Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses for a Personalized Look

Creating a wedding that’s both unique and memorable is one of the biggest challenges (and most enjoyable parts!) of the planning process. You want your big day to represent you as a couple, but why not also consider incorporating the personalities of those special ladies who you’ve chosen to stand by your side? With Pinterest right at our fingertips, there are endless ideas of how to individualize your wedding day for your besties. Need an idea? Try a “will you be my bridesmaid” gift that is unique to your relationship or consider making a “meet the party” section in your ceremony program. Maybe you could personalize the bridal party attire and allow them to pick their own shoes and hairstyles, or try a gorgeous and trendy approach of mix-and-match bridesmaid dresses for a fun look that everyone will love!

Mix-and-match bridesmaid dresses is a trend that’s picture-perfect.

Having mismatched maids is a style that we are seeing more and more of and we have to admit – we’re obsessed! Your bridesmaids want to feel confident and beautiful walking along side you, so it’s important to make them feel just as special as you do. What better way than allowing your girls to choose a style that flatters both their figure and personality? Not only are mix-and-match bridesmaid dresses a fun and unique way to bring individuality to your bridal party attire, but knowing your girls are confident in what they’re wearing will keep them happy and comfortable as they dance the night away!

How To Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses

Fall in love with a mix-and-match Kennedy Blue bridesmaid dress.

When it comes to perfecting the look, we aren’t here to steer you wrong! We’ve seen our fair share of mismatched “faux pas,” but Kennedy Blue definitely does justice to the trend. With our stunning collection of silky taffeta, lace, and chiffon bridesmaid dresses, mixing and matching is made easy and fun! You choose a fabric, color, and length and let your ‘maids pick their favorite bodice and neckline. Your girls are bound to find a Kennedy Blue bridesmaid dress they’ll love.

Kennedy Blue Lace Bridesmaid DressesKennedy Blue bridesmaid dresses in wine.Top photo: West Vita Photography, Bottom photo: Essence Wedding

As you can tell, we’re huge fans of the trend! From mixing up styles or even playing with color, we want to know how you have or plan to wear Kennedy Blue bridesmaid dresses for your big day. Leave a comment with your picture below or send us an image to info@kennedyblue.com!

Image 1 - Kennedy Blue blush bridesmaid dresses - Katie Lewis Photography
Image 2 - Kennedy Blue eggplant bridesmaid dresses - Rebekah Hoyt Photography
Image 3 - Kennedy Blue peacock bridesmaid dresses - Purrington Photography 
Image 4 - Kennedy Blue coral and blush bridesmaid dresses - Tandem Tree Photography

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Kiki Sepulveda
May 24, 2022 12:16

I was thinking of going this route and this just solidified my thought process! Thank you

Christine Spica
April 30, 2021 15:22

Mix and match is the only way to go! The girls are loving that they’re able to pick a dress that compliments their body and shows individuality

September 22, 2020 13:01

I love this! I am all for a simple look and everyone matching, but different styles and colors just makes it even better!

May 11, 2020 10:34

I love mixing the dress styles!

Mariah Letourneau
April 24, 2020 16:13

Love the idea of mis matches dresses but all of my bridesmaids agrees on the same dress which I’m completely fine with

April 21, 2020 22:39

Love this!! Unique and beautiful.

February 19, 2020 09:34

You all have. Beautiful dresses

October 02, 2018 21:02

How do I get this information to my girls. I love the blush chiffon short dresses. I have a couple plus gals and a couple super skinny.

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