Mix-And-Match Bridesmaid Dresses: 6 Ways to Nail the Trend!

Since you’re reading this blog, I assume you’re as in love with this trend as I am. From mixing colors, necklines, lengths, or even completely different styles, mix and match bridesmaids dresses are huge right now, and I gotta say — I’m loving every minute of this trend’s moment in the spotlight! However, as you’ve probably seen online, it can be done REALLY well and REALLY wrong. So, to ensure that you pull off the perfect execution for your big day, it’s important to follow a few different rules!

How to Nail the Mix and Match TrendKennedy Blue Quinn (2nd from left), Lucy (2nd from right), and Spencer (far right) | Tandem Tree

Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses With These 6 Unique Ways

By now, you’ve probably looked at countless photos online and in magazines of mismatched looks. Some so classy and discreet that you may not have even noticed that they weren’t different dresses to the extreme end of the spectrum where everyone is in completely different looks. Both can be done super well and it’s all about finding a balance of what look you like best!

Same Dress, Different Necklines

Style your maids in the same bridesmaid dress with varying necklines | How to Nail the Mix and Match TrendKennedy Blue Brynn (left), Londyn (middle), Peyton (right) | Christy Tyler Photography

This is an easy and pretty discreet way of pulling off mix and match bridesmaid dresses. You choose the dress style that you love, your main color(s) and then have each girl pick a neckline that’s most flattering and comfortable for her shape!

Kennedy Blue works perfectly for this type of mismatched look. The majority of our dresses have the same flowing, a-line skirt (or fitted if we’re talking about lace), but we offer a ton of different necklines (too many to count right now!) for your girls to choose from.

For instance, let your girls know that you want all long, chiffon bridesmaid dresses by Kennedy Blue in navy. From there, they have a wide variety of different necklines to choose from, everything from strapless, to halter, to v-neck, to criss-cross!

My suggestion: A good neckline is the key to comfort, so be flexible with what your girls choose. If they all want straps, but only one wants strapless, that’s totally okay!

Same Color, Different Dress

Have your girls wear the same color, but different style bridesmaid dresses | How to Nail the Mix and Match TrendKennedy Blue Londyn (far left) | Ben Saefke Photography

Make sure to be transparent with your girls that you want all the same color, but give them total flexibility with their dress. This way, you’ll end up with a coordinated group of gals in various styles and possibly even fabrics that will look gorgeous together!

For instance, let’s say you choose Kennedy Blue’s eggplant as your main shade. Your ‘maids could then choose between all chiffon, all lace, or even lace-chiffon combo dresses! The mix and match options are damn near endless.

My suggestion: Because of the whole dying process, colors can slightly vary by fabric so make sure that you’re okay with the color variations before your girls make their final decisions.

Same Style Dress, Different Color

Style your girls in a similar style dress, but in varing, complementary colors | How to Nail the Mix and Match TrendMix and match crinkle chiffon dresses in Wine and Cactus | Lisa Webb Photography

A trend that once started by mixing necklines has grown to be so much more! Consider putting all of your girls in the same dress (or ones that are similar in style and fabric), but in an array of different colors.

For instance, try sticking within the same color family such as varying shades of purple or varying shades of green. Otherwise, you can go a bit bolder and mix similar hues such as soft pastels or deep autumn colors.

The are endless variations that you could do for this, but by mixing up the colors and keeping a consistent element (all the same dress), you’re creating a perfectly cohesive, mismatched look.

My suggestion: Use complimentary colors. If you’re staying within the same color family, go for an ombre look so you don’t end up with lots of soft lilac dresses and one bright barney purple dress. If you’re going for something more bold, such as a pastel palette, make sure they all have the same, soft undertone so you’re not stuck with a random bright coral dress next to your soft blush, mint, and lilac ones.

Different Dresses, Different Colors

Style your bridesmaids in completely different dresses and colors for a fun mix and match look! | How to Nail the Mix and Match TrendKennedy Blue Camilla, Sienna, Charlotte, and Spencer (left to right) | Richaux Productions

If you want to take this trend to the max, try just completely mixing up the look with varying dresses and colors. Whether you stay in the same color family or not, it’s a super fun look that will show off you and your fiancé’s unique personalities! However, beware. This look can go super astray if not done correctly. I’d hate for you to end up with a rainbow wedding. *shivers*

If you’re willing to let your girls pick their own dresses, either assign each girl a hue or give them an image of a palette you’re interested in and let them go from there. A paint chip with ombre hues works REALLY well for this.

My suggestion: To keep the look from going too astray, I’d suggest making a few “requirements” for their dresses. Would you prefer them to be short or long? Do you mind satin in the mix or would you prefer to have softer fabrics like chiffon, jersey, and lace? etc.

Different Lengths

Your girls can wear varying lengths of dresses for a super unique mismatched look | How to Nail the Mix and Match TrendKennedy Blue Bridal Gown Hailey | Monica Lopez Photography

Whether you mix up the dress styles or keep them all the same, an easy way to create a mismatched look is by doing different dress lengths between knee length and floor length.

My suggestion: A lot of people consider different lengths to be an “unfinished” look unless all of your ‘maids are doing completely different dresses. It definitely has a boho feel to is so this look would probably be most fitting in that sort of setting.

Unique Details/Accessories

Unique details are a chic way to get a mismatched look. | How to Nail the Mix and Match TrendLong Chiffon Gowns in Blush | Katie Lewis Photography

If you’re not quite ready to go full mix and match yet, that’s totally okay! Create a mismatched look for your girls by mixing up their accessories. From shoes, statement necklaces, belts/sashes, or hair pieces, there are a ton of different ways to make your bridesmaids feel like individuals.

My suggestion: Keep it simple and don’t go too overboard with the mismatched accessories. If you’re fine with them picking their own shoes and necklaces, make sure you’re ready for ANY variation of those (such as big clunky heels and possibly a hot pink necklace.) If you feel you need to, make some specific suggestions of what they should wear.

Helpful Tips for Mixing and Matching Bridesmaid Dresses

  1. It’s totally okay to tell your ‘maids exactly what you want so you don’t end up with a hodgepodge of different looks that absolutely do not go together.
  2. Paint swatches are king if you’re doing different shades! You know those cool ombre ones with like 4-6 different colors? Find one that you love (free at any paint or hardware store!) and give one to each of your ‘maids as a color reference for her dress.
  3. Find some gorgeous inspiration. There are a lot of variations to this mix and match business so finding some visual inspiration will help you to narrow down the looks you love and…well…the ones you really don’t.
  4. Make sure your mix and match look coordinates with your overall wedding theme. Let’s just put it this way — if you’re having an elegant ballroom wedding with a traditional ballgown wedding dress, doing the whole “pick your own dress in one of these three colors!” might not quite go together.
  5. Don’t be afraid to say no. If one (or more) of your ‘maids has picked a dress that you’re honestly not too thrilled with, it’s okay to say no, because hellooooo, it is your wedding after all! In fact, it’s probably best to just have all the girls run their dresses by you before making their final decision.

Let’s Chat! Are you doing mix and match bridesmaid dresses for your wedding? Leave a comment below and let us know what style(s) and color(s) you’re doing or how you pulled off the mismatched look!

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