girls will actually use and love! These jeweled tumbler cups are easy, cute, and definitely sparkly enough to make them totally acceptable for a bachelorette party. Looking for bridesmaid gift ideas? These are perfect! With just cups, glue, and some amazingly colored rhinestones, you'll have your blinged out cups in no time! 

Create DIY jeweled tumbler cups for the perfect bachelorette party favors!

Creating Your Bachelorette Party Favors 

One of our very own girls at Kennedy Blue decided to take on the task of making these for an upcoming weekend bachelorette trip! Emily created monogrammed cups for all the girls and an especially blinged out glass that said "Mrsfor the bride-to-be! Keep in mind that although this is a pretty easy project, it can be rather time consuming so gather some friends and make a fun DIY evening out of it! 

What you'll need: 

  • Plastic tumbler cups with straws (Emily just ordered a bulk set from the
  • Super glue 
  • Colored rhinestones 
  • Letter stickers to use for monogramming (optional) 

What to do: 

  1. Start by thinking up design ideas. Gather inspiration from Pinterest, or just grab a cup and see what you can come up with. Emily lined the top and bottom edges on some and then did an all-over design for others. 
  2. Grab a rhinestone, dab some glue on it, place it strategically (or not so strategically) on the cup, and there you have it! Keep adding rhinestones until your eyes start to burn from the sparkle and your tumbler cup is bound to look fabulous! 
  3. If you want your cup to be monogrammed and aren't so sure about your letter-making skills, place a sticker onto the side and use it as a guide while you cover it with rhinestones. 
A rhinestone plastic tumbler cup for the bride-to-be!Monogrammed cups as bachelorette party favors!

Yep, it's definitely that easy. So whether you're looking for a cheap and easy bridesmaid gift idea, a birthday present for a friend, or fun and sparkly bachelorette party favors, these DIY jeweled tumbler cups will be a hit with all the ladies!  

Did you make some favors of your own? Share your ideas and pictures with us below and let us know what the special occasion was for!

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