Skinny Cocktails for Your Summer Soirées

by Danielle Salazar July 17, 2014 1 Comment

After a long day of sitting in a warm office, you’re more than deserving of a few skinny cocktails! Oh, you don’t think low cal drinks can be tasty? Think of it this way, ladies—we love a good cocktail just as much as the next girl, but all those strawberry margaritas you’re slurping down can be upwards of 500 calories per glass! As delicious as they are, there are definitely better options for you. In fact, we’ve listed a few of our favorite fun summer drinks to prove it. So whether you’re planning a bridal shower, throwing a bachelorette, or just soaking up the sun with some of your favorite ladies, we’ve got the perfect drink recipes (all under 200 calories!) to get your party started!

3 skinny cocktails that are totally drool-worthy!

Whether you’re looking for a smooth whisky drink or a fruity sangria recipe, these 3 summer cocktails will please any taste bud! So grab some glasses, get out your best party napkins, and be ready to whip up some seriously mouth-watering drinks that you and your friends will adore!

Skinny Cocktails - Blackberry Fizz

Blackberry Fizz

Makes 1 serving - 100 calories/serving

1.5 oz. vodka

5-6 fresh blackberries

3 oz. light lemonade

2 mint leaves

Spritz of Berry LaCroix sparkling water

Light and fruity, it’s a perfect fun summer drink and super easy to make! Start by either muddling or lightly pureeing your blackberries. Add some ice to your cup and mix in your blackberries, vodka, and lemonade. Top it all off with a spritz of sparkling water for a sweet, crisp taste and garnish with your mint leaves for a pop of color!

Skinny Cocktails - Prosecco Strawberry Julep

Prosecco Strawberry Julep

Makes 1 serving – 160 calories/serving

1 oz. bourbon

2 oz. Prosecco

.5 oz. simple syrup

8 mint leaves

3 strawberries

Crushed ice

The classic mint julep is known for being a derby drink, but we’ve added a summer twist! In a cup, muddle together 6 mint leaves, 3 strawberries, and the simple syrup. Fill your cup with crushed ice, add the bourbon, and stir well. Top with the Prosecco and add some mint leaves as a garnish. Voila!

Skinny Cocktails - Sunshine Sparkling Sangria

Sunshine Sparkling Sangria

Makes 12 servings – 170 calories/serving

1 bottle of Pinot Grigio

1 bottle of sparkling white wine or Moscato

.5 cup brandy

1 can Sprite Zero

1 large orange (sliced)

1 cup raspberries

1 cup kiwi

This fruity sangria recipe makes for the ultimate summer party drink! Start by pouring your wine, brandy, and Sprite Zero into a large pitcher or serving bowl. Slice up your fruit, squeezing some of the orange into the wine mixture and then add it all in. Stir and let chill overnight. If you want to serve it right away, use chilled wine and have ice available for your guests.

Share your favorite fun summer drinks.

We love swapping recipes and want to hear some of your favorite cocktail ideas! Whether you just had a summer party or are throwing one soon, let us know if you use any of our drink recipes or else share one of your own in the comments below! Cheers!

Danielle Salazar
Danielle Salazar


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July 24, 2014

Yum! I can’t wait to try these out. Thanks for sharing!

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