10 Tips For a Stress-Free Wedding Day

by Danielle Salazar May 11, 2014

By now I’m sure that you have started the planning process and have realized it’s a bit more than you bargained for. With one wedding planning checklist after another, your head is probably swirling with different timelines and deadlines that you’re attempting to manage for your dream day. Now before that final walk down the aisle, we want to offer 10 tips for the bride that are essential for having a stress-free day. Sure, you’ve probably read a million of these, but we hope to offer ideas a bit more unique than what you see on every other wedding planning checklist.

Photography by Brandi Alves | 10 Tips for the Bride to Ensure a Stress Free Wedding

Photo by: Brandis Alves Photography

Bridal tips for a stress-free wedding day.

1. Get a full night of beauty sleep and eat a healthy breakfast. Not like you aren’t beautiful enough, but your mind and body will sincerely thank you for a solid eight hours of rest as you endure the long day ahead. Start it off right by eating something nutritious and energizing. Oatmeal, fruits and melons, teas, eggs, and Greek yogurt are great morning choices!
2. Wear your man’s button-up while you get ready. The last thing any bride wants is to ruin her makeup or hair. Steal a button-up from your man (or from your own stylish closet) and you’ll have a smudge-free, frizz-free look!
3. Powder up your thighs. It may sound weird, but trust me – if it’s a warm day and you expect to be dancing, a little powder on the insides of your thighs will prevent sweating and painful chafing. You’ll thank me later.
4. Veil weights can be a life saver. Outdoor ceremonies are beautiful, but they can have their woes. Avoid a flailing veil by adding small veil weights to keep it perfectly in place.
5. Pack flats. I’m sure you’ve seen this on every wedding planning checklist, but it’s so crucial! If you aren’t already wearing flats or sandals for the ceremony, you’ll want to bring a pair to change into. A long night in 3” heels can be more painful than you’d think.

Brandis Alves Photogrpraphy | 10 Tips for the Bride to Ensure a Stress-Free Wedding DayRebekah Hoyt Photography | 10 Tips for the Bride to Ensure a Stress-Free Wedding Day
Photos by: Brandis Alves Photography (left) and Rebekah Hoyt Photography (right)

6. Create a program with a dual purpose.
With warm weather and outdoor ceremonies comes the risk of uncomfortable guests. Create a fun and unique program (on a stick!) that can also double as a hand fan. Your guests will greatly appreciate it!
7. Limit yourself on drinks. As much fun as it is to party alongside the rest of your friends and family, limiting yourself to 2-3 drinks is a great way to enjoy the night while remembering everything going on around you!
8. Find a way to keep children entertained. Whether you provide them with a pad and coloring crayons or a separate room to play in, having a small distraction will keep them entertained and allow their parents to mingle.
9. Take time to relax and savor the moments. With all the chaos occurring, you’ll appreciate a few moments alone. Before that walk down the aisle, take time for yourself to relax, breathe, and loosen up. After the ceremony, step away and enjoy a private moment together to celebrate being husband and wife.
10. Have fun and smile! This day only comes once in your life and you shouldn’t have to worry about the little things. Sometimes brides get so caught up in making sure every guest is attended to, but as long as you have fun, the mingling will come naturally and you will find yourself having a blissful, stress-free wedding day! 


Danielle Salazar
Danielle Salazar


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Measurement Guide

Taking Your Measurements

For the most accurate measurements, do not measure over your clothing. Your measurements should be taken while wearing undergarments similar to the ones you will wear with your dress. The measuring tape shouldn't be pulled too tight or have too much slack, and should always be parallel with the floor. 

**Wedding apparel is typically sized differently than retail clothing, so keep in mind that it's not uncommon to find yourself requiring alterations.

Bust size: Wrap the tape around your back and under your arms at the fullest part of your bust (not underneath the bust).

Waist size:  While standing up straight, bend at the waist to one side. Take the measurement where the natural crease happens in your side. This should be a few inches above your belly button.

Hip size: Standing with your feet together, wrap the tape around the fullest part of your hips and butt to get this measurement.

Choosing your correct size

Compare  these three measurements to the Kennedy Blue size chart above. It is very important that you order the largest size that corresponds to your measurements. For example, if your bust measures 40.5" (size 12), your waist measures 31" (size 10) and your hips measure 41.5" (size 8), we advise that you order a size 12, and get your dress altered down to custom fit your body. Ordering anything smaller than a size 12 would not fit in the bust area. Please note: Our bridal gown size chart is different than the bridesmaids sizing and is listed below.