56 Ideas For An Unforgettable Bachelorette Party

Are you looking to plan the perfect bachelorette party for your bride-to-be? If so, you've come to the right place. Deciding what to do for her 'last fling before the ring' can come with a lot of pressure, so we're here to help!

The most successful bachelorette parties focus on what the bride loves most. Keep in mind, this party is to celebrate her last few months, weeks, or days as a single woman.  Party the night away at the swankiest club, or have a relaxing camping trip with her best friends. Just be sure to celebrate her favorite way!

Here’s a list of bachelorette party favors, decorations, games, and activity ideas to help you host the perfect bachelorette party!  Get ready to dive into planning!

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56 Bachelorette Party Ideas

From fun bachelorette party games to unique activity ideas, find out how to prepare for the big day!

Bachelorette Party Favors:

1. Scrunchies

For when your girls have had a few too many at the bachelorette party, these trendy hair scrunchies will save the night "To have and to hold... your hair back!"  Plus, they’re a cute memento to wear even after the activities end.

Bachelorette Scrunchies


2. Customized Compact Mirrors

No need to run to the bathroom over smudged lipstick or smeared mascara any longer!  With these adorable mirrors, your party will be looking picture-perfect all night. No one will have to miss a moment of the bachelorette party action.

Custom Compact Mirrors


3. Bride & Babe Fanny Packs

If your bachelorette party will be on-the-go, these cute fanny packs are the perfect accessory!  Lost purses and clutches will no longer be an issue - and your girls will thank you for that. Plus, this is the perfect way to match if you opt-out of sashes and shirts!

Bride & Babe Fanny Packs


4. Hangover Kit

What's a better bachelorette party favor for after the festivities than a hangover kit? These custom kits are such a cute idea – and your girls will be so thankful come morning!

hangover kit bachelorette party ideas Kennedy blue


4. Bachelorette Party Cups

Everyone loves wine tumblers, especially when they’re personalized!  These cups come complete with insulation, a lid, and reusable straw. Your cocktails will stay cold throughout the entire bachelorette party!

Custom Wine Tumblers


6. Lip Balm

These themed lip balms are a great little party favor that everyone will appreciate!

Bride Tribe Lip Balm


7. Bachelorette Tattoos

These one-of-a-kind tattoos will sure to be a highlight of the bachelorette party!  Your party will get a kick out of showing them off all night.

Bachelorette Party Tattoos


8. Mini Champagne Labels

Who knew mini champagne bottles could get even cuter?  Personalize your bachelorette party favors with these adorable labels!

Mini Bachelorette Champagne Labels


9. Wine-Themed Bachelorette Shirts

A fun way for the bride and her girls to match, especially if wine tasting is on the agenda!  Plus, this bachelorette shirt idea allows for wear beyond the party date. Hello, new cute clothes!

Bachelorette Party Wine Shirts


10. Bachelorette Party Sunglasses

Ready to throw some shade at the lake party?  These sunglasses will make the cutest and most useful bachelorette party favor!

Bachelorette Party Sunglasses


    Bachelorette Party Decorations: 

    Turn your living room into a party with these darling decorations! From invitations to balloons, your bachelorette party is sure to be festive with these fun ideas.

    1. Bachelorette Party Invitations

    First thing’s first, you can’t have a bachelorette party without any guests!  Send out the cutest invites so your girls can save the date. These invitations even include an itinerary so that everyone can know what to expect!

    Bachelorette Party Invitations


    2. Photo Props

    Grab your girls, a camera, and these adorable props! You'll be capturing some picture-perfect memories in no time.  Just imagine how cute these will look featured on your insta feed!

    Bachelorette Party Photo Props


    3. Bride to Be Balloons

    This bachelorette party decoration is an absolute necessity! Displaying these dreamy balloons on an empty wall will make for an amazing photo backdrop.  Pair it with the photo props to make the pictures even more playful!

    Bride to Be Bachelorette Balloons


    4. Team Bride Plates & Napkins

    I'll bet you're planning some delicious snacks and appetizers to bring to the bachelorette party. Don’t ruin your hard work by eating off of boring plates! Make your meal 10x cuter (guaranteed) by serving it on these matching ‘Team Bride’ plates and napkins! So stinkin’ adorable.

    Team Bride Bachelorette Plates


    Team Bride Bachelorette Napkins


    5. Bride & Bachelorette Sashes

    These custom sashes are the perfect accessory for any bachelorette party! Not only will the bride-to-be appreciate this thoughtful gesture, but she’ll love that everyone in her party gets to show off their special title, too.

    Custom Bachelorette Sashes


    6. Confetti Poppers

    Nothing screams party like a room filled with flying confetti!  These fun – and personalized – confetti poppers will bring color to your bachelorette party.  Just remember to pack that vacuum…

    Bachelorette Party Confetti Popper


    7. Bachelorette Party Cups

    Keep your drinks mobile and adorable with these matching ‘I said/She said yaas!’ party cups.  Plus, everyone can take a cup home as a keepsake once the party is over!

    Bachelorette Party Cups


    8. Inflatable Diamond Ring

    Whether you are lounging at the pool or celebrating at the lake, this diamond ring floatie is so much fun!  Bonus - it can even double as a room decoration once the water-festivities are over.

    Inflatable Diamond Ring Floatie


    9. The One Where... Banner

    Calling all Friends lovers! Since your girl found her lobster, you need to celebrate with this Friends-themed banner. Oh. My. God. It’s perfect.

    Friends-Themed Bachelorette Banner


    10. All-in-One Party Kit

    Rather than buying your party decorations separate, why not make it easy and order everything in one kit?! From a sash and banner, to an assortment of the cutest balloons, this decoration package will turn a room into a bachelorette bash!

    Bachelorette Decoration Kit


      Bachelorette Party Games:

      It’s not a bachelorette party without some cheap entertainment!  Bachelorette party games often turn out to be a highlight of the celebration. Believe me, no one will laugh harder than when they watch their bride-to-be try to match a pair of panties to her guests’ personalities!  Check out these options and you’ll see why everyone loves game time!

      1. What’s on Your Phone?

      A modern twist on the classic ‘What’s in your Purse’ game.  This bachelorette party game challenges participants to explore the contents of their phones!  Everyone is sure to get a kick out of this, so it’s the perfect opening activity for a bachelorette party.

      What's on Your Phone Game


      2. The Newlywed Game

      Although this bachelorette party game takes a bit of pre-planning, it will sure to be worth the effort! Throw together a list of questions for the groom to answer, such as “What do you love most about your bride-to-be?” and “What would your fiancé consider to be your worst habit?” Have him record his responses to play back during the bachelorette party – only after the bride attempts to answer correctly.  Here’s a list of potential questions!

      The Newlywed Game


      3. Scavenger Hunt

      The funniest way to spice up a night out is to go on a scavenger hunt! Whether you prefer this bachelorette party game to remain innocent or wildly inappropriate is up to you.  Here’s a happy medium option to get the ball rolling. Happy hunting!

      Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt


      4. Ring Hunt

      A more toned down, stay-at-home version of the scavenger hunt, a ring hunt is so much fun! Especially if you have young bridesmaids involved, this bachelorette party game will sure to be a hit.  Simply order some fake rings, hide them around the house, and let the games begin!

      Fake Diamond Rings - Bachelorette RIng Hunt

      5. He Said/She Said

      In this fun, yet simple bachelorette party game, guess whether the bride or groom said each statement.  All you need are some pens and these adorable printed-out game sheets! Make the game even more interactive by having the guests hold up either a mustache or lips with their guesses.

      He Said She Said Bachelorette Game


      6. Guess the Panties

      For this hilarious bachelorette party game, each guest brings a pair of new undies that best represent her own personality.  Toss the panties into a cute bag or hang them up on a clothesline, and have the bride-to-be guess who gifted her each pair!  This game will be sure to cause some major laughs, plus the bride will leave with a memorable new wardrobe.

      Guess the Panties Bachelorette Game

      7. Prosecco Pong

      Like beer pong from your college days, but with a lot more ~class~.  This bachelorette party game will be a huge hit! If you have an under-21 squad, opt for the sparkling grape juice for just as much fun.

      Prosecco Pong Bachelorette Game


      8. Drink If

      If you and your girls like to get a little rowdy, this bachelorette party game is perfect for your group!  Pass around the stack of cards and have each girl read one statement aloud. If it applies to you, then you drink!

      Drink If Bachelorette Party Game


      9. Name Whose Nail Polish

      Similar to Guess the Panties, but a bit more PG.  Have each guest bring a nail polish that has a name reflective of her personality. The bride-to-be will guess who gifted her each polish, and as a bonus will go home with a selection of new nail color options.  Examples include “My Favorite Gal Pal” by OPI and “Daytime Dreamer” by Essie.

      Name Whose Nail Polish Bachelorette Game

      10. Bachelorette Party Game Bundle

      Who says you have to decide which games to play now?  This game bundle comes with 20 options to pick from, so whether you want to use them all or just a few, it’s such a good deal!  Game on, bachelorettes.

      Bachelorette Party Games Bundle


        Bachelorette Party Activities:

        Looking for the most amazing way to celebrate your bride-to-be?  Choose an activity that you think she’d absolutely love! Here are some ideas to get you brainstorming.

        1. Vineyard Hopping

        Bachelorette Vineyard Hopping

        If you're all into wine, visiting a vineyard (or two or three) is always a great time.  Check ahead of time to see which vineyards are offering wine tasting near you and make a day of it. Sit back and have a few laughs with some of your favorite people while enjoying some gorgeous scenery!

        2. A Night on the Town

        Bachelorette Party Night Out

        Who doesn't enjoy a good night out? I know I sure do! Spend the day getting ready with your girls in a big hotel room, and enjoy the night life the big cities near you have to offer.  It’ll be a bachelorette party you’ll never forget – as long as you remember to take pictures!

        3. Attend a Cocktail Class

        Cocktail Class Bachelorette Party

        Not only will this class be fun ~hello taste testing~ but this newfound skill will prove useful in future bachelorette parties.  Help the bride create a drink she loves, and maybe she’ll choose to incorporate it into her big day!

        4. Go Camping

        Bachelorette Party Camping

        Skip the nightlife and opt for the outdoors! An evening filled with bonfires, marshmallow roasting, and fresh air will be anything but forgettable.  If your bride loves being one with nature, this is the perfect bachelorette party for her!

        5. Pole Dancing Class

        Pole Dancing Class Bachelorette Party

        Don't want to sit around at a strip club? Then hop up on that pole yourself! Check out big cities near you and see who offers pole dancing classes for you to try out! Get fit and giggle with your favorite gal pals!

        6. Comedy Show 

        Comedy Show Bachelorette Party

        There's nothing better than laughing the night away with the girls.  So, why not swing into your local comedy club and let loose with laughter?!  This bachelorette party idea will sure to be a hoot!

        7. Bachelorette Paint & Wine Party

        Bachelorette Wine & Paint Party

        Grab your wine glass and a paintbrush, you and your girls are going to be artists for the evening!  But seriously, this is such a fun way to bond a group of girls. It's an especially helpful no-pressure icebreaker when mixing friend groups!

        8. Nashville

        Nashville Bachelorette Party

        Making its name as the bachelorette party capital of the country, Nashville has what it takes to make your party top the charts.  With the best live music, an abundance of bars, and plenty of activities to take part in, you won’t run out of things to do. Just don’t forget to pack your cowboy boots!

        9. Miami

        Miami Bachelorette Party

        If your bride-to-be loves lounging by the ocean on gorgeous beaches and enjoying amazing nightlife, Miami is the place to be!  Plus, I've heard there's some delicious cuisine. Mmmmm! With warm weather and sunshine offered year-round, hop on that flight and get ready to party ~bachelorette style~.

        10. Las Vegas 

        Las Vegas Bachelorette Party

        Shopping, gambling, and entertainment, oh my!  Here in Sin City, you and your girls will never run out of things to do. Whether you like to shop ’til you drop, see action-packed shows, or admire the Strip’s never-ending neon lights, Las Vegas is always a good idea.

        Dry Bachelorette Party Ideas:

        Whether you have an under-21 squad, a group of non-drinkers, or want to stay away from the bar scene, these dry bachelorette party ideas are one for the books!  Or, if your girls like to party and love one of these ideas, feel free to add a bottle of champagne to the itinerary!

        1. Group Fitness Class

        Group Fitness Bachelorette Party

        You can dance around at a Zumba class or fly high at aerial yoga!  There is no better bonding experience than working out with your besties.  Throw on some leggings, get some adorable matching shirts, and get your sweat on at this active bachelorette party!  Afterwards, reward yourselves with a delicious lunch out to celebrate your hard work.

        2. Coffee Shop Hopping

        Coffee Shop Hopping Bachelorette Party

        So you and your besties want the experience of a pub-crawl, but could do without the alcohol and hangovers?  Say no more! For an amazing dry bachelorette party idea, try a coffee shop hop! Create a list of the trendiest coffee houses in town and spend the morning sipping on caffeine and tasting yummy pastries.

        3. Craft Night

        Craft Night Bachelorette Party

        Want to lay low and get creative with your besties?  Look up some cute DIY projects to display at the wedding (check in with the bride to see if she’s onboard).  Think welcome signs, table décor, or even bouquets! Her friends will be happy to help, and she’ll avoid some major last-minute wedding decoration stress.

        4. Road Trip

        Road Trip Bachelorette Party

        Who doesn't love a good road trip? Put your heads together and brainstorm the perfect destination! Whether you're looking to go across the country or 2 hours north, road trips are the perfect bachelorette party bonding experience. Throw together a few playlists, stock up on snacks, and get ready for an amazing ride!

        5. Cooking Class

        Cooking Class Bachelorette Party

        Food brings people together, and everyone loves to eat, so what more could you ask for? Learn how to make a great dish at a hands-on cooking class, and laugh as you and your friends attempt to be chefs together.  This is a perfect opportunity to go out and have some fun, especially when people under 21 are involved!

        6. Lake Day

        Lake Day Bachelorette Party

        If you're not much a partier, or have some non-drinkers in your group, then a lazy day at the lake is a perfect option!  This no-pressure, dry bachelorette party will be a blast for everyone! Enjoy an afternoon cruising on the water, grilling out, and relaxing with your girls.  As an added bonus, you’ll leave the party with more than just great memories – think of all those tan lines!

        7. Charleston

        Charleston SC Bachelorette Party

        For a bit of Southern flare, pack up your bags and head to the shores of South Carolina.  This adorable town offers ocean views, low-key shopping, and beautiful galleries to explore - perfect for a dry bachelorette party!  The mouthwatering food and lovely southern hospitality will make it even more amazing.

        Low-Key Bachelorette Party Ideas:

        If easygoing, laidback, and relaxed describe your bride-to-be’s ideal day, then these ideas are going to be her dream.  Low-key bachelorette parties are some of our favorites, and after reading these, you’ll see why!

        1. Brunch

        Brunch Bachelorette Party

        Just because it’s not at night doesn't mean your bachelorette party can’t be amazing. Gather the bride tribe at an adorable breakfast diner for a morning filled with mimosas, laughter, and delicious food.  A bachelorette brunch is the perfect option for those who want to go out and keep their day ~low-key~.

        2. Volunteer

        Volunteering Bachelorette Party

        If your bride isn’t too keen on a celebration revolving entirely around her, shift the focus to a cause you can help!  Depending on what’s important to the bride and her besties, there's a lot of volunteer options. You could serve meals at the soup kitchen, take some fluffy critters for a walk at the animal shelter, or participate in a fundraiser 5K together.  Although isn't the typical bachelorette party activity, you’ll all feel wonderful after! (And I’m not even talking about the lack of a hangover).

        3. Movie Night at a Hotel

        Movie Night Hotel Bachelorette Party

        This is the best idea ever. Get a hotel room for a movie night (or weekend depending on how intense your Netflix binge sessions are).  Buy your bride’s favorite snacks, order in some great local foods, and don't forget matching PJs! Or, if you opt for an old-school sleepover at home, you can make it just as much fun.

        4. Spa Day with Your Girls

        Spa Day Bachelorette Party

        You’ve heard this low-key bachelorette party idea so many times, but it's honestly such a good option. Everyone will have an amazing time at the spa!  Plus, you can end the day with a visit to a relaxing restaurant or peaceful winery after the pampering ends!

        5. Rent a House

        Rent a House for Your Bachelorette Party

        With all of the beautiful rental options Airbnb and Vrbo have to offer, try something new! Instead of spending a night in a crowded hotel or putting the pressure on a bachelorette host, enjoy a relaxing weekend at a luxurious rental house.  You and the girls will be sure to have all the room you need to decorate, hang out, and celebrate!

        Bachelorette Party Ideas By Season:

        Are you planning outdoor bachelorette festivities in sunny July?   Or are you looking to cozy-up with your girls in the dead of winter? No matter what time of year you choose to celebrate, here are some bachelorette party ideas by season!

        1. Winter Bachelorette Party Ideas

        Winter Bachelorette Party

        Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t party! Chances are high that your nearest city will be hosting an adorable winter festival, so pop on some matching beanie hats and hit the town!  Or, if you’re looking to lay low, you and your besties could rent a cozy house and rock your matching PJs all weekend. Make sure it comes complete with a hot tub to lounge in! On the other hand, if your bride-to-be just can’t seem to cope with the cold, plan an escape to a warmer climate - Mexico, anyone?

        2. Spring Bachelorette Party Ideas

        Spring Bachelorette Party

        See ya, winter and hello fresh air!  So you’ve waited out the chilly weather and are now ready to celebrate.  Lucky for you, the cold won’t put a damper on things any longer! You and the girls can comfortably bar hop or attend a fun class without lugging around giant coats.  Plus, spring is an all-around amazing time to celebrate because of all the fun holidays! If your bride loves Valentine’s Day or has a unique appreciation for leprechauns, a holiday-themed party could be the perfect move!

        3. Summer Bachelorette Party Ideas

        Summer Bachelorette Party

        Lake day, anyone?  Summer is arguably the most versatile season for bachelorette parties!  I mean, just think of all the activities you can do. Host a boho-themed backyard bachelorette party, or sip cocktails poolside with your besties! The sunshine and warm-weather days keep your options endless.  This time of year is also perfect for a quick road trip or camping adventure with your girls. So, reserve a camping spot, grab a sleeping bag, and get ready for a magical summer night!

        4. Fall Bachelorette Party Ideas

        Fall Bachelorette Party Ideas

        The crisp autumn air brings with it so many new bachelorette party options! Spend an afternoon scouring a field for the perfect pumpkins (while taking instagram-worthy photos along the way, of course).  Then, head back home to host a hilarious pumpkin carving competition with the girls. Or, if apples are your fruit of choice, visit an orchard, bake a pie, or go apple cider tasting together! It’s also always an option to stick with the traditional bachelorette ideas, too.  Spending the afternoon at the spa or having a night out on the town are sure to be fun! The choice is yours, and there are no bad ideas.

        Now It's Time to Plan!

        If you’ve made it to the end, props to you! You’re officially qualified to throw the most amazing bachelorette party your friends have ever attended!

        From deciding on the perfect bachelorette party activity, to choosing the perfect party favors, we hope you loved these ideas!

        Let's Chat

        Let’s chat! If you are planning a bachelorette party, or have been to one that you loved, let us know some of your favorite ideas.  We’d love to hear from you!


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