2021 Wedding Colors: Ultimate Inspiration Guide

As the year comes to an end, we’re excited to see 2021 wedding trends emerge! When it comes to the wedding planning process, one of the first steps is choosing a color scheme. Since bridesmaids typically purchase dresses several months out, we have a sneak peek at wedding trends for 2021. Keep reading to learn about the most popular colors for 2021 weddings. It may just influence your own decision!

Our Top Bridesmaid Dress Colors for 2021 Weddings

1. Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

A deep red-brown color, 'Bordeaux' is our name for burgundy. Burgundy bridesmaid dresses have been in style for years and it isn’t going anywhere. This versatile color can be used year-round and complement every skin tone. A classic red, it pairs beautifully with a variety of other colors, from blue to green and other reds.

Bordeaux Flat Chiffon

Flat Chiffon Fabric Swatch in Burgundy

2. Olive Green Bridesmaid Dresses

A deep natural color, 'Moss' is our name for Olive Green. Olive Green bridesmaid dresses have picked up in popularity over recent years - as have minimalistic and neutral-toned weddings. This color pairs beautifully with both deep rich colors and pastels, like blush or cream. It's especially trendy for spring or summer weddings, when bridesmaids wear romantic flowing gowns.

Moss Flat Chiffon

Flat Chiffon Fabric Swatch in Moss

3. Slate Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Slate blue remains one of our all time most popular bridesmaid dress colors! This sophisticated shade of blue looks gorgeous on everyone and is truly unique. It's a fun color that can be used for a luxe, whimsical, or laid-back wedding look. Pair it with lush greens, crisp white or cream, or other bright colors. 

Slate Blue Flat Chiffon

Flat Chiffon Fabric Swatch in Slate Blue

4. Rust Bridesmaid Dresses

Spice is a unique orange-brown color similar to terracotta. 'Spice' is the Kennedy Blue color for rust bridesmaid dresses. A warm shade, it's used almost strictly for the summer or fall. It has become especially trendy for alternative events, sometimes paired with black. Spice can also add a luxe touch of color to a neutral-themed event, when paired with creams.

Spice Flat Chiffon

Flat Chiffon Fabric Swatch in Spice

5. Sage Green Bridesmaid Dresses

A light, yet natural shade of green, Sage is a color that suits everyone. Sage green bridesmaid dresses are a must for any bride who wants a crisp and lush minimalistic-themed event. It works well with whites and creams, as well as deep reds and light pinks. It's a straightforward, but oh-so-romantic color.

Sage Flat Chiffon

Flat Chiffon Fabric Swatch in Sage Green

Trending Colors for 2021 Weddings

If you’re anything like us, visuals are the best way to see how wedding color trends for 2021 would look like in real life. Check out the following collages to get some inspiration for your future event. These feature images from real Kennedy Blue weddings!

1. Black Bridesmaid Dresses

For a timeless wedding look, consider black. A stunning choice for black tie affairs, it works beautifully for laid back events as well. We love combining black with natural tones like creams and green for a lush look. It also works beautifully with any metallic color.

Black wedding color scheme

Kennedy Blue Black / Style: Allison

2. Champagne Wedding Theme

Champagne is a unique, but trendy color. A soft almost buttery yellow, it's a super romantic pastel. It looks beautiful with other pastels, such as pinks and purples. Or stick to other creams, brown and even green, for a light spring vibe.

Champagne wedding color scheme

Kennedy Blue Champagne / Style: Riley

3. White Wedding Color Scheme

While white bridesmaid dresses used to be avoided, it is slowly picking up steam. It is a surefire way to ensure a wow-factor at your wedding, plus it looks gorgeous on everyone. You can pair any color with white, from light pastels to vibrant tones. Pair it with vibrant greenery for the spring and summer, and a mix of metallic tones for the winter time.

White wedding color scheme

Kennedy Blue White / Style: Lauren

4. Maroon Bridesmaid Dresses

A sultry red, burgundy or our color Bordeaux, is an easy and always stunning choice. More popular for the fall and winter, it looks great when paired with equally luxe and bold colors like a deep blue or purples. For warmer months, pair it with soft pinks and purples and greenery. If you prefer to use it as a statement color, keep it classy with luxe greens and crisp whites.

Burgundy wedding color scheme

Kennedy Blue Bordeaux / Style: Morgan

Pantone Wedding Colors of the Year

Looking to feature a specific Pantone Color at your wedding? All of the following colors are on the rise for 2021. Check them out, plus get some inspiration on how you can include them in your wedding color palette.

1. Rust Wedding Theme

Rust, known by Kennedy Blue as Spice, is a trendy warm-orange color. This color can be intimidating but fear not! It will look gorgeous on your girls and is sure to lend a romantic ambience to your event. Pair it with deep brown tones and creams for a luxe and slightly alternative look.

Rust wedding color scheme

Kennedy Blue Spice / Style: James

2. Cerulean Wedding Color Scheme

Matching with Pantone's Cerulean color, our 'Sky Blue' is such a chic shade! Light and airy, it is especially beautiful for outdoor spring weddings. This color is fun to mix and match bridesmaid dresses. Consider pairing it with a blush, deeper shades of blues, and or a grey. For a palette, combine it with white and silver, for a stylish and classic cool-toned scheme.

Cerulean wedding color scheme

Kennedy Blue Sky / Style: Caitlin

3. Amethyst Orchid Wedding Theme

For our pink loving brides, you have to check out 'Primrose'! A deep hot pink, this bold color is ideal for a glam wedding. Create a palette with crisp whites and metallic silver for a luxurious and romantic vibe. This color is sure to make a statement, although we recommend featuring it in small amounts. You can easily go overboard and overwhelm the eye!

Primrose color wedding scheme

Kennedy Blue Primrose / Style: Luella

Winter Wedding Colors 2021 (December-February)

Winter weddings are all about deep colors. In 2021, you can expect to see the always popular jewel-tones and other deep shades. 

December Weddings: Emerald Green Color Scheme

For December, we love red and green. Aim for sophisticated shades that would pair well with a metallic gold. Take for example, wine bridesmaid dresses - our Bordeaux. Deep reds are super luxe and always a great choice for winter weddings. Want a more unique look? We are seeing, and loving, the increase in Emerald Green. This gemstone inspired color will pop against a winter landscape.

Emerald wedding color scheme

Kennedy Blue Emerald / Style: Milly

January Weddings: Sapphire Bridesmaid Dresses

While icy blues are typical for January, consider more bold colors. Try our purple Mulberry bridesmaid dresses or Royal Blue bridesmaid dresses. These deep tones are super luxurious, yet a fun way to feature color. Both can be paired with crisp whites and lush greenery.

Sapphire wedding color scheme

Kennedy Blue Sapphire / Style: Elizabeth

February Weddings: Red Bridesmaid Dresses

Navy Blue bridesmaid dresses are an easy choice for a cold-weather wedding. While beautiful, we have a preference for Claret. These bright red bridesmaid dresses will bring some much needed color to your winter wedding. Not to mention it lends a sexy and timeless look, perfect for a formal affair.

red wedding color scheme

Kennedy Blue Claret / Style: Athena

2021 Spring Wedding Colors (March-May)

When it comes to spring wedding colors for spring 2021, there's several options. You can expect light shades of just about every color. In particular, be on the lookout for romantic and peachy pinks, natural greens, and whimsical blues.

March Weddings: Sage Green Wedding Theme

When spring rolls around, we are always torn between green and pink bridesmaid dresses. Both look stunning, but lend something different. Our shade Rosewood is unique and a little edgy. On the other hand, Sage Green is clean and minimalistic. If you can’t decide between the two, feature them both for a trendy and romantic palette.

Sage wedding color scheme

Kennedy Blue Sage / Style: Allison

April Weddings: Slate Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Slate Blue bridesmaid dresses are our go-to for April! This beautiful blue-hue has been popular for a few years now, and isn’t going anywhere. It's one of our most versatile blue bridesmaid dresses. Pair it with other blue shades, such as Sky and Fog, or with a dainty pink, like Blush.

Slate Blue wedding color scheme

Kennedy Blue Slate Blue / Style: Jade

May Weddings: Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

For May 2021 wedding colors, we’re thinking pink. More specifically, our light pink bridesmaid dresses, called 'Blossom'. A unique shade, blossom is bright and a little bit peachy. It's a fun color to pair with other pinks, as well as orange and yellow hues, for a slightly whimsical vibe. It can also be used in combination with light blues, for a more chic look.

Blossom wedding color scheme

Kennedy Blue Blossom / Style: Gabby

Summer Wedding Colors for 2021 (June-August)

The summer 2021 wedding colors are in! While in years past bold colors have been on-trend, we’re seeing a shift towards pastels. Think light shades of purple, pink, and blues. Combine those with lush greenery and crisp whites for an elegant and modern vibe.

June Weddings: Dusty Rose Bridesmaid Dresses

Dusty rose bridesmaid dresses are all the rage. This gorgeous color is elegant and soft, and surprisingly versatile. It always looks beautiful with green and white, but we love seeing it paired with our equally popular Slate Blue. At Kennedy Blue, you can find dusty rose under the name Desert Rose.

Desert Rose wedding color scheme

Kennedy Blue Desert Rose / Style: Emily

July Weddings: Lilac Bridesmaid Dresses

If you love purple tones, we’ve got you covered. For the month of July, you can expect to see a mix of pastel purples - perfect for a mismatched bridesmaid line-up. Combine lavender bridesmaid dresses, such as French Lilac and Wisteria. Throw in a touch of grey for a more toned down look, or a deep pink to make a statement.

Lavender wedding color scheme

Kennedy Blue French Lilac / Style: Jessa

August Weddings: Blush Wedding Theme

Blush bridesmaid dresses are a traditional choice, and we’re a fan. This romantic color looks beautiful on everyone and is super versatile. While trends point to more crisp and minimalistic palettes, featuring white and green, it also looks good with blue and red. Consider pairing this shade with our Slate Blue, Teal, or Rosewood.

Blush wedding color scheme

Kennedy Blue Blush / Style: Ava

Fall Wedding Colors 2021 (September-November)

As usual, Fall 2021 wedding colors and warm and edgy. We will see similar colors to last year, revolving around chocolatey browns and neutral taupes. A newer twist however are bold hues such as Teal and rust-inspired orange.

September Weddings: Neutral Bridesmaid Dresses

Neutral-toned weddings are so in! There is nothing quite as timeless as a light warm toned wedding. Our favorite neutral bridesmaid dresses range from light brown to buttery yellow shades. Take for example Champagne and Latte.

Latte wedding color scheme

Kennedy Blue Latte / Style: Fatima

October Weddings: Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dresses

If you want an easy to pull off and trendy wedding look, go with a taupe, brown, rust or burnt orange color. Especially popular for alternative weddings, we love when these shades are paired with black. Or for a more neutral look, combine them with cream and white. When purchasing from Kennedy Blue, check out the colors Fawn, Spice, and Cinnamon.

Cinnamon wedding color scheme

Kennedy Blue Cinnamon / Style: Zoey

November Weddings: Teal Bridesmaid Dresses

If you want to wow guests at your November wedding, go with a deep blue. Blue bridesmaid dresses, like our Teal and Storm are new and fun bold colors. You can pair them with other blues for dimension, or whimsical colors like yellow and orange. Or even a more traditional shade like red. 

Teal wedding color scheme

Kennedy Blue Teal / Style: Rose

Bridesmaid Trends for 2021: Fabric, Fit, & Beyond

Aside from bridesmaid dress colors, you will also have to consider fabric and fit. You can opt to put all of our girls in the same style of dress, or go for a mismatched bridesmaid look. In either case, consider these trending silhouettes and materials!

1. Fit and Flare Bridesmaid Dresses

While flowing gowns are more common, consider a fit and flare bridesmaid dress. Fit and flare dresses lend a more elegant, mature look to your wedding. Styles such as our Jessa and Zoey are super slimming, and perfect for a luxe wedding. These styles are ideal for a black tie affair!

fit and flare bridesmaid dresses

Kennedy Blue Jessa / Zoey / Alice

Sequin Bridesmaid Dresses

If you want a look with a hint of old Hollywood glamour, consider sequin bridesmaid dresses. Sequins add texture to a dress - not to mention they are perfect for a mismatched winter look. If you’re hosting a New Years Eve wedding, consider combining sequined dresses of different metallic shades. These may include Silver, Rose Gold, and Gold.

Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses

A slightly heavier material, velvet is a soft dense fabric with a smooth feel. This type of fabric exudes a sense of luxury, and will lend your bridesmaids some extra comfort. Velvet bridesmaid dresses are usually worn in late September through March.

velvet bridesmaid dresses
Kennedy Blue Mila / Skylar / Evelyn

Let’s Chat

We know it’s a lot to take in, but this guide to 2021 wedding colors goes to show that your options are endless! From neutral toned, to romantic pastels and bold hues, there is something for every style and season. We hope these color schemes and ideas for 2021 weddings inspired you. Did a specific palette or style catch your eye? Let us know in the comment section below!

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